How to cook a baked potato in a microwave

how to cook a baked potato in a microwave

How To Microwave A Baked Potato

Feb 11,  · Directions. Step 1. Scrub the potato, and prick several time with the tines of a fork. Place on a plate. Step 2. Step 3. Top with remaining cheese and sour cream, and serve. /5(). Aug 18,  · How to cook a Baked Potato in the microwave: Wash potato skin thoroughly. It’s optional but you can also coat with a little olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Poke the potato with a fork a few times for the steam .

Last Updated: March 16, References Tested. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. The wikiHow Culinary Team also followed the article's instructions and verified that they work. This article has been viewed 6, times. Learn more A baked potato is a cheap and tasty treat that will brighten up just about any meal.

Though normally prepared in an oven, you can also bake a potato using a microwave, creating the same great dish in a fraction of the time. To bake a potato in the microwave, start by rinsing it off and patting it dry with a paper towel. If you want to season the potato, brush olive oil over it and sprinkle salt and pepper on top. Next, pierce the potato with a fork a few times on each side.

Place the potato on a microwave-safe plate, and microwave it for around 10 minutes, flipping it over halfway through. Cooking times will vary depending on the size of the potato and the power of the microwave. Medium to large potatoes will take between minutes per potato on full power. To learn how to tell if your potato is finished baking, scroll down!

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Article Summary. Choose the right type of potato. Russet potatoes - also known how to get iban and swift numbers Idaho or baking potatoes - are the best potatoes for baking in the microwave.

This is due to their high starch content, which yields extra fluffy baked potatoes. If you don't have Russets, the next best thing are yellow-fleshed potatoes - such as Yukon Gold - which are moderately starchy and yield a creamy, slightly dense baked potato.

Wash the potato. It is important to give your how to eat tamarind pods a good wash before microwaving, especially if you're planning on eating the skin. Be sure to remove any stubborn dirt. If you have one, a bristled scrubbing brush is great for how to make memory quilts from clothing potatoes. After washing, pat the potato dry with a clean paper towel [2] X Research source.

Season the potato. Rub a little olive oil into the skin of the potato, then sprinkle with salt and pepper. This gives the potato a little extra flavor and will help to crisp up the skin. Prick the potato with a fork. This allows steam to escape and prevents the potato from exploding in the microwave.

You should aim to prick the potato three or four times on each area: top, bottom, and two sides. Place the potato on a microwavable plate. If you want, you can wrap the potato in some wet paper towel first.

This will help to keep the potato moist and prevent it from shrinking, but it will also result in softer skin. Put the plate in the microwave and choose a cooking time. Most medium to large potatoes will take between minutes to cook at full power. Place it back in the microwave for another minutes, depending on how soft it is already.

After that, if it still doesn't feel fully cooked, continue to microwave it in 1 minute bursts, checking after each minute. For example, if one large potato takes 10 minutes to cook, two large potatoes would take between minutes. This method is great if you want oven-crisp potato skins, in less than half the normal cooking time! Check if the potato is cooked. You can check if a potato is cooked by sticking a fork in the center; if the fork goes in easily, but the center is still a little firm, the potato is ready.

When in doubt, it is best to err on the side of undercooking, as an overcooked potato may burn or explode in the microwave. Let the potato rest for five minutes. This allows the core of the potato to finish cooking using the heat that is trapped in the inner layers. It also helps it to become fluffy on the inside without over-drying on the outside. Wrapping it in aluminum foil after taking it out of the microwave will speed up this process.

Just be careful when touching the potato - it will be extremely hot! If you are saving a potato for someone who's running late, wrapping the potato in aluminum foil will keep it warm for a remarkably long time. Just be sure to do this as soon as it comes out of the microwave, to conserve as much heat as possible. Serve the potato. Cut the potato open and garnish it with your favorite toppings. Keep it simple with butter, salt and a little grated cheese, or jazz it up with some sour cream, green onions or chives and some crispy bacon.

For a more complete meal, top the potato with a generous helping of chili con carne or some fluffy scrambled eggs.

Did you make this recipe? Leave a review. Not Helpful 12 Helpful Not Helpful 13 Helpful Yes they are, provided you accept that both methods may impact which vitamins, minerals and other nutritious elements are released during the cooking process. Microwaving preserves many water-based nutrients that might be lost during drier baking.

However, it is a good idea to use both methods rather than relying solely on one, as that way you can be guaranteed that you get the full range of available nutrients. Not Helpful 30 Helpful Yes, but as it states above, you have to increase the cooking time by two thirds. Not Helpful 23 Helpful This is not recommended, as the inside of the potato will cook unevenly, leaving the two halves of the potato soft. If you were to do this, you might want to consider microwaving it for a shorter amount of time so you don't how to insert page numbers in open office the potato.

Not Helpful 3 Helpful Sometimes microwaves don't heat the underside of a food properly. Plus, the underside might be soggy if you don't, turning it over will distribute the moisture better.

Not Helpful 18 Helpful Not Helpful 15 Helpful I have 8 baking potatoes, each weighing gr, to cook in my Panasonic watt Combination Microwave oven. How much time will this require? Don't cook more than 2 at a time. So, 68 minutes total. It would be easier to put all 8 in the oven for an hour. Not Helpful 11 Helpful In general, a medium or average uncooked potato would weigh around gm It is recommended that you buy potatoes in different sizes and weigh them to get an idea of the weight range, as this will help you to eyeball the potato sizes when shopping in future.

Also test various sizes to what kind of pigs stay small forever which work best in your microwave, then stick to the sizes that cook well and efficiently for your oven. Potatoes have vitamins C and B6, manganese and many other things your body needs.

Also, they are really low in calories. If you're asking why someone would eat one made in the microwave rather than a conventional oven, it's because one may not have time to do it in the oven, living in a place that doesn't have one, or simply doesn't want to heat up the house in warm weather by using it. Not Helpful 4 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube.

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Jul 08,  · Place potato in microwave safe bowl and cover with plastic wrap. Cook for 3 minutes. Turn potato over and cook, covered with plastic wrap, for 2 more minutes. Poke with a . Mar 02,  · Microwave the potato for three minutes. Microwave the potato on full power for three minutes. Stop the microwave and remove the potato to check. A single potato should take just over five minutes to cook, 96%(29). Nov 18,  · To cut down the cooking time, microwave the potatoes for about six minutes. Next, bake them in the oven for 35 to 40 minutes or until their skin is crispy and their flesh soft. Why Eat Baked Potatoes? Baked potatoes are not just delicious, but healthy too.

Buy Now. Learn how to cook a baked potato in the microwave. It only takes minutes and the results are amazing! No need to heat up your kitchen with long cooking times in the oven. Simple, make a microwave baked potato instead! It is quick and easy. Plus, so tasty! Sometimes you just want to enjoy a delicious baked potato without all the work. This easy microwave baked potato recipe is the perfect solution.

Whether it is really hot outside or you are craving for a baked potato now, you are going to love how easy and delicious this microwaved baked potato really is. All you need is potatoes, a paper towel, and a microwave to make delicious potatoes! It is really that simple. The microwave is the answer. You will have delicious baked potato ready in only minutes. It takes about 20 minutes total.

You want to start out cooking the potatoes for 10 minutes. Next, flip the potatoes and cook for another 10 minutes. You might want to microwave for 5 minutes and check on them if this is the first time making these. Just until you are certain on how your microwave does.

Note these microwaved baked potatoes are really hot so I like to use oven mitts when handling the potatoes. You can wrap in plastic wrap if not eating right away. Just make sure to use microwave save material if putting something in the microwave. Speaking of baked potatoes, check out my post 10 Ways to use Leftover Baked Potatoes. Make extras tonight and use them to make other great dinners. Did you know that you can make a microwave baked potato?

Don't heat up your kitchen and still enjoy delicious baked potatoes in minutes! Once you know how to bake a potato in the microwave, it is so simple and easy! Try this for a quick side dish or meal idea!

Baked potatoes are the easiest meal idea! Pair with a salad or fill your potato with a meat dish, and you have your entire course. Delicious and extremely budget friendly. Throw in a simple side salad and you have a great meal! I have this for lunch all the time. We love to top the potatoes with butter, sour cream and a little salt and pepper.

They are also good with chives and crumbled bacon. For an even heartier meal, try topping your baked potatoes with chili. I use this Easy Quick Chili Recipe. I have even served this for parties and made a baked potato bar. Guests grabbed a potato and selected their favorite toppings. Just put out a bunch of various toppings that everyone will like.

You can also enjoy the tastiness of baked potatoes when your oven is full with Crock Pot Baked Potatoes. This is also perfect when you want to enjoy baked potatoes without heating up your kitchen in the summer time. Twice Baked Potatoes are so simple and make the perfect side dish.

Enjoy this delicious microwave sweet potato recipe in just 5 minutes. I never knew people actually baked potatoes in the oven until I was an adult. We have always baked them in the microwave. A tip that works well is to wrap them in saran wrap and then poke the fork holes. This seems to help them cook without drying out.

This recipe is for a microwave baked potato so the nutritional information is for a baked potato which includes saturated fat. Thank you. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Jump to Recipe. Just keep in mind if you have smaller or larger potatoes, you may need to adjust the cooking time. Prep Time. Cook Time. Total Time. Course: Side Dish. Cuisine: American. Keyword: Easy to make Microwave Baked Potatoes.

Servings : 4. Calories : kcal. Author : Carrie. Wash potatoes thoroughly. Place in the microwave - no container needed. I put them on a paper towel, but you don't have to. They should feel soft to touch when they are done.

You may need to increase or decrease time a little depending on how many potatoes you are cooking. Recipe Notes. Nutrition Facts. Vitamin C Iron 1. Total 4. Easy Corn Casserole recipe. Pumpkin Muffin Recipe with Cinnamon Streusel.

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