How to paint outdoor furniture

how to paint outdoor furniture

How To Paint Outdoor Patio Furniture in 4 Easy Steps [And How to Build a Plant Wall!]

Feb 22,  · Spray Paint Patio Furniture If you’re using spray paint for outdoor furniture, you can skip the primer. However, to achieve a top-quality spray paint job, follow these tips. Conventional spray paints work best for painting outdoor furniture Author: Rachel Brougham. It's easy to paint outdoor furniture when you've got the right products. Learn how to paint outdoor furniture using Beyond Paint! Materials needed: Beyond Paint, paint roller, Simple Green cleaner, and a pretty floral stencil. Get the materials list and watch the Paint Outdoor Furniture .

Faded furniture? Paint it! Worn-out wood? This adds a unique, really customized look to your outdoor space. Thanks to Purdy for sponsoring this post.

I received compensation and free product but all opinions stated here are my own. This post contains affiliate links which means that I may receive compensation when you click on links. This is no extra how to build a treehouse in minecraft pe to you. Curious about Purdy? Their products are honestly so wonderful! What does paisa mean in spanish used six Purdy products just for this project!

Anyone else?! Winter is so long here in Wisconsin that I just want to soak up every last bit of spring, summer and fall! Here is what my outdoor space looked like after I threw the kid toys and faded furniture out of the picture.

I decided to change this. Facebook Marketplace is one of my favorite places to shop. I love the excitement of finding something you love. I love messaging the seller and seeing if you are first in line. I love the joy of picking up an item that is just perfect! Anyone else share my love for Facebook Marketplace? I wanted my outdoor chairs to be unique, durable and easy to store. These chairs fold up for easy storage. They have a unique curved back and seat design.

I was so excited to paint them to customize them to my unique style preference! First I cleaned the chairs with soap and water. These chairs were pretty clean already. They had some spiderwebs and dirt on them. Therefore, soap and water was sufficient.

If your chairs have more substantial grime on them like grease, you will want to use a more powerful cleaner or consider a specialized wood cleaner. It is important to have a clean and dry surface before applying paint.

Whenever you paint something, it is very important to use the proper paint and paintbrushes. Choosing the right products will ensure that you have a beautiful, long-lasting finish on your piece. I chose to apply this primer first using a roller and then using a paintbrush.

While you would not have to use a roller, I chose to use it because I wanted to speed up the application process. I chose to use the lambskin roller cover for two main reasons. First, this roller cover works especially well with oil-based paints. Secondly, it holds a great deal of paint.

Normally a mini roller would work best for furniture pieces like this but I was in a super hurry so I grabbed a large, full size roller cover and frame for this project. I wanted to ensure that I had a nice, thick coat of primer on my chairs given the current condition of the wood. I chose to use this brush for a few reasons. Picking out the right brush is so important! If your head starts spinning with all of the paintbrush options, Purdy has great online resources to make it super simple for you to choose the right brush.

Head HERE to figure out which brush you need for your next project. You can see what an incredible difference it makes to just have this chair primed! It provides a great protective layer on the wood. I only applied one coat of primer because it covered quite well the first time. Once the primer is completely dry, you are ready to apply paint. It is recommended for wood surfaces and it is tintable to many different colors. I got it tinted to Softer Tan to achieve a soft, neutral look.

Therefore, I knew it would be perfect! I changed what paintbrush I was using because the paint changed from oil-based to water-based. This brush is my absolute favorite.

The angular nature of the brush helps me get into all the crevices of the chairs. Furthermore, the soft bristles leave a smooth finish on my furniture. I believe that one of the reasons why home DIY projects are so wonderful is because you can add your own unique twist to them.

Green is about as bold as I like to get. Therefore, I decided to add in a green slanted color block just for a bit of fun and interest. You should feel empowered to create your own unique and beautiful design!

This paintbrush has very stuff bristles so that it is able to create crisp paint lines. I chose to use a smaller angular brush so that I could get in between the slats on the chairs.

I applied only one coat of paint for the color blocking design. Looking to purchase Purdy paintbrushes for an upcoming project? I knew I needed plants outside to make the space come to life hah — no pun intended! I decided to build a what airlines fly into sanford airport wood slat wall to add some height and interest to the space.

This plant wall was very simple to make and is a nice, large statement piece for a backyard patio. This step will depend on how large you would like your planter wall. For this step, you will want to first lay out all your boards.

They do not have to be perfectly spaced right now. This just gets you ready to start assembling it in an efficient way. I decided to make my shelves all different lengths. I attached them to my slat wall with exterior screws and a drill. Your installation will vary depending on the surface that you install the planter wall onto. I installed mine into the studs of my house using exterior wood screws. No matter where you are installing it, ensure that it is securely attached.

In addition to the chairs and the plant wall, I also added a small plant stand table, some modern lanterns and an outdoor rug. Want to see another makeover but this time an old coffee table getting turned into a whitewashed dream? Head HERE. I have this exact project coming up soon.

Thanks for all the tips. I love the blue accent — it looks great. Thanks so much, Carol! I have this exact same project coming up soon. I especially love that you added the blue accent. Thanks so much, Jennifer! The chairs came out so well, and I love that plant wall! Purdy are the only brushes I will use when refinishing furniture. They are the best! I like the slat wall. Good post of now to take care of your furniture and outside space.

All part of homemaking! Mary, this is so helpful! Where in WI are you? I was in Cedarburg for over 10 years and my two oldest still live there, although one is supposed to be on campus at Madison … with all her classes online, COVID kept her living with her sister in Cedarburg. Hi Allison! What units are density measured in you so much!

Also, I grew up an hour away from Madison! I love Wisconsin — even though I hate the winter weather. Thanks for your sweet comment. Allow the primer to dry for at least 24 hours.

Step-by-Step Guides

Apr 25,  · Paint is the easiest and cheapest way to update your old furniture. Which is why I decided to spray paint my boring beige patio table and chairs as part of my deck elvalladolid.comng how to paint outdoor metal furniture has definitely had a big impact on my outdoor decor.

With smart planning, painting and staining your outdoor furniture can take place in less than a weekend. There are many different types of outdoor furniture types—wicker, wrought iron, aluminum and plastic—but wood is by far the most popular. Staining and painting outdoor furniture is a lot easier with expert advice to guide you. Follow these steps to achieve the best results.

The first step in staining or painting outdoor furniture is to make certain that the wood is absolutely dry and free of mold and mildew. Be sure to check the undersides, too. For mild cases, you can mix up your own solution using one part of household bleach to three parts water it's best to do this outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. Be sure to rinse the furniture and allow it to completely dry before applying the stain.

If the weather is cold, move the furniture indoors to dry; in milder weather, it's enough to place the furniture in a garage, carport, or other shelter from the rain. Don't cover the furniture with plastic or a tarp, as that will not allow enough air circulation for thorough drying.

The next step is to sand the surfaces to be stained. If the old finish is in fairly good condition, it's enough to just roughen the surface. Start with coarse-grade sandpaper, working with the grain, then move to a finer grade sandpaper until you obtain a smooth finish. An orbital hand sander is the perfect tool for this job, if you have one. If the old finish is in bad condition, you may choose to remove all the old finish down to the bare wood.

You can skip priming altogether if the old painted or stained surface is still intact after sanding; the first coat of stain will act as your primer. In fact, if you are staining with any opacity other than a solid color, do not use a primer at all, since primers are white in color and will show through translucent and transparent stains. Let the furniture dry in a clean, dust-free, well-ventilated area.

Don't leave it outside to dry, as wind and air may deposit dust and particles onto the wet surface. Once the furniture is dry, you're good to go. Situate your furniture where it won't be under a drip line from a roof or tree limb. An occasional light wash with dish detergent and warm water will help you enjoy your freshly stained or painted outdoor wood furniture for years to come.

If you have wicker furniture, wrought iron patio furniture, plastic outdoor furniture, or questions on painting any other type of outdoor furniture, visit your local, independently owned Benjamin More retailer to get expert prep instructions and product recommendations. Have More Questions? Visit your local Benjamin Moore store or contact Customer Support.

Toggle navigation button. Step 1: Prepare the Surface The first step in staining or painting outdoor furniture is to make certain that the wood is absolutely dry and free of mold and mildew. Step 2: Sand The next step is to sand the surfaces to be stained. Step 3: Assess Whether to Prime-or Not to Prime You can skip priming altogether if the old painted or stained surface is still intact after sanding; the first coat of stain will act as your primer.

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