How to change oil filter housing gasket

how to change oil filter housing gasket

DIY: RE Himalayan Oil Change

Sep 27,  · Install the replacement gasket and reinstall the oil filter housing. Reinstall the hardware that secures the oil filter housing to the engine block. Note: When installing a new oil filter, it’s recommended you partially fill the oil filter before installing it onto the engine. This will avoid premature wear due to oil starvation/5(). Jul 08,  · Replacing oil filter housing gasket is a simple two-way process but you might have to get your hands “wet”. You will first have to take out your oil filter housing then replace your gasket and screw it back in. First, open up the bonnet and locate your oil filter housing. It should be right next to the engine cover.

Your Ford 6. So getting the 6. But with very few tools, a little quality Saturday time in the driveway, and less money than a dealership will charge, you can lengthen the life of your 6. And we all know a 6. Dead Head Diesel is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Well, since a 6. A lmost 4 gallons of oil. And the extended life. The 6. In a HEUI system, oil is subjected to high pressure and heat more often than a normal non-unit injector system. Add to that the fact that a what is a closing statement in court. Now, given the 6.

Using high-grade what is a wireframe example oil, of course. Read this article if you want the dirty details about oil weight and viscosity. But the long and short of it is that as far as 6. Remember all that heat and pressure we talked about?

Given the 6. That is to say nothing of trying to believe the marketing hype vs the opinions of people who want to justify their own use of their favorite brand of oil.

As told by the people who are actually making it perform. Amazon link. And in practical terms, that means the oil you use in Phoenix is not the oil you should use in Fairbanks. For that…. Couple of things I like about Royal Purple motor oil for my 6.

And that makes a 15 quart capacity 6. No matter what oil you choose to use, a little how to change oil filter housing gasket additive in your next 6. By far my favorite oil additive, for both my 7. Because Archoil works as a Powerstroke engine friction modifierproviding added protection against shear force and helping prevent injector stiction—your injectors getting gummed up and causing rough running.

The directions say to use 1. Which just conveniently works out to—given our 6. Ask me how I know that …. If you want to really dig down into the details of the how an oil filter works and what it does, you can numb yourself with this oil filter information. There are many 6. And as I said earlier, frequency and consistency when changing your 6. As opposed to your old 7. And instead of under the engine, the 6. NOTE: there are four prongs inside a 6. All that being said, here are 3 solid Ford 6.

But I put 2 other popular oil filter options that DHD site visitors frequently buy as well. Here are the Ford 6. It fits your OEM 6. Note: check the part number of any 6.

So if vanilla is what you want, these OEM filter caps on Amazon will replace a cracked or oversize aftermarket 6. Motorcraft — How to descale a keurig k cup coffee maker So, all in all, a DIY 6.

Use this 36mm socket from Amazon to remove the oil filter cap. No matter how you look at it, 15 quarts of oil streaming out of a tiny drain hole in the bottom of your 6. Not only that, but the spout on this one makes it much easier to pour your old 6.

OEM 6. Just screw this baby into your oil pan to replace your stock 6. Then the next time you change your oil, draining it will be as simple as lifting and rotating the lever. And with the nipple on the end you can slip a clear hose over it and drain your oil right into a smaller container to be put out or taken to recycling. It comes without the oil drain how to flash my sprint galaxy s2 to metro pcs. This is a rather lengthy unboxing video, showing Fumoto drain plugs being installed on my 3 other vehicles.

The last thing you want to do is over-tighten the drain plug and strip the threads on your 6. So if you bend or misplace your 6. F3AZB Amazon link. Not all of us are graced with perfectly level driveways. I lay down a tarp then my flat metal oil catch pan and then my oil drain pan container. Position your 6. Here are the Wheel Chocks I use Amazon link. That only takes once for you to remember to put the goggles on! Because when the oil filter is removed, the oil filter housing drain valve is automatically opened.

This allows most of the oil to drain from the housing down into the oil pan. Once you have your oil drain pan under the oil drain plug, use a 19mm socket to loosen and remove the stock 6. Remember to put a new crush washer on the oil drain plug. Separate the old oil filter from the oil filter cap. Most 6. Remove the old one and install the new one onto the oil filter cap. Lube the o-ring liberally with new oil. Snap the new filter into the oil filter cap. Remove the oil filler cap and use a funnel with a neck small enough to fit down into the oil filler tube and big enough to hold a significant amount of oil—over a quart.

And gallon jugs? Even tougher. Do yourself a favor and get this large capacity oil funnel and save yourself the frustration of needless spillage. So, there it is—changing the oil on your 6. I'm Steve. I've owned over a dozen diesel pickup trucks in my life and always worked on them myself. I'm the owner of Dead Head Diesel. I live in California. You know, the diesel "friendly" state. Ford's stock starter may not be the best starter for how to prepare for a job fair as an employer. Here are the five best 7.

Get 6. Skip how to change oil filter housing gasket content. Best Oil for 6. Continue Reading.

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The Boxster filter is a cartridge-type filter, which is contained within a plastic oil filter housing next to the bottom sump underneath the car. You will typically need the factory oil filter housing removal tool, or a comparable one in order to remove the housing. Remove the plastic housing, and underneath you will see the cartridge filter. The oil filter on your Mazda keeps your fresh oil clean longer. When you change the oil on your Mazda, change the oil filter, as well. You can learn more about oil filters in this buyer's guide on our blog.. OEM oil filters are made from the best filter materials available, so . Oil Change Costs: Oil Filter – Roughly $ and up depending on which brand you go with; Oil Crush Gasket/Washer – $ maybe less if you buy in bulk; Oil – 15 Quarts at about $ plus for oil; So, all in all, a DIY oil change costs around $ and a Saturday morning to do it yourself.

This article is one in a series that have been released in conjunction with Wayne's new book, Performance Projects for Your Porsche Boxster. The book contains pages of full color projects detailing everything from performance mods to changing your brake pads. The book is currently available and in stock now. See The Official Book Website for more details.

One of the most common tasks to perform is replacing your engine oil. Frequent oil changes are perhaps the most important procedure you can do to maintain and prolong the life of your engine. However, with the better oils that are available today, the requirement for frequent changes is diminishing. Even though Porsche now recommends oil change intervals that are much farther apart than in the past, I usually recommend that you keep the changes under the 5,mile limit.

If you don't drive your car too often, you should change the oil at least once a year to keep things fresh. The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have everything that is required for the job. Nothing is more frustrating than emptying your oil, only to find out that you don't have a replacement filter or enough oil. You will need an oil filter, the special Porsche oil filter removal tool, a roll of paper towels, a very large oil pan or bucket, and between quarts of oil.

You'll also need an 8 mm hex socket tool to remove the drain plug from the bottom of the engine sump. Start by driving the car around, and let it heat up to operating temperature.

You'll want to empty your oil when it's hot, because the heat makes the oil flow a lot easier, and more particles of metal and dirt will come out when the oil is emptied. Once you get the car parked, place the oil pan bucket underneath the oil sump of the car.

At the bottom of the engine sump there is a plug that is used for draining oil. If your Boxster is too low to the ground to fit your oil change pan bucket underneath, then you will have to raise the car off of the ground see Pelican Technical Article: Jacking up the Boxster.

Remove this plug carefully, and make sure you have a very large oil pan: at least a quart capacity - under it, with a drip pan under the bucket in case you underestimate.

The oil will be very hot, and will empty out extremely quickly, so be careful not to burn yourself wear rubber gloves. There will be no time to grab any more buckets or oil pans if you underestimate, so make sure that the one you choose is big enough. While the oil is draining, it is a good time to remove the oil filter.

You want to make sure that you remove the filter with the oil pan still under the car because the oil filter is full of oil, and this oil will have a tendency to drip down out of the filter into the engine and out the drain hole.

The Boxster filter is a cartridge-type filter, which is contained within a plastic oil filter housing next to the bottom sump underneath the car. You will typically need the factory oil filter housing removal tool, or a comparable one in order to remove the housing. Remove the plastic housing, and underneath you will see the cartridge filter. Simply pull on it to remove it from the engine: it will be stuck on a pipe pointing down out of the engine. Have plenty of paper towels on hand, as oil will spill from the filter if you're not careful.

While all of your oil is draining, take the drain plug from the engine, and carefully clean it with a paper towel.

When the plug is clean, replace it in the car with a new metal gasket. Torque the plug to 50 Nm 37 ft-lb. Now install the new oil filter. Simply take the filter cartridge and place it on the oil pipe exiting the bottom of the engine. One side of the filter should be slightly beveled to enable you to easily slip the filter onto the pipe.

Clean out the inside of the oil filter housing and replace the o-ring with a new one before installing the new oil filter cartridge. Slightly lubricate the o-ring with some fresh motor oil prior to installing it. Now, screw on the filter housing and make it snug tight. Torque it to 25 Nm 19 ft-lb. Now it's time to fill up your Porsche with motor oil. A lot of people aren't really sure what motor oil to use in their car. Traditionally, the characteristics of motor oil were linked closely to its weight.

Heavier-weight oils protect well against heat; lighter-weight oils flow better in cold. In general, if you live in a cold climate, you should use a 10W or similar oil. This oil is a weight oil that behaves and protects against heat like a weight oil. In warmer climates, you should use a 20W oil. This oil doesn't flow as well at the colder climates, but gives an extra "edge" on the hotter end. I have put a lot more info on motor oils on the Projects.

The question of whether to use synthetic or traditional "dinosaur" oil often comes up among car buffs. Consumer Reports July ran an extensive test on the two types of oil, altering amongst many different brands. The testers installed freshly rebuilt engines in 75 taxicabs, and then ran them through the harshest conditions on the streets of New York City. Placing different brands, weights, and formulations in the cars, they racked up 60, miles on the engines, tore them down, measured, and inspected the engine components for wear.

The oil was changed at 3, miles in half of them, and the rest were changed at 6, miles. The results: regardless of brand, synthetic or dino, weight, and oil change interval, there were no discernable differences in engine component wear in any of the engines.

Their conclusion? Motor oils and the additives blended into them have improved so much over the years that frequent oil changes and expensive synthetics are no longer necessary. Still, some people swear by synthetic oil. In practice, I don't recommend using synthetic oil if you have an older car with old seals in the engine. There have been many documented cases in which the addition of synthetic oil has caused an otherwise dry car to start leaking.

If you own an older Boxster that doesn't have fresh seals in the engine, I would stick to the non-synthetics. However, if synthetic oil was the only type of oil that your engine has seen, I usually recommend sticking with it.

Fill your oil tank from the oil filler hole located in the rear trunk. Add about 5 quarts to the engine, and check the dipstick , or the oil level gauge Continue to add about a half a quart at a time and keep checking the level total capacity should be about 9 quarts.

Fill it up until it reaches the top mark of the dipstick or gauge - the engine oil level will automatically lower when the oil filter fills up with oil. Make sure that you put the oil filler cap back on the top of the filler hole, otherwise, you will end up with a messy trunk compartment when you drive away.

While you're at it, also check the seal in the oil filler cap. A vacuum leak in this cap will cause rough running when you go to start the engine. If you had the car up on jack stands, lower it down to the ground.

Now, start up the engine. The oil pressure light should stay on for about a second or two and then go out. Hop out of the car and look at the engine underneath, then take a quick look underneath the car. Verify that there's no volume of oil seeping out of the engine.

Take the car out for a drive and bring it up to operating temperature. Shut the car off and then recheck the oil level careful, the car will be hot.

At this point, I like to top the oil off at the top point on the dipstick. Make sure that you dispose of your old oil at a respectable recycling station. Begin the oil change process by removing the drain plug underneath the car. The plug should accept an 8mm hex socket tool inset. I recommend that you replace the small metal gasket underneath the plug each time, as it helps guard against oil leaks.

Large Image Extra-Large Image. The filter housing will probably be stuck and difficult to remove from the engine. The best way to get it off is with the Porsche oil filter housing removal tool. Simply slide the tool on and remove the housing from the engine. Be sure to remember to replace the large o-ring that seals the oil filter housing to the engine. This o-ring should be included in your complete oil filter kit inset photo. Take the filter and push it up onto the oil pipe.

There should be one end of the filter that's slightly beveled to ease the installation process. With the filter in place, install the oil filter housing back onto the engine. Fill your car with oil from the inlet in the front of the rear trunk. The oil filler hole is on the left side, and the oil cap is a light tan in color. If you're quick and skilled with the bottle, you can pour without spilling. However, most people use a funnel to help prevent a mess. Pull your dipstick and check to make sure you have ample oil in your engine sump only.

Wipe down the end of the dipstick prior to inserting it into the engine: this will help you achieve an accurate reading. Shown here is a full-flow spin-on oil filter adapter, allowing for use of a conventional spin-on oil filter, rather than requiring the use of expensive and inferior replacement cartridge-style filters.

Manufactured by LN Engineering, this design makes changing your oil a somewhat simpler task. With the adapter, you no longer have to handle the filter cartridge, worry about contamination of the oil filter housing, or worry about cross threading the cheap plastic filter housing.

Looking for more photos? Click to see bonus pictures for this project.

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