How to study macbeth for leaving cert

how to study macbeth for leaving cert

How to study EnglishЕ

Lesson one in a series on Shakespeare's Macbeth. In this video we cover Shakespeare's biography, The Globe, King James I, The Gunpowder Plot of , equivocation, witchcraft, tragedy and iambic pentameter. The series is tailored towards Leaving Cert students but relevant to . Focuses on the type of questions Higher Level students must answer in the Leaving Cert exam on Macbeth; Includes a summary of each scene, along with an analysis of each of the main characters and notes on the themes of the play; Picks out key quotations and how to use them effectively.

Examples Ч Advice and analysis on how to answer specific questions 7. Discuss this statement, supporting your answer with suitable reference to the play, Hamlet. Write your response how to get rid of a mole on your neck this statement, supporting your answer with suitable reference to the text. Discuss this statement, supporting your answer with suitable reference to the text. Discuss both aspects of this statement, supporting your answer with suitable reference to the text.

Write a response to this view of the character of Hamlet, supporting your points by reference to the text. First, you need to decide on what question to answer. Typically, the options for this question fall between a character question and one based on a theme or issue. This will give you greater freedom in the planning and writing of your response as you can select what aspects of the play to use in your response.

If possible, try to adopt a more nuanced argument, i. This will demonstrate a higher level of thinking and analysis to the examiner, and give you a better chance of accessing higher marks overall. This step is particularly important in a literature question, because you need to be analytical and systematic in your response.

You should aim to introduce your overall argument in your first paragraph, then devote a section of your writing to each point you intend to make.

Aim to write clearly and concisely. Clear, accurate writing will help to show the examiner that you understand the text and that you are confident in your response. The ending of your essay is important. Remember that the closing paragraph or section of your essay is what the examiner is left with, so make it effective. Make your essay stand out. Yes, the last thing you feel like doing after spending an hour or so writing an essay is to read over it, but this is an important task.

Remember, clarity demonstrates your understanding of the subject, so ensure that your writing is as clear as it can be. For you, is it genuine or not? A simple argument to make here is either, yes, he is mad throughout, hence his behaviour; or no, he only feigns his madness for various reasons. A more nuanced argument to make is that, at times, Hamlet displays the traits we associate with madness with no preconceived agenda or intent; at others, he merely feigns madness to take advantage of the situation at hand.

Again, you will need to support your points with relevant examples and how to set up your home theater, and be willing to explore the effect of these; how do they what is needed for a mortgage prequalification the sense of corruption that Shakespeare is looking to create? A simple argument to make here is either, yes, they are; or no, they are not, the play consists more of revenge and less of justice or vice versa.

A more nuanced argument to make is that, in some ways, or for some characters, revenge and justice are finely balanced; but in some ways or for other characters, they are not.

Answering this question in respect of different characters would demonstrate an advanced understanding of the text. More able students should aim to analyse specific words, phrases or even language devices from the quotations they select and explore how these make the audience think and feel regarding the balance of revenge and justice within the play.

For you, is he a heartless villain with some redeeming qualities? A simple argument to make here how to study macbeth for leaving cert either, yes, he is; or no, he is completely heartless. It would be very how to study macbeth for leaving cert to argue that he is a noble character throughout.

A more nuanced argument to make is that, Claudius is a heartless villain whose redeeming qualities are evidenced only when he is confronted by the realisation of what his villainy may lead to.

A more nuanced essay would focus on the aspects that appeal to a twenty-first century audience, and those aspects that how to download psp go games faster less appealing. More able students may also look to suggest how the less appealing aspects could be adapted to make the play more appealing when it is performed live.

During your essay, you could argue that the play is appealing for the relevance of its themes Ч i. Whatever stance you adopt, you will need to demonstrate your understanding of both his weaknesses and his strengths in what is quite a comparative essay. While there is so much of interest to quote from Hamletthe following five quotations are almost guaranteed to be applicable in any essay you are asked to write in your Leaving Certificate exam.

Here we break them down for you in detail so that you can discuss them knowledgeably in your essay, and analyse their overall effect. O God! O fie! That it should come to this! Heaven and earth! Must I remember? It is not, nor it cannot come to good; But break my heart,Чfor I must hold my tongue. Be thou familiar, but by no means vulgar. Neither a borrower nor a lender be: For loan oft loses both itself and friend; And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry. This above all,Чto thine own self be true; And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.

This famous bit of fatherly advice is spoken by Polonius to Laertes shortly before Laertes leaves for France, in Act I, scene iii 59Ч Polonius, what is fermentation in chemistry is bidding Laertes farewell, gives him this list of instructions about how to behave before he sends him on his way. Keep your thoughts to yourself; do not act rashly; treat people with familiarity but not excessively so; hold on to old friends and be slow to trust new friends; avoid fighting but fight boldly if it is unavoidable; be a good listener; accept criticism but do not be judgmental; maintain a proper appearance; do not borrow or lend money; and be true to yourself.

It seems to indicate that Polonius loves his son, though that idea is complicated later in the play when he sends Reynaldo to spy on him. This line is spoken by Marcellus in Act I, scene iv 67as he and Horatio debate whether or not to follow Hamlet and the ghost into the dark night.

The line refers both to the idea that the ghost is an ominous omen for Denmark and to the larger theme of the connection between the moral legitimacy of a ruler and the health of the state as a whole. How noble in reason! And yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust? But, to Hamlet, humankind is merely dust. This soliloquy, probably the most famous speech in the English language, is spoken by Hamlet in Act III, scene i 58Ч His most logical and powerful examination of the theme of the moral legitimacy of suicide in an unbearably painful world, it touches on several of the other important themes of the play.

He then weighs the moral ramifications of living and dying. He then decides that the uncertainty of how to clean a fridge filter afterlife, which is intimately related to the theme of the difficulty of attaining truth in a spiritually ambiguous world, is essentially what prevents all of humanity from committing suicide to end the pain of life.

His deeply passionate nature is complemented by a relentlessly logical intellect, which works furiously to find a solution to his misery. He has turned to religion and found it inadequate to help him either kill himself or resolve to kill Claudius.

Here, he turns to a logical philosophical inquiry and finds it equally frustrating. Go Premium. All revision notes have been produced by mockness ltd for irevise. Support the points you make by reference to the how are memoirs similar to autobiographies. The top 5 quotations to use in your essay While there is so much of interest to quote from Hamletthe following five quotations are almost guaranteed to be applicable in any essay you are asked to write in your Leaving Certificate exam.

Quotation 3 Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

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With our guide on Macbeth, you will get: access to the key LC English skills video access to general LC English quiz on points priority access to Lab: we will Continue Reading Macbeth: Full Guide for Leaving Cert English Lady Macbeth Ц How to Study her Character Questions about Lady Macbeth tend to focus on whether or not we think she is evil, or a villain, or a victim of circumstances. Is she responsible for MacbethТs downfall? Is she a character for whom we can have any sympathy? Does . What methods does Shakespeare use to present MacbethТs state of mind in the following extract from Act 5 Scene 5? MACBETH I have almost forgot the taste of fears; The time has been, my senses would have cooled To hear a night-shriek and my fell of hair Would .

If you did, then you have become a good writer through practice and have really engaged with the texts on the course. Well done you, you are on course to do well. The more you focus on pre-prepared answers, the less likely you are to engage with the question which is asked on the day. How could Hamlet achieve justice? Does he need to punish anyone else?

Does he punish anyone else unfairly? Also, how are these themes of revenge and justice connected? You may be tempted to just write it, in fact you may lapse into some kind of auto-pilot. What a question like this aims to assess is the difference between the student who will just regurgitate a pre-learned answer that they may or may not have written themselves and the student who can think on their feet, can write well under pressure and can prove that they truly understand the play no matter what question is thrown at them.

This style of answer will get you a D3. So what is the solution? Bottom line: you need to know, understand and appreciate the texts you have studied. And you need to be a good writer. You can do the same for any of the poetsЕ.

In terms of studying, spend time actually thinking about the characters, themes, key moments from your single text, comparative and poetry. Know them really well. When I was doing the Leaving Cert.

Yeats and King Lear and writing things down when I woke up. Yes, I know this makes me a hopeless nerd. Of course being prepared means you are far more likely to do well than someone who is unprepared. But be willing to improvise, to create, to think in the exam so that you pay attention to the most important thing of all. Answering the question asked. Studying for paper one is a whole other kettle of fish Ч for my opinions on what you might do to prepare for QB and the essay see this blog post.

Comprehensions are something you get good at through practice. I intend to write a whole other post on this. So watch this space. Thanks Marina, appreciate it! Thank you very much for writing this article.

Now, I have a study plan for English. Skip to content. How to study EnglishЕ Posted on April 15, by evelynoconnor 4 Comments. You can do the same for any of the poetsЕ In the meantime some advice: Before you start writing, break the question down into key words or phrases. Plan your paragraphs and ensure that you use what you know to respond in every single sentence, and every single paragraph to the question asked.

Avoid parroting back the question incessantly. So use synonyms. Ensure that you only include information which is relevant to the question asked, irrespective of how much you have to leave out to achieve this. This entry was posted in Discussions and tagged english , how to study , leaving cert english , revision , study english , study tips. Bookmark the permalink. Sonali June 7, at am. JuliusCaesar Arbo November 19, at pm. Be Social. Proudly powered by WordPress. Theme: Coraline by WordPress.

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