How to paint a sunburst finish on a guitar

how to paint a sunburst finish on a guitar

Creating a Sunburst Finish with Aerosols

Aug 16,  · Create an authentic vintage sunburst finish on any stringed instrument with Behlen's Sunburst Guitar Finish Kit. Includes Vinyl Sealer, Starcast Amber Toner. Spray on a coat of yellow lacquer across the entire top surface of the guitar. Repeat as needed to assure an even coat of color. When dry (generally within an hour of application), use wet sandpaper and naptha to level the lacquer surface. Wipe off any residue with a .

Before going into too much detail in this article, keep in mind that this is just one method of applying a sunburst guitar finish. This method is relatively what is the best no contract cell phone to do for someone new to guitar finishing which is why I recommend this approach.

If you are more experienced there are a number of great resources available online such as stewmac. With that out of the way let's rip in! The masks will sit above the guitar's surface and will allow you a lot more control over the application. The first mask will cover the entire face of the guitar. The second mask will be in the shape of a teardrop and be much smaller Refer to example image above.

We are also going to need some lint-free material such as an old cotton t-shirt to apply the base stain. First, we are going to bring out the natural wood grain which works a treat on flamed maple which is what the typical Les Paul clone will have on its top surface.

Essentially we are going to apply a dark base coat stain, work it into the timber and then sand back the surface leaving the wood grain highlighted. Next, we will be applying coats of sealer. There are a couple of reasons why we should do this:. Next, we are going to spray the back and sides using the gkitar lacquer or black. The important thing here is to mask the guitar body and fretboard.

If your guitar has edge binding e. A Les Paul you can use painters masking tape to cover the binding nice and tight. This is commonly used in the automotive industry for pinstriping and is ideal for this type of application. You could use matchsticks here or fold some wedges from the cardboard yourself.

Cold paintt packs tend to clog up and run more easily. If you can hang your guitar before applying the edge and back coats then do so, this will make things much easier to spray the back and sides.

Behlen Lacquer is a transparent finish but if applied thickly on the edges and back you will get an opaque finish. You can of course also use a black if that is your preference. When you are ready to spray remember to keep even arm movements and spray quite quickly. Guitsr you are spraying near the face of the guitar hold your can a distance away so that you get a nice feathered edge.

Basically the closer you get the harder the edge line you will make. We really want a nice blend of color so keep some distance from your guitar. Once completed let the guitar dry and then start to lightly sand out any areas you what is tax practitioner number sars not happy with on the face of the guitar.

Remember since we applied a sealer over the base coat you can sand the black lightly without being overly concerned. The trick here is to use a lighter gauge sandpaper each time. We are essentially removing the marks from the gauge of sandpaper previously used and then moving on to a lighter gauge with an eye to finally moving to a buffer or polishing cloth to really bring that glossy look out. Keep lightly sanding and then moving to a lighter gauge until you run out of sandpaper, next move onto wet and dry sandpaper.

For wet and dry sanding I like to submerge my sandpaper for an hoow before using but this isn't essential. You can then use light how to compare two string variables in php wool or move on to finsh buffer.

From here you can just keep buffing or hand polishing until you are completely happy with the finished look. Thanks, everyone! Please feel free to reach out to our support team if you have fimish further questions or how to paint reflections acrylic help with your DIY journey.

I may have just hit the jackpot. I am busy Christmas but look sunbufst to checking your company out. Looks good from here.

Disclaimer: Guitar Kit World guitarkitworld. View cart. Guitar Kit Types. Log in. How to Apply a Sunburst Guitar Finish Before going into too much detail in this article, keep in mind that this is just one method of applying a sunburst hw finish.

What is a Sunburst Finish? A Quick Tip! This is the type of project you will improve greatly by the second or third attempt. You may also like Guitar Finishing Safety Tips To Follow There are a few things to be aware of right from the start when it comes to finishing a guitar, s To achieve a smooth glossy finish w Sanding a Guitar Body Prior to Painting In the following article, we're going to cover some of the basics of guitar sanding.

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May 08,  · In this video I will show you how to paint a great sunburst on a Tele style guitar using water based paint and water based clear. The results even surprised. Sep 23,  · My technique for this classic guitar finish. This is the guitar: Spray from the inside out, with the can at a 45 degree angle. Keep half or more of the spray pattern off the body, gradually bringing the spray inward until you’ve got the blend you’re after. Use multiple passes to get a dark outer edge fading into a nice reddish transition from the brown overspray .

But if this is your first time finishing, start by practicing on scrap wood like I did. I wanted to blacken the sides without getting overspray on the front or back, so I used a brown paper mask. With the guitar face-up on your workbench or in a homemade stand, begin spraying the outside edge. Point the nozzle at a 45 degree angle down at the top, coming in from the edges with the nozzle of your spray can set for a horizontal pattern.

Make light passes all around the top edge, then flip the body over and do the same on the back. You want a nice black band around the outside edge.

Once the black dries, remove the mask and clean up any unwanted overspray with grit paper. Be sure to clean up any sanding dust before proceeding.

Now we apply the vintage amber coats, followed by a couple of clear coats. Let the guitar dry. Rig up a simple holder to make spraying easier: see pages 39 - 40 of our Guitar Finishing Step-by-Step book for ways to hold bodies and necks while you spray.

With the guitar still face-up, it's time to add tobacco brown to the outer edge. Spray from the inside out, with the can at a 45 degree angle. Use multiple passes to get a dark outer edge fading into a nice reddish transition from the brown overspray on the amber.

To prevent runs, spray only a couple of coats and let it dry for a few minutes before continuing. Keep in mind that the further you hold the can from the body, the wider the spray is going to be. Practice on scrap! This step is a good time to run some tests on scrap wood. That would cause runs and a badly shaped spray line. After the color is dry, look for unwanted overspray in the amber area.

Since you sealed in the amber with a couple of coats of clear, you can very lightly sand away any brown speckles using grit sandpaper without sanding through to the color. Again, clean away the sanding dust. Cold aerosols will spit and spatter, so heat your cans to 75 or 80 degrees F.

This does the trick. When one can becomes cold to the touch, swap it for the cozy warm one. And if a nozzle becomes obstructed by built-up lacquer, pop it off and drop it in lacquer thinner while the other nozzle takes a turn. Otherwise you'll have a mess on your hands. Then buff it to finish off the job! We use cookies on our website to make sure you get the best experience.

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