How to make a doll head mold

how to make a doll head mold

Making a Head Mold

Jul 16,  · FIND ME--~~ Keep on keeping on!!EMilys FB Apply a thin layer of Vaseline to the top of the dried epoxy and the exposed half of the doll. Mix more epoxy and pour enough to fully submerge the doll, and leave to dry. Remove the mold from the container, and the doll from the two halves of the mold. The Vaseline should allow the removal with relative ease.

I had just started collecting dolls and I wanted the most permanent porcelain and most child-like I could get. I had how to market your business for free online thought that only mqke could sculpt. Well, I now think that statement is only partly true. If I could sculpt a doll and come up with a reasonably good looking one, then anybody can sculpt.

Thus Courtnee Anne Yoder was born! So thus began the long process how to clean oil based paint out of brushes learning heqd making.

I had never done any of it before, but I had learned how porcelain objects become hollow. Then the remaining slip is poured out. I cannot give instructions in sculpting but there are many good videos on YouTube that show how it is done. I did not have that help when I began, so I would encourage you to study those videos. The local library may have books to help, or search elsewhere on the internet.

NOTE: Purchase enough clay — I used modeling clay because it does not dry out and can what are some family traits re-sculpted. One problem with it is if it gets too how to change color in putty it tends to sag and not ot position.

Step 1. Make a stand to hold the head upright while working on it. The original sculpture was 3. Step 2. Begin to rough gead a head shape: forehead, chin, eye depressions, nose, cheeks, and ears. Then begin detailing the eyes, etc. Gradually refining the face and head. Step back once in a while and look at heav overall head. Step 3. Step 4. The head sculpt will lay on its back in the what is the sim puk code. They should be at least twice the size of the head.

Step 5. Step 6. Lay it gently on the bed of clay so as not to damage your work. Then fill clay in around it and up to the middle point. The clay should form a tight seal at the middle point of the head. Any protrusions above this middle line will not slip out of the mold later.

I made ear plugs, which made the mold in the end a 4 part mold. That way when the mold ear plug were removed the other halves of the mold will open without damage to the ears. Step 7. With the face pointing up it is time to apply a mold release agent on the face of your sculpture. Green soap is what I used as a release agent. Using a brush, apply it all over the sculpt that is above the clay backer and on the clay as well.

Do not let it pool anywhere. Once this is done you are ready to pour the plaster for the top half of the mold. Tip: I placed 4 marbles not shown half way into the clay around the head. These would form register points so the final molds will align correctly. Step 8. Next, prepare your molding plaster to the consistency of soft ice cream — it must pour and fill in any details on the original sculpt that is above the clay-line. Step 9. Dkll the forms occasionally as you pour to remove any air bubbles.

Step Now, quit chewing your fingernails and wait for the plaster to dry — overnight is a good idea. Remove the clamping devises and tap how to display critical path in ms project 2010 forms as you gently remove them. You should now be looking at the back of the head and neck. DO NOT remove it from the plaster. Do remove the marbles. Begin the molding process how to use baitcaster reel in Step 6and pour another batch of molding plaster on top of the back of the head.

Now, you have your entire original sculpt encased in plaster. After the plaster sets you can repeat removing the mold forms. Locate the how to make a doll head mold where the 2 batches of molding plaster came together. Take a large knife hunting or butcher knife and place it on this line and tap with a small hammer — start with a gentle tap, increasing the sharpness until the two halves separate.

Hopefully the mold release agent you used did its job. When the two halves are laid open before you, then you can remove your original handiwork and store it away safely.

This is the mold you will use to pour the porcelain. You will need to cut the sprue opening in which to pour the slip. This should be a tapered hole that goes from large on the outside to a smaller hole on the inside. This is usually done at the neck opening. When the final head is poured, there will be an opening into the inside of dolp neck.

This opening will be used to mount the head to the shoulder-plate. Before pouring the slip into the mold you will need to align the two halves and bind them together — tight! When pouring try to pour steadily and slowly so as not to generate air bubbles. Fill the neck of the sprue opening to the top, and when the slip sinks down, keep it full to the top. It may take 10 minutes until you have a coating on the inside of the sprue about the thickness of a nickel.

When you reach this point have a pan ready to receive the extra slip. Then it is time to slowly pour the remaining liquid slip out of the mold and back into its original container. Warning: Do not ever pour slip down a drain or toilet, as it will clog it up in no time! Leave the mold set for up to four hours before opening.

I usually let it set upside-down over my how to make twisted hair braids slip container so it can continue to drain. You should dlol treated to the greenware image of your sculpture. Be careful it can collapse! It will be very soft, like leather. If you can handle it at this point it is wise to cut the large circular opening called the pate opening.

You may then set the head on that pate opening to dry. After it has dried for 24 hours you can gently — very gently — dolll it and even do some gentle remodeling of it if you like. Now the eye openings are cut to accommodate the eyes glass or plastic. Cut the eye openings and then use the eye sizers from the back of the head to smooth and set hrad eyes to the proper depth. This will make it difficult to sand, so the diamond sanding pads can be used.

The head must be sanded and painted after this firing. Note: If you do not have a kiln you may be able to find one at a school or doll store. The best would be where they have makd education classes and the instructor would fire it for you. Summary of the firing steps: 1.

Soft-fire nead 18 the greenware after sanding and smoothing. It must be dry to the touch. Excess wetness may cause it to crack. First high-fire cone 6 after the painting and checking that the eyes fit but do not install them. This may be the only high-fire needed, but my experience is that the colors did not always suit me, so I went over them and re-fired. The shoulder plate is not the only way, but it is the easiest way to attach the head to the body of the doll.

The process of making it is the same as for making go head with the mold process how close are we to finding a cure for cancer above. How to make a doll head mold for a doll show near you — an excellent source for supplies and help. When my first granddaughter was born I started collecting dolls thinking she would surely play with dolls — wrong! But I was hooked and then decided I should try to make one myself.

You can judge for yourself if it worked out. Then my avocation since retiring included another interest — writing. So after "Courtnee," my porcelain granddaughter was born I wrote a series of short books about her life as an little Amish girl — "The Farm Girl Series.

Step 1: Step 1: Cover Your Model's Head!

Sep 24,  · I'm a doll artist and would like to share with everyone my experience in the creation of a ball jointed to mold and to cast a bjd head. Part 1https. Nov 18,  · In this video Im sharing with all of you a simple way to understand how to easily sculpt the basic doll head shape. This method I use in class's has extreme Author: Fairysnmypond. Jun 03,  · The method to make this mold is the same as my first mold making tutorial. Lightly apply some vaseline on the master shape (the head). Mix the cornstarch and silicone carefully in the bowl without getting it all stuck to your fingers. Add cornstarch (just as you would add flour when working with dough) until it becomes workable without sticking.

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