How to get easy coins in ncaa 14

how to get easy coins in ncaa 14

NCAA 14 Ultimate Team Coin Hack Mod Cheat - Unlimited Coins

Jul 12,  · H2MEC to my Channel- gu. I'm here to share with you guys today a program that will allow you to modify the amount of coins for your Ultimate Team on NCAA Football This will work for XBOX and PS3. This will not get you banned as long as you use it wisely. I have tips for using it included in the download.

You will recieve Updates weekly that include, cheat, glitch, strategy, tips, both for offense and defense. You will receive Updates weekly, via the Film room, that include, cheat, glitch, strategy, tips, both for offense and defense.

NCAA 14 will contain even more. Plus we provide you with real rosters that are updated frequently. You can Play with the real player names, not just there numbers. This year will be big, learn the best techniques, strategy, eaay one of the best NCAA football players in the world madden prodigy, every year our staff improve, and in we plan on holding are 1 position in the Madden community for providing NCAA 14 Glitches, Tips, Cheats, Strategy.

Visit our You tube channel we provide several weekly free tips as well. This year it will not be emailed to you, you simply log in, and access our material instantly after payment. It is also smart phone, I-Pad Compatible. Way way to much to list.

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NCAA 14 Glitch List, Tips, Cheats

I hope you enjoy this video where I teach you the Easiest Way to Get Good Players in NCAA Football 14 Ultimate Team for little to no Coins! Thanks for watching! NCAA Football 14 decided to add a new mode to their game which is the Ultimate Team, which you can build a team from the ground up. So, one trophy requires you to build a team to So, this requires you to have coins to buy some cards to meet the standard. In this mode you earn coins by winning games against other people and in most of the computer challenges. Find a player you want or that is good and cheap enough in the auction tab of this. When.

Start up an exhibition game, set the Offense and Defense difficulties to Freshman, and the quarter length to 1 minute. Start up the game, pick any team you want, and be sure in this 4 minutes game to break a run for 20 yards, complete a pass for 50 yards or more, change the camera angle in the visual settings you don't have to use the angle the entire game , and score ONLY field goals as needed.

Try not to gain more than yards and you'll receive these achievements Pick Up 20 Break off a 20 yard run excludes Co-Op. Win a game without scoring an offensive touchdown and gaining less than yards excludes Co-Op.

Now, start up another exhibition game, only this time set the difficulties to Heisman, quarter length to 6 or 7 minutes to give you a good amount of time, pick a good team to use and play against a horrible team avoid Texas State and Old Dominion, they became gods against me and made these ones hard for some reason. Be sure to gain over yards rushing and passing, and win by at least 35 points and you'll net these achievements Ok here is where things can get widely annoying for the newer, and even some experienced NCAA Football players.

This is where you test your skills at various aspects of the game, along with the improved stuff they added to this year's addition. Here's what they consist of:. Each drill specifies what you need to get a gold, which is what we are aiming for with these, and has a tutorial video to show you what you need to do.

Some give you leeway and allow you to mess up once or twice and still get gold, but the majority are strict and expect perfection so be warned. The Ball Hawk one can be a bear for those who can't intercept well, like me. The Shovel and Triple Option are tricky as well as you have to read one or two defensive players to make the correct pitch or carry.

The audible ones in Pre-Play aren't terrible, but can be testing. The one that takes the cake is The Oklahoma Defense; this unfortunately requires perfection. You start out the first 3 plays using a defensive lineman and you must break off the block to tackle a RB looking to score. Make sure you really plant him on his ass pardon my language or he can, a lot of the time, miraculously keep his feet and score and cause you to have to start over to get gold.

I just slammed the hit-stick right as I met with him and held it down until he was on the ground. After I got the hang of it, I would wreck his life all three times. Now comes the fun part of this drill: you become a Middle Linebacker and you must pay close attention to see which direction the QB is handing off the ball and wreck the RB again. Some problems that you may encounter stretch from the RB shaking you off from a tackle, to one of your own guys tripping or blocking you from murdering the RB.

This is the most frustrating part obviously. Just really keep an eye on where the ball is being handed off and hold down RT for stamina. Once you lock in on him, and then when your close, hold in X and jam him with the hit-stick to get him down. This is the method that really solidified it for me and got him on his ass; hopefully it'll work for you too. Once you have this drill down, the rest is relatively easy. Gold Digger Obtain a gold medal in any drill.

Now I am the Master Complete all of the drills. End of the Rainbow Obtain the gold medal in every drill. First off, if you read the tips section of this walkthrough, you should have made a gameface [via the link mentioned in this section] to upload onto your game. Go to create a new player in the RTG menu and it will ask if you want to upload your gameface you made; say yes, and this will pop.

Face Off Import your GameFace. Personally, I made a QB because I feel it's the easiest way to become a 5-star, beyond making a LB and turning offsides off. Once you've made your guy, start your Road to Glory season and skip the High School regular season up until the last week of it to give yourself 5 total games to get stars.

I had simmed to the playoffs and by the end was only a 4 star, so I'm guessing they made it harder to increase your star rank. After you play the 5 games 1 regular season and all playoffs , you'll get these Now pick a college where you will be a 2nd string or worse if you really want to earn your stripes that is and get enough points in a practice to earn the right to battle for the next string in next weeks practice.

Win that position battle the next week and get Now if you chose a school where you started as a second string and won the position battle, you're now a starter and you'll get In they added 3 more coach trust levels I believe, so to get max coach trust takes a bit more.

However, do well in practice and get all 1, points, and then play a game and get 1,; you'll go up 2 trust levels a week, which I don't believe you could do in or any other NCAA Football game that has had coach trust, so this will make the process go faster.

Reach the pinnacle of all trust and you shall receive Make a custom schedule and put some good teams on there to get your schedule in an A to B range and make sure your dynasty is set to freshman, and one minute quarters in the House Rules section. Now play these games, go undefeated, win the national title and you'll get Alabama, Georgia State, or Old Dominion.

Once you sim to either the off-season or next season, after going undefeated and winning the title and such, you should net this. If not, you can get it in the next dynasty Now make a new dynasty and a new coach and pick a team like Oklahoma, Alabama, or my personal favorite, Ohio State; any school that'll net you recruits basically.

Personally I'd pick Ohio State no bias intended just because Braxton Miller seems to be a great pick to win the Heisman in this game, most of the time by simming through games. Make sure that for the coaching you set your level to 20, which I believe is the highest default you can set it to, and make the experience set the fastest so you get XP points quickly.

Also, turn off autosave, manual saves will come in handy. Sim through the season; you'll most likely go undefeated if you picked Ohio State or Alabama. Odds are since you simmed the recruiting also, you probably netted this on the way One to Remember Schedule a visit with only complimentary players. If you didn't, this achievement is where you have to schedule a visit with only complimentary players, for example a Guard and a Tackle, or I believe a QB and WR would work too.

I got this through simming so you probably will too. Last Place Winner Schedule a prospects fifth and final visit. If not again, Last Place Winner requires you to be a recruits fifth and final visit, so if you don't get it through simming, in the next season, just follow your recruits and one of them is bound to end up with four visits and you can schedule to be their fifth and final one and you'll get this.

Once he does you'll net that achievement too. Now with simming, and hopefully being undefeated, and heading into bowl season at this point, you will have enough coach points may take another season to max out the Game Management head coaching skill tree to get these Pop the Clutch Unlock all levels of the Clutch skill. By this point, hopefully Braxton Miller, if you picked Ohio State, won you the Heisman and you'll net this if you haven't by now Hopefully the game, by this point after you play the title game and go into the off season, did its job recruiting and you are at, or are really near to, the top of the recruiting classes.

Sim to the recruiting phase of the off season. If a player you are after has a lock this means he locked you out of his recruiting battles by his name and you are within, or somewhere around, 2, points of the next team ahead of you, you can press A and have the option to unlock him.

Do this and get Thief Break a locked prospect. Now, if you won the national title and have the number 1 recruiting class, sim past Signing Day in the offseason, you'll get Now sim another season and win the title again to be sure. It should give you an option to extend your contract; do so and get This is a new feature where you can obtain cards of players from all teams.

Your goal is to assemble the best team possible in order to beat computer opponent challenges and other people through a head-to-head season online. Firstly, opening your first pack they give you for free and assembling a team will get you this In this mode you earn coins by winning games against other people and in most of the computer challenges.

Find a player you want or that is good and cheap enough in the auction tab of this. When you have enough coins and the buyout price of this player is to your liking, buyout the player and get Who's the Big Winner? I would suggest maybe buying out a player in one of the Bronze Collections to start working on those.

I did the Bronze WR collection because all the players needed people who were selling for relatively lower prices. Buy all the players in the collection, send the cards to pending collections, then go to the collection and add them in.

This will pop once you complete the collection If you have played a season game versus an actual person already, and managed to win one, you will get Play 20 complete games without quitting out against both computer and real people opponents and net this As you win and buy more players through packs or auctions, your skill rating for your team will go up.

Once it reaches 85 you'll get This One Is Hard 3. Five wins against a human opponent will net you a playoff berth and 8 will get you a first round bye. This has been said to be boostable during late night hours to get to this, but if you do it legitimately and win the championship in ultimate team you'll get There are two achievements you can get along the way that are easy and separate from all of these other categories. One is the recurring writing of a comment on a Dynasty Wire Story.

Basically, join an online dynasty that isn't private and is in the offseason. Write on a Dynasty Wire story and then retire from it so you don't have to stay in the online dynasty if you don't want to. You'll net this Now this is where the Kinect comes into play. Have the Kinect hooked up and when you select a play, press X for the audible menu then say what play you want, such as quick pass or run, instead of selecting it on the controller.

Once you do, this will pop Change Your Mind Call an audible via Kinect. Bask in the glory of your new completion and G.

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