How to file roc forms online

how to file roc forms online


How do I file eForm inc and eForm INC with both the ROCs? You are required to file both these forms at MCA portal only once. Old RoC office shall process the eForm and forward the same to the new RoC office for registration. - Must have an Internet Connection to fill the form - Enter the CIN and click the Pre Fill Button. Your computer should be connected to the Internet and then some of the fields will be automatically filled like company name, registered address etc. - Fill up the rest of the fields in the eForm and attach the applicable attachments.

Every company is required to file th e Audited financial statement and annual return as per The Companies Act, within 30 days and 60 days respectively from the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting date. Filing of Audited financial statement is governed under Section and of The Companies Act, read with Rule 12 of the Company Accounts Rules, and annual return is governed under Section 92 of the Companies Act, read with Rule 11 of the Companies Management and Administration Rules, The procedure of ROC filing the annual return and Audited financial statement can be easily understood by the following process:.

Hold another Board Meeting for approving the draft financial statements, Board Report and Annual Return by the directors of the company. Conduct the Annual General meeting of the Company and pass the necessary resolutions.

Please note that the financial statements are considered final only when the same is approved by the shareholders at the General Meeting. After getting registered on the portal, log in with your ID and password.

After uploading the form, the system will automatically generate a Service What are the three main ingredients in photosynthesis Number SRN and option to go on payment window.

After doing this complete process, you can track the transaction status of your form through SRN under the MCA services menu. What you need to do is just put the SRN generated in the challan and you will be able to know whether what does oola stand for form is approved or for pending for approval. From the above, we can conclude that all the Companies registered under the Act, will have to file their Audited financial statement and annual return as per the provisions of the Companies Act, through MCA portal within the prescribed time period.

Disclaimer:- "All the information given is from credible and authentic resources and has how to play the harmonic published after moderation. Any change in detail or information other than fact must be considered a human error. Hi, I did not file any annual returns since Also please help me that if it depends on the Authorised and Paid-up Capital of the Company.

In the case of Small Company and One Person Company, there is no requirement of a professional signature. A company is registered as a private limited company. CA has not disclosed about TDs process of the private limited company. Both the directors went out of state after it got registered.

After 1. He replied wired and said you people have to pay heavy penalties. My question is when Company did not have any bank account, GST and any kind of business. Then company. So Please Guide. I hold a one person company that has been opened in June and there are no transactions, business, clients, IT returns, ROC.

Could you please let me know how to close this company? Could you please suggest Thanks. Yes, you can opt the option of striking off the name from the register of companies under section of companies act Statutory auditor resigns in New Auditors has to be appointed in case of such casual vacancy due to the resignation of already appointed Auditor, through passing a resolution in Extraordinary general meeting and for such appointment E-form ADT-1 should be filed.

Hi Mam, I have incorporated a company on DecemberI would like to know what will be first closing FY and what would be my first AGM date and how annual filing will be done. First financial year will be and AGM can be held by 31st Dec. Dear Madam, Thank you very much for such a valuable post. You work is remarkable and I thank you for helping others with your knowledge.

Last year my return for FY was filled by Auditor and he appointed himself for 5 years. Now for the yearI want to change the auditor.

Which for do I need fill for Annual return. Last AGM Now 1 shareholder has also changed and given his share to one of the directors. Please let me know what forms to file in ROC. On approval, the company is required to hold General Meeting within 60 days of the receipt of approval of the Central Government for passing the special resolution. Nice information. Thanks for sharing. There is no transaction also. Is that possible to return only for current year without doing pending years?

Awaiting for your response. Thanks, Basanta. You cannot file current year ROC return without filing returns for the previous years. Refer to the article for calculation of pending dues.

IT returns cannot be filed for previous years. I have registered a Pvt. Since we have submitted return till last year, can we turn the company status to dormant without filling any return this year? Until you have the company incorporated under company law then you have to continue with roc filing irrespective of status being dormant.

We have a private limited company that has been established in Feb Till now no filing is done with respect to roc or income tax. And moreover, the company has not made any business till Jan So received a letter from ROC saying that the company has not done any kind of business and not filed any returns So they are going to dissolve the company.

As the company has been striked off so first, you have to make an application with NCLT to get your company to revive, then complete the due filing with directors who is not disqualified under section of the companies act For a company that was struck off and restored, they are in the process of filing the returns and financials for the earlier years. The earlier years start from Should we file the returns in the old forms 20 B etc till and 2.

E-form AOC-4 and E-form MGT-7 are the annual filing forms and the fee for the filing of such forms depends on the capital of the company which is as mentioned below :. Can you please tell me what compliance I need to follow in terms of Auditors Appointment?

What are the due dates for filing first auditors appointment? The first auditor of a company shall be appointed by the Board of Directors within thirty days from the date of registration of the company and in the case of failure of the Board to appoint such auditor, Board shall inform the members of the company, who shall within ninety days at an extraordinary general meeting appoint such auditor and such auditor shall hold office till the conclusion of the first annual general meeting.

If a company, file the return up to Madam, you are doing a very good job of giving the guiding light for how to file roc forms online needy in dark. You deserve appreciation. In case of appointment or reappointment of auditor E-form ADT-1 need to be filed, but for ratification members, approval is required only.

We have to what is a computer bot mgt7 and aoc4 for on 5th July How much panelty we have to pay and are we within limits of days if we file now. Additional late fee amount on MGT-7 and AOC-4 shall be calculated from the day after the original due date of the respective forms i.

Hi Urvashi, We are private limited company owned by two foreign shareholders, just incorporated end of MayI need to know whether Board meeting can be conducted outside India. Two directors of the company are also foreigners and one Indian director unable to attend the meeting. What need to be filed with ROC regarding the first board meeting and within which day we need to file board meeting proceeding with ROC. A Board Meeting can be held any where in India or outside India.

To transact a business quorum should be present. BM can be held in India or abroad. Two foreign directors can hold board meeting in abroad. However, Every Director is required to attend atleast one BM in a year. Thus, at the same time Indian Director will also require to attend atleast one board meeting in a year. This can be held whenever, either of non resident director visit in india in a year or if there is no travel plan of non resident director in india, The Board Meeting can also be held through Video Conference.

And due to some or the other reason mgt-7 was accepted bt not aoc-4 and it went un-noticed as well. Now I am trying how to file roc forms online file AOC-4, while practising it is given an error that financial year should not lap with financial year for which form mgt-7 has been filed.

This is a technical issue on the part of department. Kindly contact MCA and raise a complaint for your issue. And due to some or the other reason mgt-7 was accepted bt not aoc-4 and it went unnoticed as well. Now I am trying to file AOC-4 while practising it is given an error that financial year should not lap with the financial year for which form mgt-7 has been filed. Looking forward for your valuable reply. You have to appoint the Auditor within 30 days of the incorporation of company.

You can simply call a board meeting and appoint him for first financial year Kindly let me know the forms to be submitted while filing ROC in my case and fees and penalty.

Its a Private limited company with two directors. Company share capital You need to reply to ROC for non-filing of the same within 30 days of the notice.

Consult a professional for proper guidance in order to avoid further non-compliance. You need to file annual compliance form i. We have a company with name i3 infolab What are the mascots for the 2014 winter olympics pvt ltd with Authorized Capital: It was incorporated in 14th March Till date we have not done any ROC filing.

FAQs on e-Filing

Fill out the complaint form online, attach any pertinent files and submit the form. Once submitted, you will receive an email from DocuSign to electronically sign the complaint form. After submitting this form, you should expect to see a confirmation page. This will notify you that your request has been received. To make sure you're not a robot, please enter "ROC" in this field. 35 rows · Mar 13,  · The Company can file Form after approval of Members. 7. INC .

All About e-Filing. A proposed name can be reserved for the purpose of incorporation of a company or change of name of an existing company through the RUN service by logging into the MCA portal along with a fee of Rs. Further, you may use the SPICe form for the integrated process of name reservation and incorporation of a company.

An approved name is valid for a period of i 20 days from the date of approval in case name is being reserved for a new company or ii 60 days from the date of approval in case of change of name of an existing company. Minimum no. The minimum paid up capital at the time of registration of a company shall be as follows: - One Person Company: Re.

In such a case, you need to file Form SH-7 again but same can be filed only after 15 days from the Challan Date. Invariably, the Balance Sheet and Annual Return have to be filed every year. Other documents such as, Return of Allotment Form No. Pas-3 , Change of Registered office Form No.

CHG- 1, 9, 4 etc. System displays all active charges with date of charge creation and amount secured. The application uses ISO Country codes and these are available under the instruction kit of the respective e-forms. A physical document is converted into an electronic document through scanning. It can then be attached to an e-form. You can also convert the softcopy of a document to the PDF format for using it as an attachment to the e-form. You have to first get the paper attachments scanned and saved as a soft copy in PDF format.

Click the DSC box in the e-form to affix the digital signature. Payments can be made electronically through credit card or Internet Banking. During the e-Filing process, the system will prompt you to make payment. You can choose the mode of payment and make the payment accordingly.

If you are not having a credit card or Internet banking facility, you can make payment at the counter of an authorized bank through the pre-filled challan generated by the system after e-Filing. It is a completely secure process.

The process of e-Filing is completely secure. Online Inspection of documents is allowed strictly in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act, on payment of a prescribed fee. You can register yourself on the MCA portal and click on the 'View Public Documents' link to view the documents of the specific companies available for viewing to public pertaining to specific company s.

Once you select the company s , Document category and the year of filing, you will be prompted to make the payment of prescribed fee per company. On receipt of the payment, the system will allow you to view the documents pertaining to the selected company from the 'My Documents' link after logging on to the portal.

You will be able to view the documents for a period of three hours from the time you start viewing. You can avail this service by using the Get Certified Copies service. Once you make the necessary payment of GCC service, along with stamp duty, your request will be routed to the concerned ROC. After the application is completely processed, an acknowledgment for stamp duty payment is generated and appended to the certified copy of the document which is then sent to the Stakeholder by the jurisdictional RoC within 15 days by post.

You are required to file both these forms at MCA portal only once. Please note that approval of such eForm INC shall not be allowed in case there is any other eForm s pending for payment of fee or is under processing in respect of the company.

In eForm with more than signature; it is suggested that the Authorised signatory of the company should first sign the eForm and then send the digitally signed eForm to the next person whose signature is required to be appended in the eForm either through mail.

Once the signatures of all the signatories are obtained, the eForm can then be uploaded in the system for submission. For example, in eForm No. CHG-1 first the authorised signatory of the company can sign; and then send the eForm through e-mail to the Bank representative. It can then be forwarded for certification by a professional, in the same manner.

Once filed, the eForm cannot be rectified. You need to verify that you have Adobe Reader XI and above installed on your system. You need to click the "Allow" button in order to prefill data when you get the above message.

In case you clicked "Block", please use the follwing steps in order to remove www. Check if www. If yes, select the site www. We recommend the Version 7. Ensure that you are connected to the Internet. In case the prefill doesn't happen and you don't get the Security Message, verify the following. In the Categories go to 'Trust Manager'. In case 'www. Still if the Prefill does not work, check whether you are able to open the MCA portal in the web browser.

In case it does not open, contact your internet service provider or the local IT support person. If the company has not filed its due balance sheet or annual returns for any financial year i. Such company will not be allowed to file any eForm except for the list of eForms allowed unless all the due balance sheets and annual returns are filed. The company will have to file all the due annual returns and balance sheets for the financial years for which it has been marked as defaulting.

Once the same are filed, the defaulting status of the company will be removed and the company will be able to file normally. Details related to principal products or services of the company are to be provided in following manner:. Javascript is disabled in your browser, hence some functionalities on this website will not work. Please enable the javascript. Grey Theme. Blue Theme. Green Theme. Includes information on MCA's main functions and other details about the Ministry.

Visit these pages to know key MCA contacts and how to reach them. Open Adobe Reader. Please click "Allow" button in future. Perform the following checks. A window will open. This site is owned by Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The site is best viewed in Internet Explorer 9.

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