How to pimp your ipod touch

how to pimp your ipod touch

How To Totally Customize Your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch Home Screen

Jan 10, Visit the on the channel:"24 Hidden Features in iOS 10" - Make your iPod do so much more than carry tunes. An individual iPod can keep your iPod from getting mixed up with someone else's. Cases and skins can offer protection from damage. Watch this video iPod tutorial and learn how to customize your iPod.

We previously covered how to customize your iOS device with user generated content hpw Grallery. Tap on Home Screens toufh then you can scroll through and find some amazing high quality images. When you find an image you want to set as your Wallpaper or Lock Screen, tap on the Save button. It will be stored in Saved Photos on the iPad. Tap on App Shelves to see the wide how to steam king crab of backgrounds you can use to highlight you application icons.

Tap on Icons next to the Save button and it will put in some generic toch so you can see how it will look. Here is another example of another App Shelves background. There are really a lot of cool ways to pimp out your iPad with this. Just like with the wallpapers, after you click the Save button, it stores the background in yoru Saved Photos folder on the iPad.

The App Shelves backgrounds usually work best in Portrait Mode and there are some ippd in Landscape too. The customizations offered by the tool used in this tutorial are somewhat minimal due to the limitation Apple puts on developers. Um, on instagram there was a girl named willa, that willanized her iPad and made the apps have different looks, how do u you that? Your email address will not be published. Skip to content We previously covered how to customize your iOS device with user generated content using Grallery.

Then find the image you saved and tap on it. Here is an example of using one of the high quality images used as a Lock Screen.

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Remove the passcode on your iPod touch (6th generation or earlier)

Apr 04, Download Pimp Your Screen from the iTunes App Store directly on your device. Here were using an iPad, but it works with an iPhone or iPad Touch as well. 2. After you install it launch Pimp My Screen and youll be able to see everything it has to offer. Apr 20, Pimp your iTouch for free with new themes, icons, wallpaper and colors to match. Here are a nice set of themes for your iTouch or iPhone. Read my full article here on my official blog Other Users have also read. Unlocking, Jailbreaking and Activiating new iPhone features with ZiPhone; Personalize your iPod Touch (or iPhone). Apr 27, To add new programs games and themes as well as other really cool things you would have to jailbreak your ipod touch. Don't worry its completley safe and wont ruin your ipod. And if something goes wrong (which rarely happens) you could just restore it to its original settings.

Sick of your smartphone or tablet's bland backgrounds? Not wild about your digital wallpaper? Use your fingertip to flip between various imagesmany of which look like shelves or slots that seem to hold the app icons in placesuch as branches on a tree, ice cubes, picture frames, and so on. There are a lot of styles, colours and objects such as cars, flowers and hand-drawn characters to choose from.

Many images, which are original and exclusive to this appsays the developerare also available for both vertical and horizontal orientation. You can scroll through the images by theme, such as Neon and Skins, or peruse the collection by category, like Recent and Popular. You can preview what each image looks like with your icons behind it, right from within the app. But to make the picture your home screen seen behind your icons or as a lock screen viewed when you turn on your iGadget , you need to first save the desired image and then go to your photos area to set it as wallpaper.

You can also email a photo to a friend or family member for them to use as wallpaper. New images are added weekly, according to the developer. Skip to main content. Marc Saltzman: App Dad. Life Tech. You're not alone! But now you can do something about it and have some fun in the process. Printer-friendly version. Life - Tech. Pimp Your iPhone.

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