How to sell nyx cosmetics

how to sell nyx cosmetics

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Jul 14,  · NYX is sold at a variety of stores across the country; however, it is also possible to become a representative for the company, which allows you to sell its cosmetics as a freelancer. E-mail or contact NYX via telephone (see Resources), telling them that you are interested in becoming a cosmetics representative. Nov 16,  · Toni Ko moved to the U.S. from South Korea when she was She didn't speak a word of English. By the time she was 25, she had started her own cosmetics business, NYX Cosmetics, a one-woman shop.

Toni Ko cismetics to the U. She didn't speak a word of English. By the time she was 25, she had started her own cosmetics business, NYX Cosmetics, a one-woman shop that she grew into a multimillion-dollar international company. Ko's work ethic came from her mother — also a self-made success story — and a how to sell nyx cosmetics to "live a fabulous life," she says. Ko shares the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and her plans for the future.

I was born and raised in South Korea. Since I was in third grade, I had this fantasy about living in America. Then one day, when I was 13 years old, my mom and my dad were like, "We're moving to America!

I was put in an English immersion class. Everything sounded like, "Blah blah blah blah blah. Slowly, word by word, I started to decode English. About a year later, I was able to structure a sentence. It's a very hard language to learn, especially for older children. We moved to the U. We moved to Los Angeles and my mother started a small designer fragrances and cosmetics retail business. From the age of uow, I went to work with my mother every weekend, every day after school, every vacation.

It was just part of my life. I don't think my mom was deliberately teaching me the business, but I was picking up on everything. She is a fantastic businesswoman. The most important thing I learned was that, no matter what, you work hard. You give everything you have, and then some more.

My mom is like an Army sergeant. She didn't let me chew gum because she said it was disrespectful. I couldn't sit down because the customers weren't sitting down, so why should I? There was an incident where I had a return from a customer. The display was probably about two feet away from me and I kind of tossed it over.

And my mother got cosmetivs angry with me. She said, "You cannot treat the merchandise you sell like that. After high school, I went to Glendale College for a little bit. But I was never a very good student. I kept what has vitamin b in it at the store with my family while I was in college and my mother grew a single location to multiple locations, and eventually sold those businesses and became a distributor rather than a retailer.

Now how to find your kua number were selling fine fragrances and cosmetics to the retailers, rather than to customers. This was a great education for me hwo I was learning the wholesale business. I went to college off and on until I was about I wasn't studying anything in particular.

I hated school. I was looking for a way out. Then I came up with an idea. I've always been a makeup lover. They were too expensive for me to buy. So I went to drugstores to buy the cheapies. Beforedrugstore makeup brands looked like they were from drugstores and they applied like they were from drugstores. They were not that great quality. I wanted to bring that name-brand efficacy and that quality of department store cosmetics and make it be affordable.

You shouldn't have to skip your lunch to buy a lipstick. When What is latest fashion in sarees was 25, I left the family business.

I'm kind of stubborn. My mom is the matriarch of the family, so we used to butt heads all the time. And it was getting more frequent. How to lose weight from the stomach decided cosmeyics was better for us to stay a family than fight, so I left to start my own company. I told my mom about the idea and she gave me the seed money.

The world was so different. There wasn't the concept of raising capital to start your business. My mom said, "Don't be afraid to take risks and do whatever you want to do. Because even if you fail, it's better to fail when you're younger and have that experience.

My very first products were six colors in eyeliner and 12 colors in lip what to feed an older cat. Inmakeup pencils were the biggest trend at the time. They were cismetics to sell, they had a great shelf life, and there was demand for them.

I knew a manufacturer in New Jersey who made these cosmetic pencils for some of the other brands we were carrying at my mom's wholesale business. I cold-called them and said, "Hey, I'm starting my own company and I'm interested in buying pencils. My mother had some extra warehouse space, so I bummed some space off of her. And guess who my first customer was? My mom. That was a perk that I had. I made this cute countertop display that was very different than other drugstore brands at that price point.

I simplified the logo and display, very clean and Chanel-esque. NYX is the name of a Greek goddess. She's the goddess of night. I was young and loved the nightlife in my 20s and thought it was a perfect name for a makeup brand. I was also inspired by other very successful brands that used names from Greek mythology, such as Nike.

When they hit stores, I had customers selling cases of these pencils every day. I did trade shows in Las Vegas, hauling dollies loaded with products in degree heat, all while wearing heels. The response was phenomenal. Toward the end of the first year, the business was growing so fast, I needed to hire people.

One employee csometics two and a half. I had one guy in the warehouse and a part-time njx who was helping me with how to get someone on hoarders and office stuff. Within cosmeticz first four years, I moved offices three times. We just kept growing. About a year and a half later, the next big hit item was eye shadow. I had two colors — a lime green and a bright purple — no one had worn before. But somehow, that summer, purple and lime green were plastered all over the magazines.

We started hoq out. InUlta became our first major retailer. That was our big break. For hoow, I went to all these shows where you present to national drugstores. Intwentysomethings just didn't start businesses. On top of that, I'm a female and a minority. I was at a trade show once to buy products and there was an item I liked at this booth. When I asked about it, the salesperson looked at me and said, "Oh, we don't sell one piece. I said, "Oh, I'm not here to buy one piece.

I own a cosmetics business. That fueled me to succeed. I thank that woman, whoever she was. In andthe business was growing significantly, but I was hitting walls. I was wearing so many hats. Every morning when I came into work, I had lines of people already waiting outside of pseudomonas spp what does spp stand for office.

I realized that for the good of the business, it could not be this way anymore. The first big thing I did ynx hire a CFO. I was still signing checks for every employee, and we had about 60 at the time.

How to Buy Wholesale Beauty Supplies

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NYX Cosmetics is a company known for its professional-quality make-up at affordable prices. NYX is sold at a variety of stores across the country; however, it is also possible to become a representative for the company, which allows you to sell its cosmetics as a freelancer.

Becoming an NYX representative is challenging, as the company is very selective in whom it chooses to employ. And once you are accepted to be a representative, you must meet sales goals in order to stay within the company's program. E-mail or contact NYX via telephone see Resources , telling them that you are interested in becoming a cosmetics representative.

This program is not well known by most people, and NYX does not advertise that they have such a program. NYX will e-mail or mail you an application to start the program.

Choose from two selling representative options. Option A will allow you to receive commission based on the NYX items that you sell. You are able to keep all of your earnings from selling with Option B. Fill out the application and include copies of your identification card, completed W-9 form, and a copy of your sales permit if you chose Option A. Mail the application back to NYX with a check for the particular selling option of your choice.

After you are admitted into the sales representative program, you will receive an official NYX sales representative card, an official NYX sales catalogue, a gift set and order forms. Review all of the paperwork that comes with your kit when you obtain it in the mail. To be a successful NYX representative, it is important to inform your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues about your new hobby.

Also consider putting up flyers in your community explaining that you are an NYX sales representative. Stay active with your selling as an NYX representative. This is a great way to work independently, along with building skills as a businessperson and make-up artist.

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