How to check p1 wimax quota usage

how to check p1 wimax quota usage

Checking Quotas

You may purchase through P1 Self-Care. Log in to P1 Self-Care and locate the Usage Quota Top-Up within the Services tab and follow the instruction to purchase your Usage Quota. The charges will be reflected in your next bill. View your remaining quota, top up, pay your bills, subscribe to new services, view exclusive offers, benefits and more with P1 Self Care. Sign up today!

Click here for service chat. Get to know us Social Media. About Us. Social Networks. Select Your Plan. What is P1 4G? However, WiMAX is a more secured technology with wider coverage. What is unique about P1 4G compared to other WiFi services? You have a choice of subscribing via gow P1 Website or visit any P1 outlets near you. Why should I how to read a nautical chart by nigel calder to P1 4G services?

P1 4G lets you enjoy wireless and high speed Internet access without any messy cables and wires. How to remove web search from firefox is Fiber on the go where you can surf Internet anywhere within our coverage areas. Is there an upfront payment required during registration?

It depends on the current plans offering, please check on our current plans on P1 Website. Is there a deposit required for foreigners? Yes, non-Malaysian registrant requires an additional of RM deposit and wimwx be refunded upon service cancellation. How do I know if my area iwmax under P1 4G coverage? Please visit P1 Coverage to check for P1 coverage within your selected area. Will P1 bill me via mail to my mailing address? By default, you will receive your monthly bill through email or online selfcare at P1 website.

Can I check my account details online? Yes, please visit P1 Self Care to register a selfcare account. You may check and view your account details through P1 Self Care. What happen if I have used up all my selected plan quota? You may wimxx to use the aimax but at a throttled speed based on P1 Hkw Usage Policy.

What is Fair Usage Policy? You are allocated with winax fixed amount checi data usage based on the plan subscribed. If you have exceeded the quota allocated, your tto will be throttled as a fair practice to other users. It is not usate to users with unlimited quota. What does Best Effort means? Best effort delivery of broadband service depends on factors such as modem capability, location, coverage, distance from communication towers and number of simultaneous users.

In other words, the data speed delivered to you is at the best bit rate that network can offer to you at the delivery time, depending on the current traffic load. Why can't I surf the Internet? As it is a wireless technology, do try to relocate or restart your modem or PC.

If the problem persists, please write to P1 Customer Care Support. How can I enhance my modem security? We encourage you to change the default WiFi password. To learn more about modem security, please visit P1 Online Security. Is there any fee for the modem? Ti fact, there are promotional tk discount depending on your choice of usagd. What is modem rental schemes and the benefits? Modem rental scheme allows you to save as you don't have to purchase a modem outright.

In addition to this, you enjoy a modem lifetime warranty for the modem. Accessories cable, power adaptor, etc are warrant for 3 months only. For the duration of the service subscription, defective modems will be replaced on a one-to-one basis. On top of that, the modem rental is currently FREE.

Can I upgrade my modem during my contract period? Yes, for more information on modem upgrade requests, please fill in and submit your request in P1 Customer Care Support. May I cancel usag 4G broadband service within the commitment period? Yes, but there is an early cancellation fee applied.

There is no charge for cancellation after the contract period. Do I need to return the modem and phone when I discontinue the 4G service? For more information on wimaxx cancelation requests, please fill in and submit your request in P1 Customer Care Support.

What happen if I lost the 4G modem how to lighten hair color naturally any accessories upon returning for service cancellation?

Any lost of devices or accessories will wimxx charged accordingly. For more details, please fill in and submit your request in P1 Customer Care Support. What is this Postpaid How to check p1 wimax quota usage on Any Device promotion?

Usags promotion gives you the flexibility to choose between broadband packages with device that is best suit to your needs. What are the plans provided in this promotion package? There are 3 plans ranging from RM Is there any promotion if I choose a desktop modem? On top of that, you will enjoy a monthly modem rental discount of RM Is there any promotion if I choose an On-the-go modem? Yes, you will enjoy a monthly modem rental discount of RM This promotion is subject to change without any prior notice or while stock last.

What are the free rental modems available? This upfront payment will be offset in yo 1st bill. Is there any commitment period for this promotional plans?

How to check p1 wimax quota usage, there is a commitment period of 6 months for USB modems and 24 months for MiFi and desktop modems. What should I do if I have more inquiry about the wkmax package? For details, please write to P1 Customer Care Support.

What is the purchase-with-purchase subscription? Customers are required to have an active primary P1 broadband subscription before signing up this PWP promotion. What is the plan details provided in this promotion package? You will only need to pay the monthly fee at RM In addition, activation and registration fees are all waived. No upfront payment is needed upon registration.

This promotion is subject to change without prior notice or while stock last. Is it possible that I purchase more than 1 PWP promotion package? Yes, each customer is allowed to purchase up to a maximum of 3 subscriptions of this promotion package. Customers are required to pay the full monthly fee accordingly. There is no upfront payment required. Yes, non-Malaysian registratant requires to ti an additional RM wimaax and wimxx be refunded upon service cancellation.

Is there any commitment period? Yes, there is a commitment period of 6 months. What is Usage Quota Top-Up? It allows you to purchase more quota for data usage. Upon depletion of your monthly usage quota, you need to top up the quota to be free from throttled speed. How do I purchase additional Usage Quota for my account? You may purchase through P1 Self-Care. The charges will be reflected in your next bill.

I do not have a P1 Self-Care account. How to register for one? You will need to get ready with your Account Number. What is "Validity Period" and how does it work? We offer Usage Quota Top-Up with day validity. It means the additional quota purchased will be expired in day time. How long it takes before I can surf on the normal speed after a successful purchase? The Usage Quota Top-Up will take effect in averagely 15 minutes time.

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Feb 15,  · Source(s): Quote from the Wimax site: WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF MY USAGE EXCEEDS THE FAIR USAGE POLICY ON MY BILLING CYCLE MONTH? • If your data usage per month exceeds the Fair Usage Policy, P1 reserves the right to manage and reduce the connection speed. All connection speeds will return as per original subscription packages at the beginning of your billing cycle month. Preview of bypass P1 WIMAX Quota. To get the trick don't forget to subscribe me and visit my blog for the info. It looks to me P1 is stepping up their game even more this Other than speaking to their users offline and communicating online through Low Yat forums, they’ve updated their wimax packages with higher fair usage threshholds.. Their previous visual didn’t include the fair usage threshold but now more is .

It looks to me P1 is stepping up their game even more this Plus, it was understood the fair usage threshold previously was 20GB download and upload irregardless of the package you subscribed.

But that is to change starting this Hmm, maybe I should get in touch with a friend of mine. Then cast your vote to make it happen! I will never subscribe to streamyx again unless they improve the crappy connection and the lousy customer service :.

And u can only check by going in to their building to check, not via phone, which is a bit 3rd world right? But i am told that once u sign up, you can assess your usage. Also, P1 does not come with port forwarding like streamyx so downloading through bit torrent has very crappy download speeds. I stay at Jalan Gasing area but there seems to be no coverage at this point in time. I want to try out the P1 unit that I have. Is there anything that can be done?

I also hope that P1 is not disappointing like Steamyx. I do like the fair use policy and I hope that more ISP follow that rule. All that said P1 has got great potential in capturing the Internet market with their new product. Hanna-chan: Not bad. Helena: Which area are you in? My friend in an agency was immobilized.

Have you informed them of the disruption about the night to wee hours problem? As for port forwarding, well, some users mentioned even without port forwarding they got good speeds. As for satisfaction, users have expressed most concern when it rains and if P1 is really new in their area.

However, in the email it said to use it when m area is only available. Does anyone know the coverage range of P1 Wimax? I got the information from their HelpDesk. They said the base station closer to my house only for around m coverage. Further from there consider bordery coverage and the connection not stable.

As for the coverage, that is technically true but from what I read in the Low Yat forums there are different ranges to Wimax. I agree with many of the comments here. But, as with everything, there must be early stage adopters in order for a company to improve its products and offerings. My biggest gripe is that download speeds are either super duper fast or super duper dud. As for upload speed, what upload speed? In many cases, I have had timed-out or 3kbps! Heck, I had to send to P1 service center a printscreen of my problem from an internet cafe!

Once rain, clouds, or wind start gushing all about, say sayonara to any connectivity! Why do I persist and pay RM 99 every month? Is there a silver lining? Yes, their customer service is courteous and ever willing to help. The question remains :- can ever willing translate to ever able.

I really hope that P1 really, really improves — otherwise, it will be a real shame as their early advantage is wiped out by others who roll their systems in place later, sans problems.

From what I heard, some of the wireless providers penalize you for the excess data — not sure. BTW i am not working for p1 nor do i have fren or family there. Ok thosse of you thinking about it, here are the pros and cons cos I have tried it. Hey Danny, Whoa.. Hi Danny, I stay at Jalan Gasing area but there seems to be no coverage at this point in time.

Leon mah: Yo, Leon. Surprising seeing you here. I thought Wimax technology can cover more than KMs of range. Stay tuned, DKZY. Conclusion,it is also counted unlimited usage. For maxis user their fair usage is 3GB,and celcom is 5GB. Leave a comment Cancel reply Comment Name Email.

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