Route 66 how long does it take to drive

route 66 how long does it take to drive

to drive route 66

Above: Historic Route 66 in California. At a steady pace, it is possible to travel between and miles a day on seven hours stints (pauses and driver changes - ideally every two hours- excluded), considering that the U.S. road network is particularly comfortable (especially on Interstate highways). Even on secondary roads, you rarely come across a succession of hairpin bends and the route is . Feb 04, While it's true that the journey from Chicago to LA can be completed in 4 days if youre prepared to spend all day on the Interstates, this is NOT the same as driving Route If someone tells you they drove the I40 and thoroughly enjoyed their "Route 66" trip then they've missing the point - Route 66 isn't a case of getting from Chicago to Los Angeles by any means possible.

How long does it take to drive What is my green dot pin number 66? The flippant rout would be "how long have you got? At this point I should mention that this advice is aimed at those travelling one-way and not for return journeys. If someone tells you they drove the I40 and thoroughly enjoyed their "Route 66" trip then they've missing the point - Route 66 isn't a case of getting from Chicago to Los Angeles by any means possible.

Route 66 is an historical route that follows a complex road network through the many small towns and minor roads that were bypassed by the introduction of the Interstate system. However, while on the subject of Interstates, it's worth keeping in mind that they're not your enemy. If you're pushed for time and have to follow a how to preach a funeral sermon itinerary then occasionally hopping onto the I40 is a practical consideration if you're pushed for time - sometimes you've just got to be pragmatic.

If you're on a time-limited schedule and you already know which areas you'd like to spend more time in then don't be afraid to use the Interstate to help you get the best out of your trip. In an ideal world you won't feel pushed for time as you certainly don't want to rush dfive Route 66 experience.

Ultimately the amount of time you need to set aside for a Route 66 road trip is dependent on several factors:. One night at the Grand Canyon would allow you to admire the views both as the sun goes down and during its spectacular sunrises. I'd also recommend more than one night for Las Vegas particularly if you wish to spend time catching a show. If you wish to how to play hocus pocus by focus the Santa Fe loop this needn't be treated as a side trip and will comfortably fit within your regular itinerary.

Route 66 is every bit as much about the stops jow it is the journey. Sometimes you might just stop off to stretch takke legs or grab a coffee in a local cafe, whereas there will also be occasions when iy will want to see an attraction that will require several hours of your day for example Acoma Pueblo or the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.

There are many roadside attractions that are simple curiosities that won't impact greatly on your progress Cadillac Ranch, the Illinois Giants etc If you wish to follow each variant of each alignment then you are certainly not going to be doing this trip in two weeks as this is a very particular way of approaching the Route.

One for the purists maybe but certainly not a common approach. Most people don't plan their road trip in this way and instead follow a more generally accepted route and it's occasional variants as outlined in the EZ6 Guide. This alignment is achievable in a minimum of two weeks whilst still having a great trip.

Occasionally, if you are able to look ahead a little, you may find that there are times when all you what is a msw degree doing is criss-crossing the I40 on the frontage road. It's times like these that you might benefit from hopping on the I40 to save time. By following the EZ66 Guide these occasions are made obvious and the choice is yours. There's no shame in making time occasionally!

Ultimately, the length of your trip comes down to your own personal circumstances. I'd recommend no less than a fortnight to cover the full length - three or four would be preferable - whilst at the same time pointing out that if you only have two weeks you're still going to have a great road trip!

You must be logged in to post a comment. We road Route 66 on our Harley in two weeks. We spent lon time on the first part of the trip LA to Oklahoma as we figured we could revisit the stretch from Chicago to Kansas on future trips from our home in the Milwaukee area. Thanks very much for this article.

Ddoes are coming to the USA next month, and will be fitting in a short road trip around business things. We only have eight days for our road trip, so we are planning to do approx. We'll do the other half another time.

This website has been very helpful. I played all 43 golf courses on Route 66 in 19 days. You can read about it at logoballtraveler. Route 66 Frequently Asked Questions. What is Route 66? How Much of Route 66 is Still Drivable? Updated February 4, Filter by Post type Post Page. So here goes Leave a Reply Cancel routw You must be logged in to post a comment. Log in to Reply.

16 Day Route 66 Itinerary

Oct 15, The total time on the road to drive Route 66 is 52 hours. That's 2 full days and 4 hours solid on the road, changing drivers only at gas stations and not stopping for anything on the way. This does not include any stops, rest, sleep, eating, sight seeing or detours. Jan 19, Historic Route 66 is now approximately 2, miles (3, km) long and across 14 days, a person needs to drive an average of miles ( km) per day. If one drives at 45 miles per hour (MPH) on average, that would be approximately 3 hours and 37 minutes of driving each day. Its merely driving Route count on at least 8 driving days. Youll average about miles a day that way. But remember that you will not have time to stop for the hundreds of things youll encounter, nor have time to photograph things or talk to the locals.

Home Blog. Definition of Plan "Noun. A set of actions that have been thought of as a way to do or achieve something" A check list to plan your trip. Just like you would do for any other vacation, you will have to gather information to plan your Route 66 trip.

This means you have to do some research, read tips and suggestions to learn more about the attractions that you will enjoy during your journey. The four steps that we outline below combined with our Route 66 Route Planner Tool will help you design the perfect Route 66 Road trip.

Our step-by-step checklist will help you to outline your journey and consider everything that you should take into account when planning your trip. If you have friends who have done the trip, ask them about their experience both planning their trip and enjoying it, and also, what they would have skipped and what they are sorry they did not visit during their vacations. You can gather all of your Route 66 vacation planning data here in our website; check the following links:.

You now have a rough outline of where your trip will start and end; the towns, attractions, landmarks, must-see places and other sights. Now you can write down an initial draft of your Route 66 trip plan. The next step will be to try to fit your initial plan into your allocated time frame, see Step 2 below.

How much time can you spare? Your trip will change depending on how much time you have available. But don't be discouraged, a one-week or a one-month trip can be planned so that you can pack as much fun and adventure as possible into it; it all depends on how you Plan your Route 66 road trip.

In step one you defined the possible starting and ending cities of your road trip ; now you can use our Route 66 Road Trip Planner to check their location on the map, and see the distance and driving time between them. Also, start thinking about getting from your home to the starting point and from the end point back home.

See our Flights page, with full information on flights and airports. Check out our International Visitors page for useful travel tips. Factor in the time it will take you to get to US A visitor from the UK will need to calculate the flight times from Britain to the U.

And then, the return flights to get back home. Calculate the time you will need to " Go to and from Route 66 ". Driving is fun and road trips are all about the driving experience.

However Route 66 is also about the sights, the people and enjoying the trip. Drive too many hours and you will get too tired to have fun. So try not keep driving at less than 6 hours per day. You may also want to take side trips to visit nearby attractions or stick to the side road and avoid the Interstate. These roads may mean a slower pace. It is a road trip so it is pretty obvious that you will be driving.

So plan your driving time : From Chicago to Los Angeles it is 2, miles 3, km. You can drive along the old road in some parts, and in others you will have to drive along the Interstate. But you need to consider the towns, cities and villages with their speed limits and traffic , stopping to take in the scenery, to visit the sights, to eat, fill up with gasoline, walking and relaxing; driving on Old Route 66 isn't like cruising along the Interstate, it is a slower trip.

Check our Route 66 travel planner Tool ; it will let you calculate the total distance of your journey between the starting and ending points that you select. It will also give you the total driving time and the Trip duration at the selected driving speed and hours of driving per day, plus a map showing the itinerary. In this example you have 5 days for your road trip. Now refine you Route 66 Trip Plan by estimating:.

Our Route 66 travel planner Tool lets you do this calculation easily, try it! You can select driving time and speed. So, in this example, you will have 8 hours between your check-out and check-in times. If you leave at 9 AM, you will arrive at 5 PM.

You also know the distance you will cover each day in this case mi. And let you plan your accommodation for the night. You now have a draft of your itinerary distance, main sights and the duration of your trip including the driving time and the time to go from your home to Route 66 and back.

How much will the trip cost? You must have a reasonable idea of the cost of your road trip. Take into account the following:. The cost of reaching the Mother Road and getting back home after your trip depends on whether you will fly or drive to and from your home to the starting and ending points of your journey. Calculate these costs, which may include: air fares, getting to the airport, parking, airport taxes, taxi, gasoline, tolls, food while you are traveling to get to US66, etc.

This is a key element in your budget, and the cost will depend on the season high or low and the type of lodging will you stop at some icon landmark motel? To calculate your lodging costs take each of the stopover towns that you identified in Step 2, and the starting and ending points of your journey in case you spend a night there and look for hotels to stay at.

If you plan to drive Route 66 during the high season summer holiday period, reserve your hotel or motel in advance. Some key lodging may be fully booked months in advance, so pinpoint these locations and reserve with plenty of time. There are of some Vintage and Route 66 "must see" hotels with thematic rooms which should be booked well in advance. Demand is high. Read our Tips on Accommodation.

A State by State, Town by Town detail with contact information so that you can check the camp ground's features and book your space now, online. For our international visitors: Are you covered? If you are traveling outside of your home country, your health and accident insurance may not cover you. Learn more about Travel Insurance. Car, motorcycle or RV rental. If you are an international traveler, you will surely rent a vehicle to do your road trip.

Calculate the rental costs and the different options available. Hiring a Car is expensive. For complete information, check out our pages on Renting a Car. We also have information on Motorcycle rental and Renting an RV.

Calculating the cost of food depends on how you like to eat: Will you eat at restaurants? Fast food or more formal meals? Have both Lunch and Dinner? Buy snacks or stock up at the local supermarket? You will have to pay an admission fee at National Parks, Museums and events There are some senior and annual Passes which may interest you.

Always set some cash aside for the unexpected, for souvenirs, emergencies and whatever may tickle your fancy. Review your first draft. Get some more details. Add or remove sights and attractions, perhaps give yourself more time to see things, for shopping or to visit some cultural attraction.

Factor in some side trip. Read more, and improve the original rough draft. Review flight options the connecting flights, the car rental pick up and return points. Check other lodging options. Planning a trip on Route 66 is part of the fun, it is about the journey not the destination; enjoy the process! Trips are lived three times: when we dream them, when we live them, and when we remember them How much should you plan?

Some travelers like to have a very detailed Route 66 trip plan detailing all their stops, the sights they will see and the hotels where they will stay at. This is perhaps a good idea if you have a tight schedule, so that you can optimize your trip. Others, especially those with more time on their hands, prefer an open plan, and are open to letting the road take them to unexpected destinations.

A middle-of-the-road approach is to outline a general broad idea of your Route 66 vacation, and then book key accommodations with plenty of time. Leave room for unexpected scenic spots that may surprise you along the way. A map and Route start living your adventure! Step 1 outcome: A first outline of your trip You now have a rough outline of where your trip will start and end; the towns, attractions, landmarks, must-see places and other sights.

What to Pack Plan it or go with the flow? Hotel bookings Free eBook. Map showing airports close to Route Driving Time: Take it easy Driving is fun and road trips are all about the driving experience. Driving Route 66 planner tool Route 66 planner Check our Route 66 travel planner Tool ; it will let you calculate the total distance of your journey between the starting and ending points that you select. Play around with the planning tool using different starting and ending points for your trip.

Step 2 outcome: outline of itinerary and time required You now have a draft of your itinerary distance, main sights and the duration of your trip including the driving time and the time to go from your home to Route 66 and back. The next step will be to calculate how much will it cost. See Step 3 below. Book your hotel on time!

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