How to become the best

how to become the best

How To Be the Best Version of Yourself

You must be humble to begin as amateurs and one day, you will wake up and find yourself far from where you just began. Get an education in that area. You might have been born with the so-called natural skills but you still need good coaching to be best at it. Get a mentor and become serious about what you do and where you want to see yourself. Mar 11,  · I ’ve posted a lot about becoming the best in your field. Looking back, what are the most successful methods for getting there? 10, Hours. Let’s get the most famous one out of the way first.

Looking back, what are the most successful methods for getting there? Malcolm Gladwell popularized the theory in Outliers : approximately 10, hours of deliberate practice at something can tbe you into an expert.

Via Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined :. By the age of 20, the most accomplished musicians estimated they spent over 10, hours in deliberate practicewhich is 2, and 5, hours more than two less accomplished groups of expert musicians or 8, hours more than amateur pianists yhe the same age. That said, 10, hours is an average. And deliberate practice is not just going through hpw motions.

Deliberate practice means getting feedback and always pushing to improve. More on how you can become an expert here. Even in this age of hyperspecialization in sports, some rare individuals become world-class athletes, and even world champions, in sports from running to rowing with less than a year or two of training.

Heritability coefficients were strongest in music. This is usually cause for many to throw up their arms and surrender. These people do not have much gritmind you. Becoke Norton and Olds plotted the heights and weights of modern world-class high jumpers and how to write introduction in research putters, they saw that the athletes had become stunningly dissimilar.

The average elite shot putter is now 2. Tall and thin? Try basketball. Short and thick? Mom and dad are successful engineers? Give math a whirl. Taking advantage of genetic gifts is a matter of finding what your body and mind might have been designed to excel at and bsst your efforts appropriately.

More on genetic ho — and how I had my own DNA analyzed — here. Working 10K hours and having naturally steady hands can be a great advantage to a doctor but surgeons only get better at their home hospital. They only got better at the specific hospital where they practiced. For every procedure they handled at a given hospital, the risk hw patient mortality dropped by 1 percent. But the risk of mortality stayed the same at other hospitals. They were becoming more familiar with particular nurses and anesthesiologists, learning about their strengths and weaknesses, habits and styles.

When star analysts moved to a different firm, their performance dropped, and it stayed lower for at least five years. When apprentices joined him inhis productivity soared, and he was soon working on the Fallingwater house, which would be seen by many as the greatest work of architecture in modern history.

More on how your friends can make you a better person here. Those who give younger academics a bit of the spotlight are more likely to have a trip to Stockholm in their future. One striking finding was the beneficence of Nobel laureates, or as Zuckerman termed it, noblesse oblige.

In general, when a scientific paper is published, the author who did the most is listed first. There are exceptions to this, and this can vary from field to field, but Zuckerman took it as a useful rule of thumb. What she found was that Nobel laureates are first authors of numerous publications early in their careers, but quickly begin to give their junior colleagues first authorship. And this happens far before they receive the Nobel Prize… By their forties, Nobel laureates are first authors on only 26 percent what time does school start and end in america their papers, as compared to their less accomplished contemporaries, who are first authors 56 percent of the time.

Nicer people are indeed more creative, more successful, and even more likely to win Nobel prizes. Wharton Professor Adam Grant explained in our interview :. What I find across various industries, and various studies is the Becoms are most likely to end up at the bottom. The people who consistently are looking for ways to help others are over-represented not only at the bottom, but also at the top of most success metrics.

More on balancing nice with tough here. Combining these methods can provide powerful results. Can you? Get a free weekly update beckme email here. What 10 things should you do every day to improve your life? This how to become the best originally appeared on Barking Up the Wrong Tree. Contact us at letters time. Getty Images. By Eric Barker. Via Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined : …the most elite violinists accumulated about the same number of hours of deliberate practice about 7, hours by the age of 18 as professional middle-aged violinists belonging to international-level orchestras about 7, hours!

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Oct 22,  · Boom, you’re the best in the world at that combination of 10 skills. Ideally, the skills would be unique, and also complementary. Imagine someone who is reasonably good at public speaking.

Last Updated: February 16, References. To create this article, 62 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed , times. Learn more Mediocrity is such an unfulfilling form of existence. Why settle for just okay when you can be so dang good that the world is left gawking at your skills? Exactly -- don't. Though being the best will take time, determination, and practice, it's an unparalleled feeling.

To be the best, start by choosing something that you want to be the best at, like a particular job, a sport you enjoy playing, or a musical instrument. Then, practice or prepare for it as much as possible, and prioritize things that will make you better at it over things that won't. For example, if you're trying to be the best soccer player, you might need to say no to going out with your friends so you can wake up early for practice.

As you're working toward your goal, remember to stay positive and believe in yourself, and don't give up if you fail or make a mistake. For more advice, like how to stay positive, keep reading! Did this summary help you?

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Related Articles. Article Summary. Part 1 of All rights reserved. This image may not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc. Get to know yourself. The fact of the matter is that you will always be you. When you're someone you're not, eventually that person fades away and you return to you. This is the person you'll be working with, so get to know yourself! You'll be less stressed and you'll be more confident.

You'll know what you're working with and how to work it. Sold yet? Know that you are not your brand or what people think of you. This has nothing to do with anything. You will not be happy if you create an image that caters to the world around you and not to you.

If you became the best lyrical soprano this side of Vienna, would that really matter if you truly wanted to the next John Lennon? So cater to no one. Find yourself and work with it. Be original. There is no one else out there who is you. Therefore, you are the best you there is. But if you are trying to be someone or something else, that logic goes out the window.

You become a second-rate copy of whatever it is you're trying to emulate. No matter who you are or who you think you are , commit to it. This is the hand you've been dealt.

Can't win if you don't play it. To be the best, you can't reinvent the wheel. You can't copy others. You have to do new, innovative things. You have to study biology when you want to become a computer scientist. You have to be yourself to avoid being someone else. Crystal clear? Start thinking positively. For the rest of your life, you will be your greatest obstacle. Thinking positively opens the door to so many opportunities. When you think you're capable of something, you try.

When you view lifelike shooting fish in a barrel, you aim the gun and shoot. When you get negative, you put down the gun, walk away from the barrel and go to bed with the covers over your head. No one ever became the best doing that. If positive thinking doesn't come naturally to you, make it a point to do it.

Wake up in the morning, take a look in the mirror and say out loud, "I'm awesome. Today is going to be great and I'll get closer and closer to my goals.

You pick your thoughts, you know. Get excited. You're about to be the best at whatever it is you choose to be the best at. If you cannot get excited about that, what can you become excited about? So get excited! Start thinking in exclamation points! When you're excited, things happen. You get filled with inspiration, creativity, and drive. You practically burst at the seams with possibilities. So much about succeeding in the real world is about actually wanting it.

Remember all the times you turned in a crappy project to your English teacher and got an A because the rest of the class' works were even worse? You got complacent and stopped caring. You lost your excitement. Heads up: Life ain't like that. You gotta stay excited to turn in those papers that are actually worth the A.

The real world is full of valedictorians and go-getters that are turning in A papers, too. It'll be a lot easier to keep up if you're chomping at the bit. Be open and flexible. There is no one path to greatness. You cannot say, "I'm going to go to school, get a job, fall madly in love, buy a house, knock out a few kids, and live happily ever after. If you want to be the best at something, you have to realize there's an entire web of possibilities in front of you.

If you close your mind, you may not see the most direct way to your goals. So the next time you're sitting with your team and you're devising a project on say, how to get Lindsay Lohan to star in your next documentary for film school, don't laugh off Yoon's comment on tunneling into her swimming pool via her old babysitter's uncle's backyard.

Remember when people thought Galileo was crazy, too? Get competitive. If you don't have a drive to be the best, it'll never happen. And part of being the best means having a thirst for competition. How else will you know if you're the best unless you compare yourself to your peers? Compare yourself to your peers and win , that is. If you're not comfortable with competitions, contests, and races, sour news for you: that's gonna have to change.

And the only way to do that is to immerse yourself full in. Once you get a handful of who's-the-best contests under your belt, they'll phase you less and less.

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