How to make a castle cakes

how to make a castle cakes

How to Make a Castle Cake – Cake Decorating Tutorials

Apr 10,  · Best Castle Cake Tutorials. A bit of an effort at making a Castle Cake but ain’t nothing more adorable than watching a little girl excitedly talk about that birthday cake she had. Year and years later it’s still one of the best birthday cakes she will remember. No matter how old you get, a girl and her castle is a dream to share. Feb 26,  · - Learn how to create this fabulous princess castle with rambling roses and shimmery we used" thick cake drum.

No matter how old you get, a girl and her castle is a dream to share. Shawna McGreevy has a 25 min video which explains to you in detail how to make a cake. The Lovely Baker has a video for Disney lovers. This Disney Minnie Mouse Tutorial is to the point with a perfect explanation of each step while creating this maake. She makes it look so easy. Raahy Elf has a t and easy tutorial on how to make a Frozen themed cake.

This cake is not complicated and easy to make. She writes about cooking, baking, desserts, and cake decorating. Being a professional cake decorator and hpw blogger for over ten years she has been featured in many online magazines and publications around the world. On her blogs, you will find delicious, easy and practical recipes often with instructional videos and tutorials for the home tl.

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It is a challenging but rewarding creative outlet for me, and nothing beats seeing their faces light up when they see these cakes! The recent trend cqkes naked cakes has been on the rise and why not? If done correctly, caste naked wedding cake fo be etched in your guest ccastle for years to come. Learn to make a geode cake with these geode cake tutorials how to put in a diaphragm basic to advance.

Simple easy techniques some with rock candy and others using isomalt. Plan to make your own wedding cake? With the right skill and proper planning making your own wedding cake can be a piece of cake. Here are 20 tips for making your own wedding cake.

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Best Castle Cake Tutorials

If you use a bigger cake or a different shape i. It depends on how grand and detailed you would like the birthday cake to be! This tutorial will be divided into three parts and posted over the week.

You can also use PVC pipes, paper towel rolls, cardboard cones from craft shops, ice cream or sugar cones. I used 3 x polystyrofoam cylinders and 3 x cones, approx 3 inches in diameter, purchased from an art shop. You can also use PVC pipes, paper towel rolls, cardboard cones from craft shops or ice cream cones. Step 1. Roll out enough fondant to cover a cylinder. Cut straight edges on three sides of the fondant top and sides.

You may wish to cut a little extra and trim excess away later. Step 3. Simply roll the cylinder towards you, aligning the edge at the bottom of the cylinder left. Step 4. Roll until the whole cylinder is covered and then use a sharp knife to mark where the seam will join.

Cut off the excess fondant and join the seam. Step 6. Stand the cylinder upright. At this stage you can use a smoother to make sure the surface of the fondant is all smooth and wrinkle free. Apply a bit of glue to the top. Step 8. Cut out scalloped strips to cover the cone using a straight frill cutter. I start by cutting a perfectly straight line with my wilton metal icing smoother.

The strips are about half an inch in width — I use another straight frill cutter as a measuring guide to ensure even strips. I just place it next to the scallop cutter as shown in pic above. You can dust a bit of corn flour on the fondant when cutting out shaped to prevent the fondant sticking. Step Start at the back and go around the cone, cutting the strip where the ends will meet. Apply the next rounds in the same way. Once at the top, use scissors to cut off any excess. Rub the join lines around the top to smooth out join lines.

I made all three turrets using foam cylinders and cones. The middle turret is cut to size with a serrated knife. You may choose to make the third tier out of cake. Mix some tylose powder into the fondant you are using for the flags. This will make the flags dry harder and prevent them from drooping. Cut out ribbons approximately 3 inches long and half an inch wide, using a knife or scissors.

Using a wire cutter or strong scissors, cut skewers to about 3 inches in length the pointy end will go into the turret top. Dab a bit of glue at the straight end of the flag, place the skewer on top and roll the fondant to enclose the skewer.

Press lightly with your fingers to make sure the fondant is sticking to the skewer. Place the flags on the dowels as shown to give the flags some shape and an appearance of movement. Allow to dry completely, overnight or longer. Roll out some fondant for each window. I used a woodgrain impression pad to create the patterns on the fondant. With a circle cookie cutter , cut out a circle. Cut three sides of the circle — both sides and the bottom, leaving the arch at the top.

Use the side of a knife to soften the edges of the top edges of the window. To make the rim around the windows, use a sugar shaper to squeeze out thin tubes of fondant. Place a strip of fondant in the middle of the window, using a tiny bit of glue to hold it down. Paint a small amount of glue around the outside of the window. Gently press the thin tubes of fondant around the outside of the window. Easiest to start of on the sides and work around the top, other side and last bottom.

Using the same scallop frill cutter from the roofs, cut a short strip to fit the top of the window as shown below. Use the end of a thin paint brush to make light indents in the fondant where the silver balls dragees will go. Apply a little glue in the indents and press in the balls.

It may be easier to apply the balls with tweezers. Roll out a piece of fondant for the middle window. Start by cutting out a circle like the other windows.

Glue the window in place. For the shutters, roll out a piece of fondant and create the woodgrain impression as before. Cut out a circle. Cut the shape in half in the centre and glue into place as shown. For Part 2 , where I will show you how to make the Disney princess and guide you through decorating the cake parts like turrets and putting the cake layers together, click here. This post was last updated in November and it may contain affiliate links, which means that we will earn a small commission if you purchase through those links at no additional costs for you.

Affiliate links just help keep our website up and running and our content completely free for all our readers to enjoy. Hi, plan on making this cake for my nieces birthday. Ideally ill do the top two layers using dummies but besides a biscuit cake what type of cake could be used for bottom layer that would hold the weight of dummies? Maybe a sponge assembled when frozen?

Gihan — Have you tried Amazon? This is where I purchased mine from. A suggestion, if you are using paper towel rolls and cardboard cones for the turrents, u can also hide some candies inside it..

The kids would love the surprise. So, I find all these tutorials really important!! Thanks again…xoxo. OMG, what a coincidence! I am, as we speak, working on a castle cake and was wondering on how to make the towers and attach them. Thanks a million!!!!! I will be looking forward to Part 2 of the tutorial.

This is a perfect size to try and make a castle, after mastering this, there is no end to how large or elaborate you want to make the next. I appreciate you making this, and look forward to part 2. I enjoy your site and all the tutorials you make. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. This is what I used: 6 inch round cake covered with pink fondant.

You can also use PVC pipes, paper towel rolls, cardboard cones from craft shops or ice cream cones Step 1. Step 2. Paint some glue around the cylinder not the top and bottom Step 3. Simply roll the cylinder towards you, aligning the edge at the bottom of the cylinder left Step 4. Step 7. Place the cone on top. Awesome tutorial! How far in advance can you make the turrets? Can you freeze them? Lovely tutorial.

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