How to treat a cat with asthma

how to treat a cat with asthma

Feline Asthma: What You Need To Know

The basic and most common management strategies for feline asthma include a steroid to help reduce inflammation within the airways and a bronchodilator to keep the airways as open as possible so that the cat can more easily breathe. However, these treatments are considered experimental and have not been proven effective for cat asthma. Preventing Cat Asthma Attacks. Seek medical attention early .

Reduce exposure to allergens, such as pollen, mold, and dust from cat litter. Reduce exposure to air pollutants, such as smoke, scented candles, air fresheners, scented cleaning products and detergents. Feline asthma is chronic inflammation of athma respiratory airways. The Cat Asthma Kit contains three liquid cat asthma natural remedies to control infection and inflammation.

These tasteless drops are easy to administer to cats and they can help make it easier for your kitty to breathe. Power Probiotic is essential for cats taking treay asthma medications as cta supports immunity and promotes the growth of friendly bacteria that can be depleted by the use of steroid medications. Cat asthma symptoms can be similar to a respiratory infection or hairballs.

A cat asthma attack can cause coughing or hacking, open-mouth heavy breathing, wheezing and hunched shoulders. Feline asthma is a serious condition, but the symptoms can be well managed by using a combination of conventional veterinary treatments corticosteroids, bronchodilator along with natural cat asthma remedies. Natural treatments for cat asthma can be used together with medications from your veterinarian. Conventional veterinary treatments for feline asthma usually include corticosteroid drugs to reduce inflammation and a bronchodilator to open up the air passageways.

Cats are carnivores and yet many pet foods are lacking in sufficient protein to support a healthy feline immune system. To strengthen your cat's immunity, feeding a hypoallergenic, low-carbohydrate diet ashma a novel protein is helpful.

Many quality pet foods, even holistic brands, contain too many what are some good anime names carbohydrates that convert to sugar, weakening your cat's immune system.

To help you get the best results for your cat, the pet treatt experts at Ask Ariel will include free feline asthma diet tips on the packing slip that comes with your order. Nav Menu 2. What Is Feline Asthma? Cat asthma attacks are scary. Feline asthma how to treat a cat with asthma the most commonly diagnosed respiratory disease in cats.

Asthma symptoms can be similar to chronic bronchitis and even sometimes mistaken for hairballs although hairballs can cause retching and vomiting. If your cat displays symptoms, it's important to contact your veterinarian right away. Asthma in cats is a condition that results in breathing difficulty, coughing and wheezing. It is characterized by witg inflammation of the respiratory airways that can be triggered by allergen exposure, chemical inhalants and possibly an autoimmune response.

Feline asthma symptoms are distressing for pet owners to witness and hard on your kitty too. That is why it is so essential to use a holistic feline asthma treatment, along with administering treatments from your veterinarian, in an effort to help your cat lead as normal a life as possible. Homeopathy for feline asthma, along with other cat asthma natural remedies, can reduce asthma attacks and help your cat feel better naturally.

Our home remedies for feline asthma are tasteless and easy to administer. Natural Treatments For Cat Asthma. Cat Asthma Kit. Power Witu. Olive Leaf Extract. Need Help? The Cat Asthma Kit. AllerEaze for Pets. A cat asthma attack can quickly become a serious incident, so if your cat shows any signs of respiratory distress, contact your veterinarian immediately.

While there isn't a cure for asthma in cats, cat asthma symptoms can be well managed using a combination of conventional veterinary treatments and holistic feline asthma treatments.

Conventional veterinary treatments for feline asthma include the use of corticosteroid drugs to reduce inflammation along with a bronchodilator to open up the air passageways. Conventional medications have side effects though, including the potential for diabetes and increased infections, so using holistic and lifestyle changes are important to help minimize the need for and terat of them. Please note that natural remedies for feline asthma are not meant to be a substitute for conventional veterinary treatments.

Cat asthma is a serious condition, and your veterinarian needs to be involved in the regular monitoring of your cat's symptoms and medication usage. However, using a holistic approach can slowly improve your cat's well-being, and over time, the frequency and severity of asthma attacks should improve, thereby reducing the need for medication.

Secondhand smoke is a huge trigger for cat asthma. Reduce exposure to allergens what kind of community service do criminals do as pollen, mold and dust from cat litter.

Avoid using scented candles, air fresheners and perfumes. Buy an air purifier and replace filters regularly. Use natural cleaning products such as cleanser and avoid detergents with strong fragrances.

Keep potential stressors to a minimum. Loud noise, excited children and houseguests can be stressful for your cat. When they are combined with dietary and lifestyle changes, cat asthma attack frequency and severity can be greatly improved.

The two formulas work synergistically to control infections and inflammation. QUENT seems to be especially helpful for lung-related health issues. Many cat owners have reported excellent results relieving continual discharge, runny nose and sneezing related to viruses when Axthma and NOT drops were administered.

NOT Drops - A powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-infection formula, these homeopathic drops are especially important for relieving allergy symptoms. NOT, when combined with QUENT, works very well to control chronic upper respiratory infections, cat asthma and eye and nasal discharge.

The two formulas are tasteless drops that can be easily administered to cats. Silver Immune Support For Pets - An easy-to-use, anti-infection liquid, these nontoxic drops are safe for tiny kittens and have been shown in research to help reduce viral replication. By reducing infection, inflammation is reduced in the membranes, reducing mucous and making it easier to breathe. Olive Leaf Extract - This powerful natural anti-viral supplement helps to wwith a healthy immune system.

It is helpful for cats with respiratory conditions including asthma, chronic upper respiratory infections URIsallergies, and chronic bronchitis. Olive Leaf Extract for Pet's active ingredient, oleuropein, helps fight against pathogens while causing no harm to healthy bacteria in your pet's gut and mucous membranes. Power Probiotic - This multi-strain formula can be sprinkled on food or eaten by itself many cats like the taste of it.

Power Probiotic promotes the growth of friendly bacteria that aid your cat's immune system. Why is this important? The majority of your cat's immune system resides in the intestinal tract. Using Power Probiotic is essential if your cat has taken steroids or antibiotics, as these medications reduce the population of friendly bacteria.

Friendly bacteria fight off pathogens, bad bacteria and viruses in an effort to keep ssthma cat healthy. Power Probiotic is essential for all cats but especially those diagnosed with feline asthma. Amazing Omegas - Omega 3 fatty acids can reduce symptoms and inflammation in asthma patients.

Amazing Omegas is the absolute best fish oil for pets, naturally derived from sardines, mackerel and anchovies. Packed in glass bottles, it is free from toxins and PCBs. It only takes a few drops to help your kitty. One caveat is that if your cat is extremely allergic sathma fish, there is a possibility that fish oil what to feed wild pheasants present a problem.

Generally what triggers allergies is the protein found in fish, which is not present in the oil. However, if this is an issue for your kitty, then flaxseed oil may be the next best alternative. Cats with asthma can benefit from diet changes. Most cat food diets contain too withh carbohydrates and food allergens. These can weaken your cat's immune system. Pets that have asthma often have food allergies and are eating high carbohydrate dry kibble.

Cats are carnivores and have no need for starchy carbohydrates in their diets. Many quality pet foods, even "holistic brands," contain too many starchy carbohydrates that convert to sugar, weakening your cat's immune system. Please include your cat's diet and treats on the order form at checkout, along with your cat's health issues.

Based on our extensive experience helping cats with asthma, we will include a diet suggestion on the packing slip that comes with the product directions. Many pet owners have seen the benefits of using supplements for their own health and now want the same for their pets. Our premium natural pet supplements have been used successfully in veterinary hospitals since Ask Ariel's natural adthma are selected based on quality, scientific research and proven results.

A holistic approach with supplements and diet changes FREE diet tips on the packing slip with your order can give your cat much needed immune support. Our products can be a great addition to veterinary prescriptions, and can supplement your cat what dogs are good with children treatment naturally.

Many veterinarians have seen the proven results of our products with their patients, which is why Ask Ariel trat supplements are veterinarian recommended nationwide. If you have questions, please feel how to treat a cat with asthma to email us at Support AskAriel.

We will be happy to provide you with additional information about our natural remedies for cats with asthma, but please know that due to veterinary regulations, we cannot provide individualized consultative advice without a physical exam.

What natural remedies can I give my cat with asthma? What are symptoms of cat asthma? How can I treat my cat's asthma naturally? What diet should I feed my cat with asthma?

Delivering Asthma Medication To Cats

Follow these simple steps to give your cat an inhaler using the AeroKat* Chamber: Shake the inhaler and insert into the back of the chamber. Gently apply the mask to your cat's face, covering the mouth and nose. The Flow-Vu* indicator will move to confirm a Depress the inhaler to release the. Don't allow anyone to smoke near your cat or inside your home. Secondhand smoke is a huge trigger for cat asthma. Reduce exposure to allergens such as pollen, mold and dust from cat litter. Avoid using scented candles, air fresheners and perfumes.

An episode of feline asthma may sometimes be discounted as just another hairball or possibly choking on a bit of food. Asthma can cause your cat to cough and then it will appear to be fine but it is a slowly progressing condition with no cure. A coughing cat should be examined by a veterinarian in order to diagnose the issue and ensure appropriate management of the condition.

Much like human asthma, feline asthma is an allergen-driven respiratory condition that causes distressed breathing.

Some cats' immune systems over-react to an inhaled allergen. The resulting immune reaction causes an excess production of substances in the bloodstream that cause intense inflammation within the airways. Swollen and inflamed airways then secrete excess mucus and become constricted, making it difficult for the cat to breathe.

Early symptoms may be difficult to detect. You may hear faint wheezing, which is more audible after vigorous exercise.

Your cat may seem to tire easily. A full-blown asthma attack may at first resemble a cat trying to cough up a hairball or possibly choking on food. With asthma attacks, body posture is somewhat different. With asthma, the cat's body will be hunched lower to the ground and its neck and head will be extended out and down in an effort to clear the airway of mucus.

The "gagging" may also be accompanied by a typical coughing sound and possibly sneezing or vomiting. The cat may or may not expel foamy mucus. These serious attacks may not happen frequently, which makes it easy to write them off as "just a hairball. Even a cat showing one or two of the early symptoms should be examined.

Once diagnosed, there are things you can do to help your cat during one of these attacks. Stress can either cause or exacerbate a feline asthma attack.

For that reason, you should always try to remain as calm as possible when your cat suffers an asthma attack. Many of the same allergens responsible for human asthma attacks are responsible for feline asthma attacks, including:. Your veterinarian will use several diagnostic tests to diagnose asthma in your cat. The most common diagnostic tools are:. Feline asthma is a chronically progressive disease with no cure. Instead, your veterinarian will work to develop a medication management plan to keep your cat as comfortable as possible.

The basic and most common management strategies for feline asthma include a steroid to help reduce inflammation within the airways and a bronchodilator to keep the airways as open as possible so that the cat can more easily breathe. Sometimes these medications are given orally, but another form of administration is with a metered-dose inhaler, often Flovent, given through a special mask.

The Aerokat Feline Aerosol Chamber was developed for this purpose. The advantage of aerosol steroid administration over pills and injections is that it goes directly into the lungs, rather than throughout the body, thus there are fewer side effects. If your cat is having more severe attacks than you consider normal, it should be taken back to your veterinarian for re-evaluation and possible adjustment of medications.

As with most feline health issues, the key to successful management of feline asthma is to know your cat well, keep your eyes and ears open for changes in the breathing, give medications as prescribed, and get veterinary care when indicated, either routine checkups or emergency intervention. Once your cat is diagnosed with feline asthma, you have several options for lifestyle changes that can help reduce recurring asthma attacks, depending on the severity of the case.

The first and most obvious thing you'll need to do is to try to eliminate the environmental allergens that are causing respiratory distress in your cat. Some will be easy; others more complicated or expensive. Some of the most common triggers of feline asthma include:. Actively scan device characteristics for identification.

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