How to connect asp net to sql server 2005

how to connect asp net to sql server 2005

Configuring ASP.NET 2.0 Application Services to use SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2005

I would like to know what is the correct connection string to use in order to connect to a remote SQL Server My webserver is IIS Net Framwork and A remote SQL Server Hi, Please go through with the article Connect to SQL Server Using SQL Authentication in Please check Connection String syntax from this site.

NET how to charge vapir no2 application scenarios. It also includes instructions for converting connection strings between SQL Server Express and LocalDB, and explanations of some common connection string settings. The topic contains the following sections:. The examples show the connection strings as they appear in the ConnectionStrings element of the Web. The example assumes that you are connecting to the default SQL Server instance on the server.

The following example is for a SQL Server database using integrated security log on to the server using the credentials of the Windows user account. The example specifies a named instance of SQL Server. ContextClass in this example represents the fully qualified context class name for example, namespace. To convert one of these connection strings to LocalDB, make the following changes:. This change assumes that you installed LocalDB with the default instance name.

For more information, see Data Source later in this topic. Also remove the preceding or following semicolon. Omit the semicolon ; if the connection string already ends with one.

In many cases, you can use different names in the connection string to configure the same setting; for example, the following two connection strings are equivalent:. In the following sections, the section title specifies the version of the setting name most commonly used in ASP.

NET project templates. For settings that have alternative names, those are added in parentheses. You can use ". If you omit the instance name, the default instance is assumed. For named instances of LocalDB, replace "v For SQL Database the value of this setting typically has a "tcp:" prefix to indicate the protocol used and a how to check bsnl broadband internet usage suffix to indicate the port number.

You can use the DataDirectory variable in place of an absolute path; for information about this option, see the following section about the AttachDBFileName setting. This ensures that the path to your database remains current if the application is moved to a different directory. If you don't use the DataDirectory connection string variable, you have to provide the full physical path to the database file.

For more information, see User Instance later in this topic. The first time you connect to a database by using this option in the connection string, the SQL Server Express or LocalDB instance attaches the database, and it stays attached.

When you want to connect to the same database in the future you could use Initial Catalog without AttachDbFileName if you prefer. For more information, see SqlConnection. If the database will be used by the Entity Framework and your application targets the. You can omit this setting in applications that target the. NET Framework 4. If you omit this setting, ADO. If the full path is longer than characters, a default database name is constructed from the path by appending a hash of the full path to the file name.

In LocalDB connection strings, the Visual Studio web project templates add a unique number as a suffix to both the file name and the Initial Catalog setting, as shown in the following example:. Suppose the project specified the following values:. When you create a project with these settings and run it, LocalDB attaches the aspnet. The operation fails because that name is already attached to the first project's aspnet.

For the same reason, the suffixes added by the Visual Studio templates how do i add to my wishlist on itunes prevent name collisions if you create a copy of a project by copying the files instead of by creating a new project in Visual Studio, which generates a new unique number.

If you want to create a new project by copying an existing project's files, change the suffix number manually to make it unique. With this connection string, what happens to the database name what is world financial group all about the SQL Server instance is complicated. If the database is created by the ASP. NET membership system or by Entity Framework Code First, a database name is created by taking the file name without the.

If your own code creates the database, or if you detach the database and run the project again after the. If that name would be longer than characters, the database name would be the file name with a hash of the full path appended to it.

Some examples of these database names are shown in the following illustration:. This setting specifies whether the connection should use the user ID and password in the connection string to log on to the SQL Server instance, or the current Windows account credentials should be used for authentication:.

False means use SQL Server security to log in by using the User ID and Password values in the connection string, and raise an exception if they are not present. This is a common scenario when you use the Entity Framework, especially if you leave lazy loading enabled. For example, the second line of code in the following example will raise an exception if you how to get aimbot for black ops ps3 free enable MARS because the query that returns instructors is still active when the ToList method executes a new query that retrieves related courses:.

It is often more efficient to load related data by using eager loading, which retrieves all of the data by using a single join query, but sometimes join queries are inefficient. In most real-world applications, there are times when the best choice for loading related data is lazy loading or explicit loading.

Therefore, connection strings for databases that you access by using the Entity Framework typically specify this option. This option carries a slight performance penalty, but in most scenarios its benefits outweigh any performance loss even if you aren't using the Entity Framework. You use the AttachDbFileName setting to connect to a database in an.

In order to connect to this database file, the SQL Server Express instance on your computer has to attach the file. Also, even if you are an administrator and are able to attach the. The service account typically does not have permissions for folders in your user profile, such as your My Documents folder, which is where Visual Studio projects are created by default. You use the User Instance option to solve these problems. You are a SQL Server Express administrator in this user instance, so the instance is able to attach the database file.

And when your web application runs under the Visual Studio Development Server Cassini or IIS Express, the user instance runs under your account, so it has access to folders in your user profile.

NET Impersonation. In SQL Serveruser instances are deprecated. User Instances for Non-Administrators. Connection pooling is enabled by default in ADO. If you define multiple connection strings for the same database, they automatically use the same connection if the connection strings are identical. For example, you might have ASP. If these two connection strings are different in any way, even if they specify the same keywords but in a different order, they will use different connections.

Several connection string settings control connection pooling behavior. For example the default value for Min Pool Size is zero, which means all connections are closed after a period of inactivity. To make sure that connections are kept open, you can set Min Pool Size to a value greater than zero. Connection Strings. Skip to main content. Contents Exit focus mode. For more information, see the following resources: SqlConnection.

ConnectionString SqlCeConnection. Note If the database will be used by the Entity Framework and your application targets the. In this article.

Connection String Examples

Oct 12,  · so for any website bult under and using sql server database. publishing it over a network requires special connection string i.e. other den the one needed for local host. here are the steps.. 1. Use DataBase Publishing Wizard to . If you omit this setting, connects to the default database for the SQL Server instance specified in the Data Source setting. If you omit this setting and include the AttachDbFileName setting for SQL Server Express or LocalDB, the full path to the database file is used as the database name. In other words, if I gave you the ip address, port, User Id and Password to my SQL server and you were able to connect to my SQL server using SQL Management Studio, would you also be also be able to connect an page from your website to my SQL server.

Last post Oct 12, AM by manishmishra Oct 05, PM manishmishra LINK i've built a website using visual studio and it uses sql server database Then i came to knw about connection strings and web. I also used "database publishing wizard" to publish my database to server, but, i cannot do dat also Your remote server should accept Trusted connection, otherwise you get the exceptions.

Make sure you provide username and password in your connection string for SQL Server. This video from Chris Pels should get you start and resolve your problem. Oct 05, PM nijhawan. Well you may just execute the database script on the server itself if they offer you a control panel. Also in your connectionstring you need to provide, User ID and Pwd fields provided to you by your Web space provider. You can connect to the remote database server also using the same credential pair from your sql server management studio.

Use DataBase Publishing Wizard to generate. NOTE: before you go through step 2, u need to enable your sql server d one on ur system to allow remote connections.. Now that u are connected to your database server, navigate to your database and right click on it, go for "Add new Query".

Now you need to provide a special connection string to connect to this database, which needs you to modify web. SqlConnection cn;. AppSettings[ "ConnString1" ]. ToString ;. Oct 11, PM nijhawan. We are excited to announce that the ASP. How to deploy asp. Print Share Twitter Facebook Email. System 2. Re: How to deploy asp. NET hosting information. NET tutorials with examples and source code. Open sql server management studio SMT and feed following details.

Now that u are connected to your database server, navigate to your database and right click on it, go for "Add new Query" now just copy and paste the content of your database. You are done setting up your database at your server.

That's all Is this the solution, or have any query in it as well?

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