Dr phil what your dreams reveal

dr phil what your dreams reveal

Dr. Phil Season 9 Episodes

Oct 13, Have you ever had a dream that you were flying or your teeth were falling out? Dr. Phil sheds light on the meaning of common dreams with help from his panel. Oct 14, Directed by John Perry. With Phil McGraw, Rosie Tran, Emma Zerner. Dr. Phil reveals what certain dreams mean.

The life strategist offers advice on a wide range of topics, including marital, financial and self-image issues. Mon, Sep 13, 60 mins. Domestic abuse is discussed in the ninth-season opener. Tue, Sep phill, 60 mins. The first in a series of episodes devoted to challenges faced by wives and mothers. Wed, Sep 15, 60 mins.

A year-old woman dating dr phil what your dreams reveal year-old man is discussed. Thu, Sep 16, 60 mins. Fri, Sep 17, 60 mins. Milestone birthdays are discussed as Dr. Phil celebrates his 60th birthday. Mon, Sep 20, 60 mins. Parents worry that their pregnant daughter is using drugs. Tue, Sep 21, 60 mins.

A roundtable discussion with five housewives. Wed, Sep 22, 60 mins. Topic: drug-addiction intervention. Thu, Sep 23, 60 mins. Role reversal is used as a tool in conflict resolution. Fri, Sep 24, 60 mins. Post-traumatic stress disorder is discussed. Mon, Sep 27, 60 mins. An update on troubled teens who were sent to Turn-About Ranch, a therapeutic facility in Utah. Tue, Sep 28, 60 mins.

Women participate in a roundtable discussion about infidelity, self-esteem and loneliness. Wed, Sep 29, 60 mins. Eating disorders are discussed. Thu, Sep 30, 60 mins. Fri, Oct 1, 60 mins. Foster care is discussed. Mon, Oct 4, 60 mins. Updates on teenage runaways. Tue, Oct 5, 60 mins. Housewives discuss their lives and problems. Wed, Oct 6, 60 mins. Bullying and cyber bullying that have led to deaths are discussed. Thu, Oct 7, 60 gour.

An anti-bully movement is launched by Dr. Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy is a guest. Fri, Oct 8, 60 mins. Teenagers' disagreements are discussed. Mon, Oct 11, 60 mins.

Online what is kennedy space center are discussed. Tue, Oct 12, 60 mins.

Self-defeating game-playing and the difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness are discussed. Wed, Oct 13, 60 mins. Eating compulsions are discussed. Travis Stork is a guest. Thu, Oct puil, 60 mins. The meanings of dreams are discussed. Behavioral therapist Cynthia Richmond and psychologist Deirdre Barrett are guests. Fri, Oct 15, 60 mins. Teen disagreements are discussed. Mon, Oct 18, 60 mins. Control issues are discussed.

Drfams, Oct 19, 60 mins. Types of fears are discussed. Included: fear of dating; fear of getting out of bed. Wed, Oct 20, 60 mins. Custody battles and parents' attempts to alienate kids from an ex-spouse are discussed. Thu, Oct 21, 60 mins. Domestic abuse among teens is discussed. Fri, Oct 22, 60 mins. Personality is discussed. Guests include body-language expert Dr. Mon, Oct 25, 60 mins. Tue, Oct 26, 60 mins. Tempers flare among the housewives.

Wed, Oct 27, 60 mins. Domestic abuse is dhat, particularly violence visited upon women after they leave an abusive spouse. Guests include attorney Loni Coombs. Thu, Oct 28, 60 mins. A love triangle is discussed. Fri, Oct 29, 60 mins. Author Holly Hill "Sugarbabe" is a guest. Mon, Nov 1, 60 mins.

Exploring timely news stories. Included: a father who stood up for his bullied child; a woman who claims her husband was murdered by Mexican pirates while jet skiing. Guests include attorney Areva Martin and commentator Roland Martin. Tue, Nov 2, 60 mins. Infidelity is discussed. Wed, Nov 3, 60 mins. Interventions with drug addicts are staged by an addict in recovery. Thu, Nov 4, 60 mins. Guests with a sense of entitlement are featured. Fri, Nov 5, 60 mins. A mother and daughter clash.

Mon, Nov 8, 60 mins. Problems teen parents face are explored. Also: wht teens want their parents to know about teen sex. Tue, Nov 9, 60 mins.

Mother-daughter disputes. Wed, Nov 10, 60 mins. A woman can't get along with her mother-in-law; sisters fight over their father's estate. Guests include lawyer Areva Martin. Thu, Nov 11, 60 mins. Topic: a gossip Web site that reports on people who aren't famous. Fri, Nov 12, 60 mins. Guests include a husband with an eye for a pretty face and how to clean out air conditioner condensate line long-suffering wife.

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Turning back to Jamie, Dr. Phil explains that people are highly suggestible right as they fall asleep. "So you can talk to yourself about what you want to introduce to the dream, about what you might like to ask [Donna] in the dream, or what you might like to ask of yourself in the dream," he says. "We're not totally passengers in our dream state.". What Your Dreams Reveal: Premonition. "Dr. Phil, when I was a kid, I used to have these dreams, premonition-type dreams, that my dad passed away. A few years ago, it did happen pretty close to the way I dreamed about it a long time ago," says Jaime on . Dr. Phil says there are a number of reasons behind Rick's behavior. "This could be just a dream cycle and a dream pattern that you're in, but it could be something that's more serious and has a medical basis to it," he says. "There's something called REM sleep behavior disorder.

This quiz supposedly came from Dr. Phil, but we have been unable to authenticate it, so take it with a grain of salt. This online screening is not a diagnostic tool. Only a trained medical professional, like a doctor or mental health professional, can help you determine the next best steps for you. Racism can take a toll on all of us. Its effects can be much greater on the developing brain of an adolescent. Here's how racial trauma impacts teens.

What is your emotional type? Take our quiz and find out how you might likely react to different situations and how to best navigate your current one. Take this quiz to track your moods and determine if you may have mania and if you can benefit from seeing a mental health professional. Depression hotlines offer immediate help that's private and confidential. Sudden changes in your teen's behavior can be worrisome. Learn about signs of teen substance use, and how you can help.

Here are the five best online anger management classes of. A schizophrenia diagnosis may add some challenges to your romantic relationship, but a strong partnership is still possible with the right support and. You've seen symptoms and felt mood shifts that are beyond control and noticeable to others. Get all the facts on bipolar disorder here. We're answering your questions and clarifying misconceptions about childhood attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Written by Psych Central Staff on December 10, Symptoms and Signs. Do I Have Mania? Take the Quiz. Read this next. Medically reviewed by Akilah Reynolds, PhD.

Medically reviewed by Timothy J.

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