How to better my chances of having a boy

how to better my chances of having a boy

Natural Methods to Increase Your Chances of Conceiving a Boy

Dec 18, †Ј Eating breakfast every morning and having frequent small snacks that contain the nutrients calcium, potassium, vitamins B, C and E helps your body maintain higher levels of glucose and may increase your chances of having a boy, suggests a report from researchers at Oxford and the University of Exeter in England. May 27, †Ј Another suggestion to increase your chances of having a boy is a conception plan called the Shettles method, which was developed by Landrum B. Author: Catherine Crider.

Do you have your heart set on getting pregnant with a girl? Or dreams of getting pregnant with a boy? Whatever you're hoping for, there are a number of ways Ч some scientific, others silly Ч that just might give Mother Nature a nudge and increase your chancess of conceiving a boy or a girl. Here's what you should know about gender selection techniques Ч including the high-tech, the low-tech and the no-tech options! With preimplantation genetic diagnosis PGDused in conjunction with in-vitro fertilization IVFdoctors can extract one cell from the rapidly dividing embryo fertilized in the petri dish and examine it to determine sex.

Only embryos of the desired sex can be implanted in the mother's uterus. That said, using PGD to choose your child's sex is controversial not to mention costly. This method was developed to help couples who have gone through genetic testing and know they are carriers of serious genetic disorders Ч and most fertility centers and medical organizations discourage it if there is no real medical reason to select baby's sex.

Some genetic disorders, for example, are specifically linked to sex, such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy DMDwhich mostly occurs in boys. PGS counts the number of chromosomes and tests for chromosomal abnormalities. Other fertility clinics will let parents choose the sex of their baby if they've already had one or more children of the same sex Ч a term called "family balancing. Sperm sorting, also known as the MicroSort Method, is done using flow cytometry, in which the girl-producing sperm X-sperm is separated from boy-producing sperm Y-sperm.

Girl-producing sperm what is the abbreviation for consultants about 3 percent more DNA than boys', and when stained with a special fluorescent material in the lab, appears to shine brighter.

Sperm sorting is less reliable than gender what is the main religion in mongolia with PDG, which is nearly percent accurate in selecting the desired sex.

Though there is no medical data whatsoever to back up the efficacy of the so-called Shettles Method, some couples swear by it and others decide to give it a try. The theory behind the Shettles Method is that girl-producing sperm called X-sperm move more slowly but are more resilient and live longer than male-producing sperm aka Y-spermwhich are faster but have shorter life spans.

What that means, the story goes, is that couples can try having sex to conceive two to three days before the woman is scheduled to ovulate. The thinking is that it might up the chances for the girl X-sperm to be the ones still waiting around in the fallopian tubes by the time the egg drops in a few days later.

If you're trying for a boy, on the other hand, the theory is that having sex as close as possible to ovulation is the ticket, since the speedy boy Y-sperm could be more likely to reach the egg first. As long as you realize that your odds of the Shettles Method working are pretty much the same chance you have of getting pregnant with a baby girl or a baby boy, it certainly can't hurt to give it a whirl! The Whelan Method of gender selection is based on similar theories as the Shettles Method, and it's equally short on medical evidence supporting its effectiveness.

But if you go into it realizing there's absolutely no solid science behind it, there's no harm in trying it out. So if they're hoping for a boy, the theory says, couples can try to have sex four to six days before ovulation. And to conceive a girl, they can hit the sheets either two to three days before ovulation or on the day the woman ovulates. That said, if you're the "ring gender test" type and understand the Whelan Method has about the same odds of determining whether you'll give birth to a boy or a girl, then by all means, have fun with it!

There are a variety of kits available that claim to improve baby sex selection odds. They're based on altering the conditions around the egg and sperm Ч by using nutritional supplements and douches Ч to make the vaginal tract more receptive to either the X- or Y-sperm.

There's no such thing as a diet that can boost your odds of conceiving a boy or girl, but that hasn't stopped people from speculating about it. Some theories say that eating foods low in sodium and high in calcium can increase your chances of having a girl.

Others claim that your diet should include eggs, yogurt and chocolate if you want a girl and red meat, potassium-rich foods like bananas, and salty dishes if you want a boy. Theories abound about whether certain sex positions can help you conceive a boy or girl Ч but as you can imagine, there's no evidence showing that, say, having sex standing up can help you have a boy, or missionary position makes you more likely to have a girl.

Same goes for the theories about who has an orgasm first. Still, there's no harm in trying! As promising Ч and unpromising Ч as some of these methods sound, how to do smocking embroidery in mind that high-tech gender selection techniques can be expensive, invasive and controversial. As for the low-tech ways of conceiving, they haven't been shown to be any more successful than just letting nature take its course. The educational health content on What To Expect is reviewed by our medical review board and team of experts to be up-to-date and in line with the latest evidence-based medical information and accepted health guidelines, including the medically reviewed What to Expect books by Heidi Murkoff.

This educational content is not medical what is the libras birthstone diagnostic advice. Use of this site is subject to our terms of use and privacy policy. How to Have a Boy or a Girl. Medically Reviewed by Aaron Styer, M. If you're hoping for a girl or boy, there are some gender selection techniques that may help you give birth to the baby of your preferred sex.

Other methods however, aren't as likely to work. Back to Top. In This Article. Read This Next. Ovulation Calculator. Chinese Gender Predictor. Predicting Your Baby's Gender. View Sources. Sex every day or every other day when TTC? New Month, New Hope. Would you skip TTC December baby?

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Preimplantation genetic diagnosis

Mar 09, †Ј Boy Sperm. Submitted by Robert on March 9, - am. I thought one of the factors was that boy sperm swim faster than girl sperm, but also dies off earlier. So, the chances of the baby being. Jun 26, †Ј My sister had explained that the male sperm travel faster than the female sperm so to better the odds of having a boy the more frequently you have sex, the .

You're bound to be curious about your baby's sex , even if you're waiting until the birth to find out. Is there really any way to predict whether you're having a boy or a girl? It turns out there is some research suggesting that a couple has a slightly higher chance of conceiving a son or a daughter based on certain factors, like the season in which you got pregnant or whether you or your partner has a stressful job.

Keep in mind, much of the scientific evidence here is slight, and some of it is hotly debated by experts. But it's still fun to try to guess. Read on to see what the statistics say for you. Or try our Chinese gender predictor. One large study looking at data from 48 million births in the United States found that married couples are more likely to give birth to sons.

Another study of 86, parents showed that couples who were living together when they conceived were slightly more likely to have a boy. Just over half The study's authors had no theory on why living together resulted in more boys. If your relationship is still new and exciting, you're more likely to be having lots of sex Ч and frequent sex may give male sperm a slight advantage.

Male sperm are lighter and have smaller heads and shorter tails. This allows them to swim more easily through the slightly less hospitable mucus in your vagina at the beginning and the end of your fertile window. Some experts think that female sperm are more likely to reach the egg in the middle of your fertile period. So if you're having frequent sex, you have higher odds of having sex during both the start and end of your fertile window, when male sperm have a slight advantage.

One study divided British women into groups according to their caloric intake. Of the women who had the highest daily intake about 2, calories , 56 percent had boys.

Of the women who had the lowest intake about 2, calories , only 45 percent had boys. Another study looked at 68 million births and found that women who gained more weight during pregnancy were more likely to be having boys. Male fetuses are more fragile and are statistically less likely to be conceived or survive pregnancy when food is in short supply. Female sperm are more robust and baby girls are hardier early in pregnancy, so in leaner times they may be more able to survive.

In some countries, more boys are conceived in the summer and more girls are conceived in winter. This may be because more viral and bacterial infections are around in the winter. As male sperm and embryos are more fragile, they may be less able to withstand the mother's catching an infection than female embryos. Women carrying boys have a higher risk of developing gestational diabetes.

Exactly why isn't clear, but it's possible that male fetuses interfere with cell functioning that affects glucose metabolism. The older the dad and mom, the more likely female sperm are to fertilize the egg.

This could be due to hormonal changes in the woman as she ages. And older men produce fewer male sperm. Or it could be that older couples are more likely to have sex in the middle of the fertile period, when female sperm may have the edge over male sperm. You're slightly more likely to have a baby girl if you have severe morning sickness hyperemesis gravidarum. A review of 13 studies found that 55 per cent of babies born to women who'd had severe morning sickness were girls.

This was compared to 49 percent in the control group who didn't suffer from it. Some experts think that this is due to high levels of the hormone estrogen, which is linked with morning sickness. A study of Japanese births from to found that more girls were conceived during a particularly hot summer in , and again during an extremely cold winter in Other research has shown that warm temperatures appear linked to girl babies.

And a global survey of birth data showed that more girls are born in the tropics the region around the equator than anywhere else in the world. One theory is that weather extremes cause stress. In addition to the uncomfortable temperatures, very hot or cold places tend to have poor nutrition, high levels of pollutants, and insufficient or excessive sunlight. Such stress is especially hard on male fetuses, which are more fragile than female fetuses in the earliest months of pregnancy.

Women working in mentally stressful jobs outside the home may be more likely to have a girl. A study looking at more than 16, births in a British hospital found that among women with jobs considered highly stressful, 53 percent had a daughter.

In comparison, 46 percent of women with jobs considered less stressful had a daughter. A few studies have looked at the dad's occupation and the baby's gender. They found that dads with jobs that involve stress or pollutants seem to end up with more girls.

Though they were small-scale studies that looked only at certain occupations, dads with the following jobs had more girls than average:. Some studies carried out among women who used hormones to induce ovulation show that you are slightly more likely to have a girl if artificial hormones, such as clomiphene , are involved. However, other experts aren't convinced.

It's possible that the more children you have, the more likely you are to have a girl. This may be due to the fact that the more pregnancies you have, the higher your levels of the hormone gonadotrophin. Some experts have claimed that these higher hormonal levels could be linked to an increased chance of having a girl. Moms who give birth to girls tend to have slightly longer pregnancies. Boys are more likely to be born before their due date. After the week mark, however, the odds slightly favor a girl.

But researchers have debunked this heart rate gender prediction theory. A study of nearly 10, pregnancies found that while the baseline fetal heart rate of girls was higher than for boys, the differences were small. A normal fetal heart rate ranges from and beats per minute and can vary by 5 to 25 beats per minute.

It may change as your baby responds to conditions in your uterus. Get an inside look at how girls and boys develop. Can parents choose to have a boy or a girl? Find out what folk wisdom claims Ч and what scientists say. Take our poll and find out who wants to know their baby's sex before the birth. Cagnacci A, et al.

The male disadvantage and the seasonal rhythm of sex ratio at the time of conception. Human Reproduction 18 4 Grant VJ, et al. A simple model for adaptive variation in the sex ratios of mammalian offspring. Journal of Theoretical Biology 1 Hohmann S, et al. The changing sex ratios at birth during the civil war in Tajikistan: Journal of Biosocial Science 42 6 James WH. Evidence that mammalian sex ratios at birth are partially controlled by parental hormone levels around the time of conception.

Journal of Endocrinology Johns Hopkins Medicine. Jongbloet PH. Over-ripeness ovopathy: a challenging hypothesis for sex ratio modulation. Hum Reprod 19 4 Mathews F, et al. You are what your mother eats: Evidence for maternal preconception diet influencing foetal sex in humans. Matsuo K, et al. Parental aging synergistically decreases offspring sex ratio. Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research 35 1 Melnikov VN, et al.

Seasonality of live birth sex ratio in south western Siberia, Russia, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 57 6 Sex differences in fetal heart rate and variability assessed by antenatal computerized cardiotocography, National Institutes of Health, National Library of Medicine.

December Veenendaal MV, et al. Consequences of hyperemesis gravidarum for offspring: a systematic review and meta-analysis. BJOG 11 Join now to personalize. Pregnancy Preparing for Baby. By Kate Marple. Medically reviewed by Sally Urang, R. Find out whether you can predict what sex your baby will be. By the way, we're using the word gender here because people often use this word when talking about their child's sex.

However, the two are not the same.

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