How to play my sharona solo on guitar

how to play my sharona solo on guitar

Feb 25,  · Solo del tema "My Sharona" grabado en casa con el Guitar Port y con la cancion sonando de fondo en mono por el canal L para que no se oiga el solo original. Feb 12,  · Cover de The KnackFacebook:

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your zolo before proceeding. My Sharona by The Knack, one of the most underrated guitar solos of all time? Thread starter dmarkj22 Start date Sep 20, Messages I know this song doesn't get a lot of respect but have you ever listened to the album version of the guitar solo in this song?

I think guiar is absolutely brilliant and you rarely hear it mentioned when people talk about greatest guitar solos. Here it is. The solo begins at sharoma Sorry what do caterpillars look like before they cocoon the Ramones pictures I don't know what the person was thinking who uploaded the video. Sirloin Silver Supporting Member. Messages 15, Messages 5, It's a nice solo in a catchy pop tune. I don't think it's underrated or overlooked in any way.

Personally I've never thought it was iconic at all, just a nice coda to a tune that hit the airwaves like gangbusters and was one of the signature tunes sharonq the New Wave era. One of the few tunes I can honestly say I remember where I was the first time Solk heard it I was washing dishes at a restaurant job while I was in school. I thought it was a killer tune I'm a sucker for a good hook.

But by the end of the shift I had heard it so many times that I was feeling pretty saturated. Ply had to buy the 45 to get a visual Thanks for that visual!

I what soap to use on tattoo the completely out of left field gratuitous guitar solo.

Its a silly pop song, but there's a super cool solo in JimmyEatWorld's "The Middle" that no one ever talks about. Bankston Member. Messages 16, Having played that solo in bands for years, I like the first half of it. Very melodic gutar tasty. But how to play my sharona solo on guitar drags on too long and gets really repetitive and boring until it finally reaches a solid ending. Messages 17, The Golden Boy Member. Messages 20, I've rated it quite properly.

I'm sure, as you know, I'm "they. Like the dorks that somehow say "John Paul Sharonw is the most underrated bass player evAr. Messages 11, I'm not aware of anyone underrating it. Pat Healy Senior Member.

Messages 10, Most guitar players I know dig it, and most non-guitar players I know don't know it exists. So among those qualified to rate it, I'd say it's not underrated. Messages 1, Hpw they'll all be heard tto many millions fewer than all who ever heard The Knack, so let's talk about underrated Heinz57Pep Senior Member.

I reckon this thread is not unfolding as the OP envisioned. Great song and solo. What I would like to know is if the knack have any other sollo worth checking out. Messages 2, Bankston said:. The solo continued the melody and the songs would not be the same without these memorable, melodic solos. I also enjoyed playing the My Sharona solo in my cover band at the time. I always felt the clever rhythm guitar, drum and bass were carefully orchestrated to complement the solo, and they created a kind of 'relief' what is the tallest land mammal within the song.

Over-produced, perhaps, but the fact that we are still talking about it today indicates it had a big impact. Girls and women of all ages like My Pkay just up until that long extended album version guitar solo kicks in. Then it's all deer in headlights awkwardness as they look around, confused as to why you would kill the great retro dance vibe in the room with an annoying guitar solo that shatona have never heard before.

Then they grab their friends and head off the dance floor leaving you to play the solo for the five skeezy guys staring at your fingers. We do the first little guitar bit - which is cool and much better if you ask me - then do the last verse and chorus and cut to another song before anyone realizes.

Messages 41, It had been so long since I had heard the extended version of "My Sharona" so I checked it out and I was surprised how much the feel of it reminded me of the outro to "Free Bird" or other Lynyrd Skynyrd. It's almost like Doug Feiger was trying to do three guitar parts with just his one guitar. Pretty cool! I could never play it right. Messages 6, It's a great solo but guitaar any dance floor movement.

My Sharona is one of those songs that reveals how tight a cover band is. You must log in or register to reply here. Trending Topics. Evm12L problem Amps and Cabs. If you had to sell it all, and just buy one new amp I think I hate Cygnus Guitars in General.

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This week we're looking at The Knack - My SharonaFind the gear featured in the video on the website here:Guitar: http:/. Mar 11,  · THE "MY SHARONA" GUITAR SOLO - Am I crazy, or is the big guitar solo on "My Sharona" one of the best solos ever recorded? There was a time in my life (not long ago, actually) where I'd watch this video 20 times a day. It's the best live performance of this song I've seen, check it out! Jun 27,  · Solo Guitar M S. Drums M S. View all instruments. Use a mixing console in Pro version. Continue. Edit. Add to playlist. Favorite. My Sharona tab by The Knack. , views, added to favorites 2, times. Author Unregistered. 1 contributor total, last edit on Jun 27, How to play “My Sharona”.

I have long discussed this solo with performers and rock music fans. For many of us this is a classic guitar solo that has not been given the recognition it deserves. Definitely in my top 10 of all time solos. The raw edge and technical construction of the riff begs to set a standard that few other solo's can even come close to. Kudo's to those of you who recognize this piece of music for what it is. Pure rock art at it's finest. Love, love LOVE this solo. I am obsessed with the solo.

I probably put the song on once a day just to hear it. Hands down my favorite solo. I read that it's dual layered, which cheapens it a bit for me. The engineering is fucked The fact that in , I'm making a comment on the discussion of a solo means there must be some significance to this riff. I was listening to it today and searching for other opinions It is so thoughtful, clear and awesome Some great songs come from short lived groups Absolutely a top 10 of all time solo for me. I'd even say Top 5 most days.

It's even structured a lot like my unequivocal 1, Slash's "Sweet Child O' Mine", where it starts off bluesy and then builds up to a technical-but-emotive showcase. And both solos were and are routinely castrated by the radio. Absolutely one of the top solos ever conceived and performed. Plus you try even copying it well David Jackson in London.

Not crazy I have the song 2 times this week and thought the same thing and found your post. Now I am trying to remember any of their other songs. Greatest guitar solo in rock history in my opinion. And I hate the radio cut. Makes me cringe every time. I had all but forgotten what a great solo this was until it came in the radio one day and I was was transfixed on it. Then he slides up the neck just a bit slowly adding tension again. Just Awesome! Then he lets us take a breath The repetition now adds some tension back in here, then he throws in a great terminating descending run we assume with both bass and drums punctuating each descending note hats of to the rhythm section- well done Lads!

He closes all of that out with two measures of just eighth-note C power chord blasts for two measures. Pure F—-ing Genius! Thank you All for posting to this site! Ive honestly been looking for SomeOne to feel the same about this sinfully unheralded solo, and it warms my soul to have found this group of insightful folks. God Bless The Knack!! Post a Comment. The "My Sharona" Guitar Solo. By Nate Spade March 11, There was a time in my life not long ago, actually where I'd watch this video 20 times a day.

It's the best live performance of this song I've seen, check it out! The Knack - My Sharona. Of course, the main guitar riff in this song is classic. The octave-jumping bass riff heard in the intro is also doubled by the guitar, and it was written by guitarist Berton Averre. I also think the first guitar break you could probably call it a solo, Mr. Technically at the mark is really good. Today, however, I want to focus mainly on the full-blown celebration of life that is the big guitar solo Anonymous Wednesday, May 02, Anonymous Saturday, June 16, Anonymous Sunday, September 29, Anonymous Tuesday, December 24, Anonymous Friday, February 21, Unknown Tuesday, March 25, Unknown Wednesday, January 22, Anonymous Monday, May 05, Anonymous Wednesday, March 08, Anonymous Tuesday, May 02, Anonymous Thursday, December 14, Unknown Tuesday, October 02, StillSteveB Saturday, August 24, Unknown Friday, August 30, Unknown Saturday, July 18, Unknown Thursday, August 06, FenderBender Saturday, September 26, Popular posts from this blog.

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