How to make crown victoria police interceptor faster

how to make crown victoria police interceptor faster

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NEW episode! Tommy and Marc almost double the horsepower on a Ford L Crown Victoria P71 Police Interceptor. The solution for more power is addin. Mar 12,  · 4. Change the rear gears. This is an excellent way to increase torque and off-the-line response, but doesn't add horsepower. For sheer speed, this modification is a must. Go with Ford-brand s; this is what most Crown Victoria aficionados recommend. 5. Invest in so-called shorty headers once your Flowmaster exhaust is fully broken in.

Watch Commercial Free. Classic Trucks! Continue Watching With Commercials. Parts In This Episode. The solution for more power is adding a small tailpipe turbo, exhaust and fuel mods. Latest Detroit Muscle Episodes. Our AMC Javelin gets a freshen-up in the paint department with some help from an old friend.

We show you some simple and easy ways to make your paint look amazing. HEMI Cuda', need we say more? We wake the elephant sleeping under the hood, and take joy ride! Tommy and Marc intsrceptor out to salvage faater old B-Body that has seen better days. Plus look for some hidden treasures in a fasteer time capsule. We add a new rear axle to our '76 Caddy Hearse drag car, helping all the horsepower to grip the pavement. Plus, we add brake upgrades to help bring it to a dead stop.

Our '76 Caddy gets help to make that engine come to life. Tommy and Marc have new project in the shop and have some unique plans how to graph an equation in point slope form pay homage hoq the street machine era. But to do that they need to see what they ;olice to work with. Our '76 Cadillac Hearse gets some engine upgrades to help it get down track. Plus, Tommy goes on the hunt for an axle to keep all that power to the pavement.

We take a '76 Cadillac Hearse and start turning it into a torque monster that will scream down the track starting with the drivetrain. Street Regal gets an updated custom interior to compliment it's custom paint and we take her mae on the town putting it through the paces seeing what she is made of.

Tommy and Marc almost double the horsepower on a Ford 4. The only thing left is a hot pursuit to the donut shop that pushes the legal limits! Marc and Tommy rip into the automatic transmission tearing it out of our turbo charged Police Interceptor and swapping it for a head jerking manual 5 speed. Then they take to the track in hot pursuit of some quick times. Want more content like this?

Join the PowerNation Email Newsletter. Parts Used In This Episode. More Info. HP Tuners - Peitz Performance. PowerTrain Products Ford 4. The cars, you, that's you. Do you know how much this would costs? Do you have any idea? Oh yeah, Street Regal. You think Hard Charger's gonna save you?

I don't think so, no! Plus I needed to catch up with unterceptor anyways. Hey man it's Tom. Brother I need you to help me out. I'm in kind of a pinch here. It's only a couple grand. Come on man! Heck I've helped you before and didn't tell nobody about it. Come on! Man that was my only call. Heck he's a Ford man through and through. He must not be used to what is sesamoiditis of the foot fine amenities.

It's got four doors. It ain't no Cadillac. Alright big man, pin it! Now this thing is 4, pounds. It's got a full frame under it. It's not fast. Four doors and about horse under the hood. So you can do some bolt on parts how to remove a whitco lock barrel a throttle body, cold air kit, things like that, underdrive pulleys.

It's really gonna get a little bit of power. You can even do long tubes but bang for your buck that's not where it's at. We need big power and we need it quick. Is this like a direct for this car? So what is the most common death penalty don't have to fool with the intercooler up front.

So it's actually gonna save us a bit of time. I love it! I'll tell you what. You go get a welder and a torch, I'll get the battery disconnected and get this thing in the air. I've got the exhaust cut off behind the cats all the way to the back, and mounted the turbo right here where the driver's side how to write policies and procedures training used to live.

Tommy made this really cool bracket, welded it in solid, and now it's just time to do a whole victria of plumbing. There's like crowh method to this madness. You know you run how to compress mpeg 4 video files charge pipe up here and it just acts as the intercooler as it goes up and just plumb it right into the engine.

It's magic! You won't see anything under the hood I guess if you're going for a sleeper kinda look. I was kinda hoping you would give me some pointers on how to route these tubes front to back. The hot and the cold side. All you've got to do is connect the exhaust into the turbine. That'll spin the turbocharger.

Then you've just got to get the fresh air from the compressor housing all the way up front. So a couple of straight runs of tube. Maybe a jog over, but really the first thing you've got to do is mount the other turbo. I mean what do you want? Stock engine, we don't want to blow this thing up. Wait, you're gonna help? So really the first thing that I'm trying to do here is get this driver's side exhaust shoved over as far as we can in this hump in the crossmember because we're gonna have to have the cold charge pipe coming up in this same space.

So we've gotta save room where we can. I think this one's just about ready to weld. Turbochargers are forced induction devices that use exhaust energy to cram more air into an engine. Exhaust flow from a header drives the blades of a turbine wheel before it discharges. On the other side an aluminum impeller wheel draws in and compresses fresh air. These wheels ride on a close tolerance shaft that can spin well overr-p-m. Race motor turbos can easily increase intake pressure by as much as 50 pounds.

Now you can buy a Y-pipe off the shelf but how to make crown victoria police interceptor faster is a budget build. So we're gonna make our own. I'm gonna start with two of these 45 degree bends and cut them right after the radius.

Then I'm gonna come through and cut them kind of along the length here, and stick them together. That way I can connect the victorria and a half inch pipe right on the end, and there you go. You've got your own Y-pipe. Once I have the two halves of the "Y" exactly where I want them I'll tack everything together, and then trim off the end so it first perfectly with the two and a half inch pipe. Turbos have to have pressurized oil fed from the engine into the top.

There's a fitting up here where it goes in, and there's got to be a return line that goes vitcoria to the engine. That's what this is right here at the bottom.

Latest Detroit Muscle Episodes

[ Music ] (Marc)>> That's right, we got ourselves a Ford Crown Victoria P police interceptor. Now this thing is 4, pounds. It's got a full frame under it. It's not fast. Four doors and about horse under the hood. Now by no means is this thing a muscle car by any definition but it does share that two valve V-8 with the Mustang G/T. Jun 24,  · Make my Crown Victoria Police Interceptor faster? I'm working with about a $ budget. I have already installed a cool air intake, other than that, Its stock. The car is in generally good condition and has about , miles on it. Transmission still feels fine and done experience issue. I have general knowledge of cars but not enough to. Apr 10,  · Gearing makes a huge difference in how fast a car is as well. So you may consider putting some lower gears in the rear end. Also lets put this Police Interceptor to .

New cars are only available to fleet buyers in law enforcement and transportation, but a vibrant trade in used specimens persists in the face of high energy costs. This car has developed a sizable following, seeing as the competition has largely disappeared.

Used police interceptors in good condition are relatively affordable and make for a good starting point for those interested in spending time, effort and money on modifications.

Because of its potential, the Crown Victoria provides great reward for those who invest in modifications, seeing big gains in performance and responsiveness. Decide if you want to go soft or deep on the modifications--soft means replacing those easy-to-reach and change parts that don't have as much impact on the car, those that cost less but also give less. Deep means really getting in there and modifying the essentials. The former typically refers to intake, exhaust, tires and computer; the latter addresses the powertrain.

This will net you an extra 10 to 15 horsepower on most cars. Other options do exist, but the basic Flowmaster performance cat back should suffice, easily adding an extra 10 horsepower.

Change the rear gears. This is an excellent way to increase torque and off-the-line response, but doesn't add horsepower. For sheer speed, this modification is a must. Go with Ford-brand 3. Invest in so-called shorty headers once your Flowmaster exhaust is fully broken in. These performance headers create more power by allowing the engine to breathe easier and do not heat up as much as do the stock headers, resulting in less power loss. Headers are hard to install, so this may be the most expensive mod on your list until you get to the engine proper.

Expect up to 20 horsepower more once this is done. Look into modifying your transmission--the ones the police interceptors come with leave much to be desired.

A five-speed transplant would be best, but costly and even risky. A simpler route would be to install a shift kit, such as the ones made by TransGO. Install a so-called underdrive pulley, which is a crank that better uses energy to drive vehicle accessories and pumps, hence "underdrive.

The amount of horsepower added remains debatable. Labels: Harley Davidson. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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