How to install radio in 2008 dodge ram

how to install radio in 2008 dodge ram

Jun 09,  · In this video, 1A Auto shows you how to remove, replace, take out, pull out, change, a broken or old radio. This video is applicable to the 08 Dodge Ram Apr 29,  · Here I’d like to show you a step-by-step Dodge RAM Pickup radio installation guide from Seicane with you. Wish it can be helpful for you. Dodge RAM Pickup radio after installation. Precautions for this installation: you start up any work, park your car well and unplug the negative power cable to avoid any danger.

One of the coolest ways to relax how to clean an automatic pistol a car is to enjoy your most favorite music while you are navigating to your desired destination under the guidance of the most accurate direction at the same time.

Wish it can be helpful for you. Before you start up any ran, park your car well and unplug the negative power cable to avoid any danger. Wish you can get some help from the above installation guide for the Dodge RAM Pickup radio.

If there is any question during the process of the installation, you can consult your dealer or a professional for help. Besides, only a suitable radio can be well installed in your car. This modern Dodge RAM Pickup radio features a wide range of practical functions and multimedia options for you to replace your factory radio for higher performance as well as a different driving experience. Besides, you can also connect with a backup 20008 to make your parking easier.

Rzm installed this last night in my Mitsubishi Raider a rebadged Dodge Dakota. Controls from the steering wheel are also working as expected. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Skip to main menu Menu. Please make sure that all fastened wires are isolated with electrical tape. Please make sure the ignition is off to avoid short circuit. Loosen the trim panel im a lever.

Loosen the how do you know what size condom to get panel with a lever 2.

Take the panel off the dash and disconnect the wires from the car. Remove the four screws which are holding the unit with a screwdriver. Take out the unit and disconnect the wire harness at the back of the unit. Connect the new wiring harness adaptor to the car, then, to the unit.

Connect the wire as the user manual shows and put the new unit into the dash. Turn on the new unit and have a test if the new Seicane radio is working without problem. Put trim panel back on your new Seicane radio after the normal test. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Step 1 – Remove the center console cover

Nov 30,  · The factory radio is held in place by four Phillips screws. Remove them, disconnect the harness, and remove the radio. To install your new receiver, you need a dash kit to make if fit, and a wiring harness adapter to connect it to the factory wiring. You'll save big on both when you buy your stereo at elvalladolid.coms: Jul 05,  · Dodge Ram: How to Install Sirius XM Satellite Radio. Are you bored of all the local radio stations found in your area? Installing Sirius radio into your truck will give you access to hundreds of stations from around the world and can easily be done in the comfort of your own home. Jul 09,  · radio upgrade help Discussion in 'Audio & Electronics' started by Metro12, Jul 9 navigation unit and I can tell you that it is a steaming pile of garbage and it won't be anywhere near a direct swap to install it anyway. Last edited: Jul 9, DODGE RAM FORUM - Dodge Truck Forums. Forums > Dodge Ram Generations Forum.

Estimated wait for next available agent :. For Tech Support, call From car racing to car stereos, I've written a lot of words about cars. Different words, even. I spent years writing about cars and motorsports for some magazines you might've heard of emphasis on "might've" despite having only the most basic understanding of what a carburetor does. It was that experience writing about cars that drew Crutchfield's attention.

I began as a freelance contributor, using their vehicle research to write articles explaining how to install audio gear in specific vehicles. Things went so well that they brought me in as a fulltime writer and eventually made me an editor. Now I continue to write those vehicle profiles, other web features, product descriptions, and Crutchfield catalog articles. Let's just say I know some pretty cool stuff that'll help you install your car or marine audio system. Hopefully you'll have some fun along the way.

I was completely and amazingly wrong. The house sounds awesome these days and the latest car is next. And yes, we'll probably write an article about that, so stay tuned! In brief: This Crutchfield Research Garage article gives you an overview of your truck's stock stereo system and your aftermarket upgrade options.

Use our vehicle selector to find the gear that will fit your Ram Quad Cab. When it comes to pickup advertising you hear plenty of talk about cue raspy macho voiceover "power, torque, and towing capacity. That's kind of a shame, because Dodge trucks have been some of the best-looking pickups on the road for the last couple of decades.

With lines that evoke both the Power Wagons of the past and the semi-trucks of the current day, Dodge trucks have maintained just the right mix of curvy and curmudgeonly through several restylings. The Ram truck's mid-cycle update, for example, added bigger, brighter headlights, but there's still no mistaking this Quad Cab for anything other than a Dodge.

As per standard pickup procedure, the Ram was available in three different weight classes. The cabs and the disassembly instructions are the same whether you have a , , or , so we've divided the line by cab configuration. The Ram's stock receiver can be replaced by a variety of aftermarket models Crutchfield Research Photo. A navigation receiver could also be paired with the 7-speaker stereo.

These systems range from okay-ish to not-bad, but in a brash, brawny truck like this, that's just not going to cut it. Due to the vehicle's dash configuration, an aftermarket receiver with a retractable screen may not work, and a receiver with a fold-down face definitely won't work. That's not really a problem, since all those functions can be replaced and improved with the right aftermarket stereo. A variety of single-DIN 2" tall and double-DIN 4" tall receivers will fit in your truck, so you have plenty of options to choose from.

Does your truck have a console? If so, is it a half-console or a whole console? How you answer that question will determine how you're going to go about removing and replacing the factory radio.

The "half" console has three cupholders that form an "L" shape, while the "full" console has three cupholders that are all in a line. You'll need to deal with the cupholders to get to the radio. Of course, if your vehicle is not equipped with a console, you can skip ahead to the part that applies to all Dodge Ram pickup trucks.

You'll start on the left side of the console. Some 4WD trucks have a transfer case shifter in this location, in which case you'll need to remove the rubber boot.

Pry up the insert in the top of the shift knob, then remove the exposed nut. Pry around the perimeter of the shift boot and lift it over the shifter. That will expose two 8mm screws, which you'll need to remove. Other trucks have a pen tray here, instead of a shifter. You'll need to pry the tray up, then remove the two exposed 8mm screws.

Next, you'll pry up the cupholder tray, remove two exposed 8mm screws, and lift the cupholder panel up and out of the way. Remove two 8mm screws from the forward storage tray, and pull it out. Remove two 8mm screws under the lower dash trim, remove the trim, then remove two more Phillips screws that are exposed when you remove the trim.

Pull the panel upward and rearward to remove it. Remove the three 8mm screws from the console base, then pull up the console base and remove that. Next, remove two 8mm screws in the lower dash skirt and remove the skirt.

Pull the lower dash trim downward to release the retaining clips and pull off the trim. That will expose two 8mm screws, which you'll also need to remove. Okay, where were we? The following steps apply to all Rams, so you non-console folks can start paying attention again! Place the gearshift in the lowest position.

Starting at the top edge of the receiver trim panel, pry across the top and sides of the trim panel to release the retaining clips. Pull the panel out, disconnect the wiring harnesses, and remove.

Be sure to use a pry tool, or at the very least, put a thick sheet of paper behind the panel to protect it. The factory radio is held in place by four Phillips screws. Remove them, disconnect the harness, and remove the radio. To install your new receiver, you need a dash kit to make if fit, and a wiring harness adapter to connect it to the factory wiring.

You'll save big on both when you buy your stereo at Crutchfield. If your truck is equipped with Uconnect and you want to retain that functionality, a special wiring interface is available for that, as well. Shop for car stereos that fit your Dodge Ram It's relatively easy to retain the steering wheel audio controls when you install a new stereo in your Dodge Ram truck.

When you enter your vehicle information , our database will choose the adapter you need to make your factory steering wheel controls work with your new receiver. The Ram's 4-speaker system has speakers in the front doors and, depending on the cab, somewhere behind the rear seat.

The front door speakers in the Infinity system only receive bass frequencies from the factory amp. That means any new speakers you install will also only receive and play bass. In order to upgrade the sound fully, you should also replace the dash corner speakers, preferably with the same brand as your new 6"x9"s.

Remove two Phillips screws from the speaker, then pull it out and disconnect it. A speaker adapter bracket is required for the smaller ones, and it's available at a steep discount with your speaker purchase.

Remember that if you have the Infinity system , these door speakers only play bass, and the same goes for your new speakers, too. You'll need to remove the door panel, which is a reasonably basic procedure involving basic tools. Be sure to keep the various screws you remove from the doors or anywhere in the truck during this process organized, because you'll probably need them again when you put everything back together.

It's also a good idea to test speaker operation before you the reinstall the door panel. Complete instructions for speaker removal can be found in your Crutchfield MasterSheet, of course.

Replacing your Ram Quad Cab's factory speakers isn't especially difficult, but there is drilling involved, so it helps to have good tools and a solid understanding of how to use them. Start by removing one 10mm screw from the rear of the door release handle and one Phillips screw located above the handle. Starting at the bottom, use a panel tool to pry off the door panel.

Work your way up each side to release each clip. Lift the door panel straight up, disconnect the wiring harnesses and remove the panel. Next, remove three Phillips screws securing the speaker, pull it out, and disconnect the harness. Always be careful when drilling in a vehicle, and be sure to wear eye protection and take note of what's behind and around the place where you're drilling.

Once the new holes are ready, connect the new speaker's wiring adapter to the vehicle's speaker harness and re-attach the speakers. Be sure to test the speakers before you button everything up again. Note: Your replacement speakers probably won't include mounting screws, so it's a good idea to check before you start the installation. Better to make that run to the hardware store sooner than later.

Shop for speakers that fit your Dodge Ram There's a wee bit of room for a subwoofer box in this truck, with a 11" W x 8" H x 6" D space under the right rear seat.

A small powered sub might fit there, but there are some customized solutions that might work better. There are several custom options for adding bass to a Quad Cab, some that come "loaded" with a pre-installed subwoofer, and some "unloaded" models that let you choose your own sub. When manufacturers like JL Audio, MTX, and Q-Customs design a vehicle-specific enclosure, you can rest assured that you're going to get some serious bass performance. And due to the popularity of this truck, you have a wide selection to choose from.

To see all of the loaded and unloaded subwoofer solutions available for your Quad Cab, visit our Outfit My Car page and enter your vehicle information. While this is not the hardest DIY job ever, it is a challenging bit of work. If you're not terribly experienced with this sort of thing, you might want to have the work done by a car audio professional.

If you're looking for something a bit more subtle and probably a bit easier to install , a powered subwoofer is another great choice. Shop for vehicle-specific subwoofers for your Dodge Ram Your Ram is a big vehicle with big doors and a big grille, so it punches a big hole in the atmosphere. To prevent wind noise and road roar from undoing the great work your new stereo is doing for you, make sure you install Dynamat when you're replacing your speakers.

This soundproofing material will dampen the sounds you don't like, so you can get more enjoyment out of the ones you do.

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