What to wear on a hot rainy day to school

This list of rainy day activities for kids is filled with fun things to do on a rainy day. While indoor rain activities are fantastic, so is playing in the rain outside. The best part about this list of outdoor rain play ideas is that it is filled with FREE rainy day activities. Learn how to dress children properly for the rain and get the kids outside with this list of fun things to do in the rain. You may also like this list of winter art projects. If you are wondering what to do on a rainy day or how to play in the rain, children from toddlers to teens love to get outside to explore the wet earth, jump in puddles, and play in the mud.

How long to make engagement ring

As the holiday season nears, couples around the world are busy planning an unforgettable proposal. While every couple and every ring is different, the average length of the ring buying process is roughly 3 months. This estimate includes the initial research and consultation up to the final delivery day. Below, we cover the main steps in the journey as well as the several factors that can affect the estimated arrival of your ring, so you can plan ahead for the big day.

How to become a camera operator for sports

Many people love to stay in touch with sports either becoming a professional player, sports journalist, commentator or sports analyst. In the similar way, many people want to become sports camera operators and desire to set their professional career in this field. However, becoming a sports camera operator is not that simple as you need to have a certain level of skills for stepping into this field. If you have a passion to become a sports camera operator and do not know how to make it possible then keep reading this post which will help you in this regard.