How to check the cheque status hdfc bank

how to check the cheque status hdfc bank

How to Find Cheque Number on SBI, HDFC, ICICI & Axis Cheque

Mar 27,  · First of all login to your HDFC net banking. Enter your User ID/Customer ID, Password and click on “ Login “. Your account summary will open. Go to Enquire and click on “ View Cheque Status “. You will be able to check the status of a cheque issued by you, whether it has been paid / unpaid / stopped/invalid For eg: If the cheque no. , you need to enter HDFCCST Please ensure that there is a space between HDFCCST and

In this digital era, Cheques are still used by many persons and companies. MICR code is usually printed at the bottom of the Cheque. It allows banks to easily identify the Cheque and process the payment in a faster way.

No matter which banks Cheque you have the format of the Cheque remains same for all. Upon inspection you will find the bank logo printed on the top left side on the Cheque. On the top right you will find the date column. Remember you need to enter the amount in words either in English or Hindi and not in number. In simple words first, you need to write the cheque amount in words and after that in numbers in the box. Apart from this your account number will be printed too on each Cheque and after filling up the details the Cheque holder needs to sign in the respected area before giving it to the Payer.

Make sure not to overwrite anything on the Cheque while filling it. In the footer section of the Cheque, you will see some printed numbers. The numbers only contain digits and are in 4 columns. The first 6 digits are the Cheque number. In the below image you can see the numbers are increasing which is unique identification numbers of any Cheque.

The second column contains 9 digits of MICR number. The first 3 digits represent city code, the middle 3 digits shows bank code, and the last 3 digit shows branch code.

We have highlighted it, so that you can identify it easily. Like other banks, The six-digit number written at the bottom left-hand corner of the cheque is the cheque number of Canara Bank. Bank of Baroda Cheque number is the first 6 digit of the footer.

There is a 9 digit MICR code followed by the cheque number. The 9 digit of the MICR code indicates the bank and branch from which the cheque is issued to the account holder. You can find bank of india cheque number in the footer of the cheque. The first 6 digit of the number is your cheque number.

The first 6 digits written at the bottom of cheque are chq no. The first 6 digits are cheque no and the rest of the nos are MICR code. You will find a series of numbers at the bottom left side of a cheque.

The first six digits on your cheque are your cheque number for HDFC. It is always important to note the number of your HDFC bank cheque, Because if it gets lost or the money has not been credited, you can know the status of the cheque by providing the cheque number to your bank support. The cheque number of Yes Bank Cheque is a 6 digit number and is always written at the bottom left-hand corner of the cheque.

The other MICR code indicates the bank, branch, and account holder information. The instrument number is very important and check can be traced with their cheque number. When we stop check the bank cancels the check for payment before it is processed and the check is flagged by the bank. Following from the left hand side the first 6 digits are the cheque numbers and the next 9 digits are MICR code and the next digits contains a portion of account number of Payer along with transaction ID.

I hope all your doubt related to Cheque numbers are cleared with this post. However if you still have some queries to ask then you can comment how to check the cheque status hdfc bank below and we would love to help you. State Bank of India account holders can conveniently transfer their accounts to how to analyze a quote SBI branch online.

You can move your account and update your SBI branch ocean saline nasal spray how to use various reasons; users can now accomplish this online. Transfer SBI account…. We use credit or debit cards very often for shopping, paying bills, and withdraw cash from the ATM machine. ATM card is one of the easiest ways to withdraw cash anytime you want.

Some ATM machines even provide a deposit facility as…. Vijaya Bank net banking facility allows its customers to see all the account-related information in one place. Net banking allows you to download Vijaya bank account statement online without printing your….

HDFC bank is known for its service and customer care but according to the new government rules you have to maintain a certain amount of balance in the account on the monthly basis.

The minimum balance requirement for the Urban area is Rs. If you will not able…. Fixed Deposits are one of 10 of what number is 14 best low risks investment options in India.

The term ofFrom 7 days to 10 years you can invest your savings in FDs. It gives you 6. Good thing is that you can close your fixed deposit anytime…. IDBI internet banking and mobile banking gives you the freedom to do basic banking tasks such as fund transfer, bill payments, complaints, etc. In order…. Your email address will not be published.

Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. I have lost my axis bank chequebook, how to find the cheque number to stop the cheque payments of Axis? Skip to content. Similar Posts. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Toggle Menu Close. Search for: Search.


Mar 17,  · 1- Open your bank’s official website and log in to your net banking account. 2- Now Click Enquires and select the Cheque Status option. 3- Select the account for which you wish to verify cheque status. 4- Select the single cheque option to verify status. Account: Third Party Transfer: Credit Card: 1. Account Summary: 1. Third Party Funds Transfer: 1. Account Summary: 2. View Account Statement: 2. NEFT Funds Transfer. Login to NetBanking using your NetBanking ID and Password. Step2. Click on Stop Payment of Cheque option under Request menu on left hand side of page. Step3. Select account number if there is more than one. Step4. If you want to stop payment on a series of cheques, then enter cheque number of the first in the series and then the last cheque number.

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Mutual Funds. Check your cheque status, only those in new format will be honoured from January 1. Preeti Kulkarni. Font Size Abc Small. Abc Medium. Abc Large. ET Bureau. You may not be able to use your old cheques from next year with the implementation of the new Cheque Truncation System CTS , which will eliminate physical movement of cheques for clearing.

Instead, only their electronic images, along with key information, will be captured and transmitted. It will make the clearing process more efficient, secure and quicker; but for that, you must switch to new cheques with prescribed standard features before December I am sure they will not be inconvenienced due to the migration process. Some transitory period, from January 1 to March 31, could be given during which both types of cheques will be accepted.

Since most banks have already migrated to the new system, chances are that your bank would have sent you CTS-compliant cheque leaves. Click here to know how to save on taxes for the financial year Atul Goyal days ago. What in case when we get any cheque from foregin?

Will it be accepted after 31st March? Binit Ambastha days ago. It's good step taken by the govt to standardized the cheques for faster clearing. View Comments Add Comments. Investing A silver lining of ready inventory and a stockpile of debt: Is Lodha's Macrotech a value buy? Subscribe to ETPrime. Browse Companies:. To see your saved stories, click on link hightlighted in bold.

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Atul Goyal days ago What in case when we get any cheque from foregin? Binit Ambastha days ago It's good step taken by the govt to standardized the cheques for faster clearing. Strategy Delaporte performs a surgery and a brain transplant at Wipro.

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