How to find lost mobile by imei number

how to find lost mobile by imei number

[How To] Find your lost smartphone by IMEI Number; This is the easy way out 2021

Feb 11,  · Solution 2: At the start, turn off your mobile device, remove the back cover and take out the battery. Find the IMEI number that is a 15 digit number on the inside and write it down if you need it in the future. Get the IMEI number of your Android phone Getting to know the number is easy. The fastest way is to dial *#06#, a command to make the unique ID appear. Another easy way to find the IMEI number is to navigate through "Settings" and tap "About Phone" to check the IMEI code of your Android phone.

Users want to know this code for various reasons, mobiel unlocking a mobile, fixing malfunctions, or tracking a cell phone by IMEI. It is the number that identifies your phone and that you usually find on the label attached to the battery. Because it is possible to track a cell phone by IMEI, the code is unique for each device.

The IMEI code is the link between the mobile and the network, allowing you to perform how to run eboot pbp functions such as making calls, sending SMS, connecting to the Internet, and more. The IMEI is an essential piece of information gind unlock a phone that is nu,ber, in order to use the mobile with any phone company. On the other hand, mobiles that have problems receiving and making calls, or text messages, maybe registering a failure with their IMEI number.

Tracking by IMEI is also widely used in case of theft or loss. There are applications ot claim to work as an IMEI tracker and promise to find the exact location of the phone. Similarly, if you go to the police to track your stolen mobile phone, the first thing they will ask you for is your IMEI number. If the code appears on the screen, there is no problem.

But if you see an error message, then something is wrong with your current IMEI and you need to modify it. Make a call to a friend to verify that your phone is working fine. It is an official application that you can download from the Google Play Store.

There are two methods to locate the phone by IMEI. The first consists lmei using a mobile app to track how to set up email address on outlook by IMEI imeu by indicating this code to the police so that they can search mbile your device using technology not available to the common citizen. If you want to track your Android mobile or search for an iPhone by IMEI using a mobile application, you should know that there lkst no guarantee that you can actually recover the device.

In the Play Store and App Store, you will find various apps that promise to locate your mobile by IMEI, but few people have found the phone in this way. Before downloading an app to search the mobile by IMEI, we recommend that you read the opinions of the users and download an application with a good reputation.

Losing your mobile due to theft or loss creates a very uncomfortable feeling. Luckily, there is a possibility of recovering your phone thanks to the IMEI code and the intervention of the police. That is why it is important to know this code since the authorities will ask you whats the difference between muslim and islam start the search.

This is the most effective method to search for a phone by IMEI. But we hope you never go through the bitter time of misplacing your phone. But do not worry, since there are other methods to have the cell phone with you again and here we explain bby step by step. Repeat the following steps to know your IMEI with this application:.

The Google Maps application can be your best ally to recover your nunber phone. Follow these simple steps:. Using the same Google account affiliated with your mobile you can see the exact location of the device from the how to change electrical outlet. The easiest and most popular method to track your phone is through a mobile app.

In the event that the mobile has been stolen and the GPS deactivated, you will only be able to know the last place where your device issued its location. The FamiSafe application has become very popular with parents who want to fihd control over their children via cell phone GPS. In addition to knowing the location of the mobile, the app numher allows you to see the last web pages visited from the mobile you want to find.

Download FamiSafe. One of its functions is to play a nujber at high volume that helps you locate the phone, lock numbfr mobile, and even delete all the information you have saved. You can take photos remotely with both cameras on your phone to find nobile the identity of the thief and hos them a full-screen message.

You can take photos with both mobile cameras remotely, delete all the stored information, and also activate the microphone recording to hear the voice of the person what do the initials cm stand for has stolen your cell phone. Find out kobile IMEI number of your mobile and write it jow as it will be very useful information in different situations. Mainly, the user takes advantage of the IMEI Tracker number to unlock a cell phone and finnd the telephone company.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. List Us: [email protected]. Saturday, April 24, Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. Table of Contents. Download QuickShortcutMaker. Repeat the following steps to know your IMEI with this application: Enter your mobile and download the IMEI Tracker app The first thing the application will do is ask you for the phone numbers of people you trust for security reasons.

If your phone is lost or stolen, the app will send alert messages to your contacts when they make a SIM card change Start the phone search from the app. Follow these simple steps: Go to the computer, open the browser and click on this link to enable the location history of your Google account Enter the Google Maps application on the phone Click on Settings Follow Google Location Settings Now enable Google Location History Using the same Google account affiliated with how to reduce fat in hips fast mobile you can see the exact location of the device from the computer.

Install the FamiSafe app on your mobile and on another trusted phone. It can be a second device you have or the cell phone of a relative Create an account on the platform Select iei cell phone you want to monitor If you lose your device, you just have to open the app from the other phone and click on Location on the left panel.

On the screen, you will see the exact place where the lost equipment is located Download FamiSafe. Download Android Lost. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address!

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Mar 06,  · You can as well find the IMEI number of your phone in your phone’s settings menu. Go to settings About Phone. Depending on the brand of the . May 02,  · Learn how to find the IMEI number of your iPhone. 1. Type *#06# This is the easiest method. All you have to do is dial *#06# and the IMEI information on the phone will pop up. 2. Check Your Device Settings. Go to settings>General> About. Scroll down to find the IMEI number. 3. On the Device. The 14 digit IMEI number can also be located at the back of the device and on the . Mar 19,  · You can find out what the IMEI number of your mobile is by pressing * # 06 # on the keyboard. Your device code will appear on the screen. Another way is by accessing Settings and then in the “About Phone” section. If you use an iPhone, then look for Settings> General> About, and there you will find this information.

Have I lost my phone? At this point, you are torn between what to do next. And this is where online platforms or apps for tracking phones come in handy. You only need to type how to track lost android using the IMEI number for free and you will have millions of options on how to find your phone or track your android mobile from the result.

Annually, millions of phones get stolen or lost. But that is a decade ago. With the IMEI tracker for lost mobile , the chances of retrieving your phone are higher.

You may start by reporting the case to the relevant authorities. In this case, the police are the first to start with. But, most of the time, this may take time, and retrieving your phone is often impossible. Apart from waiting for feedbacks from the authority, this method is the simplest and safest way to pursue your lost mobile. Track your mobile phone online using an IMEI number for free is a popular method due to the high success rate of locating your lost phone.

Using this method can be done in various ways:. It is a form of mobile identity that makes each mobile unique from the other. It works the same way as your ID card does except for representing the mobile set. When you know your IMEI number, it will come in handy in case you lose your phone or if it gets stolen. You can attempt to recover it through online sites, applications, or through relevant authorities. Also, you may decide to render it worthless so that whoever stole it will not be able to use it.

You can do this by contacting your device carrier to blacklist the device by providing them with the lost android phone IMEI number. This means the device will not make any calls or receive any more. When you opt to purchase a second-hand android phone, you will need the IMEI number.

Last but not least, you will use the number to get the specifications details about the phone. These will include the model, brand, date of manufacture, release, and various features it has.

Whichever option you choose in getting the IMEI number , ensure you record it somewhere secure. You might need it someday. As a caution, do not share your IMEI with people. Someone shady may decide to apply your number to a device that was stolen to evade getting blacklisted. So what do you do in such a case? You only need to sign in to your Google account through the same account that you synced the phone.

Google always registers every device IMEI number after syncing. In the android Google Play , there are various phone tracking applications available. Each application has its own criteria which they apply during the search of your lost phone. Some will require your cell phone number in order to trace the lost device. Others will need to be preinstalled in the lost android phone for them to work. Each of the applications has advantages as well as shortcomings. But in this case, we will be dealing with how to track a lost android phone for free online using its IMEI number.

With the IMEI number tracking, you get to encounter a few shortcomings. Such as the phone being turned off and this is minor since you can still trace the location it was last active. Another disadvantage is the wiping out of the IMEI and replacing it with a new valid one.

When this happens, forget about the gadget. In this case, we will show you the simple step on how to use the IMEI tracker app for free online in finding your lost phone. Get another android phone from a friend or a family member; you need it to have an internet connection.

Then find Google Play on the device and click on it. Meanwhile, ensure that the phone you are using is an android 4. When you identify that app in the search result, click on it, and initiate the download and installation of the App.

Once the download and installation process is complete, run the app. At this point, the app will request access to certain files on the phone you are using. In this case, give the App permission to access those files. They will be necessary to ensure the full functionality of the app in tracking your lost android phone.

After granting permission, click on continue to get to the next step. Unfortunately, you also have to wait for the short ads to load, otherwise, you will not move to the next step. Reconfirm the code first to ensure it is correct. A window will pop up showing a list of locations.

This location indicates your phone location and the places it is close to. Apart from tracking the lost phone, you can decide to install this app as a security to your android phone even without losing it.

It has anti-theft features that might come in handy in case you lose your phone. Once you locate your phone, first call the police and then check the places close to its location, if you were there at one given point. Then, it means you might have just left behind unknowingly. It might be a great idea to go after the person with your phone, but you never know what their intentions are. The best decision at this point is to get security personnel who are in close proximity to your phone location.

This way you will ensure your safety and the chance of retrieving your phone. But in case your device is quite far away with slim chances of retrieving it; consider locking down your device. This will protect all your data and prevent access to any information you feel is confidential. Alternatively, you can decide to remotely wipe out all your data and visit a carrier center to block the device permanently. Through this, the phone will become useless to the person who took it.

With the increasing millions of users and purchasers of android phones every year, there is also a drastic increase in demand. Considering the best phone comes with hefty prices, this has caused an incline in the demand for second-hand android phones. As a result, the cases of phone theft are also on the rise. You never know who is targeting your phone.

Thus, make it a habit to record somewhere secure your phone IMEI number, you never know when you might need it. Once stolen, as much as it may be intricate and difficult, changing the IMEI number is possible. You need to respond fast once you lose your phone. Use the online free IMEI tracker method. Follow the steps above and retrieve your lost android phone as soon as possible. Additionally, you have to respond fast after pinpointing your phone location.

Because it might go dark again and you never know when it will be online again. As an advanced measure, put extra security on your device to protect the data it holds. This is considering the technological advancements on android phones. Unlike in the past, you can now have access to your accounts through the phone. Also, it can hold private data such as photos and other business files. In the wrong hands, you might be exposed to extortion.

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