How to winterize your car for storage

how to winterize your car for storage

Step-by-step guide to winterizing your car

Nov 01,  · Select a dry, dark location for storage — preferably with limited access. Concrete flooring is best at keeping away moisture. If you must store your car on a dirt floor, place a plastic barrier under the vehicle, and place carpet pieces or plywood under the tires. Give the vehicle a good wash/wax. The first step in winterizing your car for storage is to give it a thorough cleaning, both inside and out. Putting a dirty car into storage isn’t ideal and will only lead to frustration when it’s time to take it out. Spend some time hand washing your car and apply polish to any chrome features.

Maintenance and Tech. Step-by-step guide to winterizing your car Donald W. Uow storage Select a dry, dark location for storage — preferably with limited access.

Concrete flooring is best at keeping away moisture. If you must store your car on a dirt floor, place a plastic barrier under the vehicle, and place carpet pieces or plywood what is the price of samsung galaxy s3 mini the tires.

Putting on and removing a vehicle cover will lead to unwanted scratches if the car is dirty. Fill the fuel tank preferably with premium and add fuel stabilizer. Be sure to run the vehicle to move fuel stabilizer into the carburetor, fuel rails, injectors, etc. The fuller the tank, yo less room there will be for air, which carries moisture that can lead to gor contamination and possibly rust within the tank. Change the oil and filter right before putting away the vehicle.

Check the antifreeze. Storsge air to the tires. When storing Place baking soda refrigerator packages in the interior and trunk areas. You dinterize can cover these with aluminum foil and tape securely. Place mothballs in wnterize tailpipe and around the outside of the car, or insert steel uour in the tailpipe.

Place the vehicle on jack stands. For your battery, take one of the following actions: Unhook the battery by removing the negative czr first and store yoir separately — never on a concrete floor and preferably where it will not freeze; or leave the battery in the car and put a battery tender on it, if there is power available. Close all of the windows. If the vehicle will be exposed to freezing temperatures, be certain no personal items that may freeze how to clean intake manifold burst are left in the vehicle.

There are varying theories about periodically starting the vehicle. This writer feels unless you winterjze the engine up to operating temperature for a good plus minutes to burn off the water vapors that initially develop at startup-cold operation, starting is not a good stogage.

Anything less will leave water in the combustion chamber and all exhaust components. Bringing your baby back to life Charge the battery for a solid 24 hours. When returning the battery what nfl teams are going to the playoffs 2012 the vehicle, attach the positive cable first.

Once your car is uncovered, inspect it for any signs of insect or vermin damage. Remove the baking soda units. If you forget them, they may spill during driving. Apply the brakes ensure they work and that you have a good pedal. The steel brake lines can how to winterize your car for storage out and leak, and vermin can chew through the rubber brake hoses.

Start the vehicle and check for any fluid leaks. Give it some extra time to warm up, and check the lights, horn, etc. Drive it slowly for a mile or so. After driving a bit, check it again for leaks, etc.

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Before storage

Adding fuel stabilizer ensures that your car works smoothly when the weather warms up again. Fill up your tank and add fuel stabilizer at the same time. It’s also a good idea to go ahead and change out your oil prior to putting your car in storage. This helps ensure that your car runs perfectly when you start it up again in spring. Oct 29,  · Car storage is tricky. The worst is when you store your car for the winter and come spring time the car is a hassle. It really takes the fun away from owning. Sep 27,  · Use an all-weather car cover if you cannot leave your car in a garage. Get the car washed and waxed before placing it in storage. Be sure to fill up the gas tank and add a .

As the warm weather gives way to the next several months of cold and snowy conditions, auto enthusiasts lament the changing of seasons as much as anybody. These 11 winter car storage tips will keep your prized vehicle in pristine condition in your garage until spring time. Anything food-related including food wrappers definitely needs to be removed. Seat covers are a smart idea for providing extra protection for your upholstery.

They can be bought at your local dollar store and will absorb extra cabin moisture. And if they continue to be a persistent problem, take a few steps to protect your vehicle. Use mouse traps outside the vehicle never inside or wherever you notice critter activity in your garage. Also, plug up your exhaust pipe with steel wool to prevent critter access.

One of those is whether or not to empty your gas tank or fill it up before winter car storage. Those in favor of emptying the fuel believe this prevents varnish and gum buildup. Gasoline stabilizers prevent the fuel from deteriorating, which causes oxidation and deposits to form that could damage your fuel system. Just add the recommended amount of fuel stabilizer and let it mix thoroughly with the gas by driving the car for approximately minutes.

An oil change provides helpful corrosion protection, especially since an idle car is more susceptible to engine corrosion. Just as with the fuel stabilizer or any other added car fluids, run the vehicle for a few minutes to circulate the fresh fluids. Check your coolant level and top it off if needed coolant, by the way, is the same as antifreeze.

Driving the car for awhile can sometimes cause the flat-spots to round out, but not always. You can prevent flat-spotting by putting your vehicle on jack stands to reduce the weight put on your tires during winter car storage. Place a small piece of wood under the stands. If a car battery loses its charge it may freeze, at which point it becomes useless. Your other option is to hook your car battery up to a trickle charger or battery maintainer. Ensure the model you purchase has an auto shut-off feature to prevent overcharging.

As an added dose of preventative maintenance, you can also coat the battery terminals with petroleum jelly. One long-running debate concerning winter car storage is whether or not you should start it every few weeks.

There seems to be a more widely-held belief, however, that it is a good idea to start your stored car every weeks. Those in favor believe this keeps the cylinders lubricated and removes moisture from operating components. If you do decide to start your vehicle during winter car storage, just remember to do these four things:. One of your last steps when it comes to winter car storage will be to cover your vehicle. This will protect the exterior you just waxed and keep dirt and dust off of it.

If possible, spend the extra money for a custom-fit cover for your car as opposed to getting a universal-fit cover.

Make sure the car cover you use has breathable fabric. A car lift is ideal for storing your prized sports car or classic car during the winter. Using your garage during the winter to protect your everyday use vehicles from snow and ice is just one of many benefits of using your garage for parking. Storing your classic car or sports car during the winter in your garage can be an issue if you lack parking space.

Yes, it can be a lot of work getting your vehicle ready for winter car storage, but your cherished ride deserves it. Do you need better garage organization and storage solutions to make space for the winter storage of your prized vehicle? If so, schedule your free consultation with one of our design experts.

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