What are some good songs by drake

what are some good songs by drake

15 Great Drake Songs Only Hardcore Fans Know

Oct 08,  · Ahead of Certified Lover Boy, we’re counting down the best Drake songs of all time, including ‘Marvins Room’ ’Hotline Bling’ & ‘God’s Plan’.Author: Ross Scarano. Jul 04,  · This is by far the best angry Drake song, to the tune of 26 F-bombs and the gleeful, unbridled defiance of a kid who has, after years of drubbings, finally beaten his older brother in elvalladolid.com’s a Author: The Ringer Staff.

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Over the past decade, Drake has given us multitudes through his music: singing Drake, rapping Drake, happy Drake, angry Drake, emo Drake, and every Drake in between.

There have been great Drake songs and less-great Drake songs, and even some outright Drake clunkers. What is his worst? Because nobody asked, we felt compelled to list them all, and write further justifications for our top 10 picks. Enjoy our very scientific ranking of Drake songs, in descending order. No mixtape cuts were included, nor were any of his innumerable features. Its message and music video helped it shoot to no. Drake was a teen actor with a passion for decoupage. This is by far the best angry Drake song, to the tune of 26 F-bombs and the gleeful, unbridled defiance of a kid who has, after years of drubbings, finally beaten his older brother in 2K.

When Drizzy invokes the Mase flow on the final verse, any of his remaining haters are left to choke on their own bile. Hold his phone. Six years prior, Drake was just a curiosity, a Canadian who wore peacoats and NikeTalk denim while aping Little Brother. The music videowhich found him dancing in an intentionally meme-able fashion, was a brief glimpse into the self-deprecation that Views desperately needed a splash of.

Drake has always treated celebrity with the practiced indifference of an Instagram star, but before that posture curdled into a dour bitterness, it was actually enjoyable.

That Drake, rocking a North Face jacket and a nasally flow, could somehow stumble into this level of casual opulence meant that any one of us could achieve our party-lifestyle dreams, at least for three minutes on the dance floor. Init still feels like an anomaly. In this case, it triggered a lawsuit from the ghostly ex herself. Drake has been chasing the dizzying high of this mesmerizing and unsettling anti-single for years. He has also been chasing the rock-bottom low.

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Mar 14,  · Source(s): Some of my favs. 0 1 all of drakes songs are known and are good. classic of drake is over though jheez that was fckn mad. 0 1. Anonymous. 1 decade ago. Fear. Light Up. 0 1. Anonymous. 5 years ago. Best I Ever Had, my bf dedicated it to me. List of songs with Songfacts entries for Drake. Paul WilliamsSongwriter Interviews. He's a singer and an actor, but as a songwriter Paul helped make Kermit a cultured frog, turned a bank commercial into a huge hit and made love both "exciting and new" and "soft as an easy chair.". Drake sparked rumours of a R&B-only mixtape when he dropped the amazing song 'I Get Lonely Too' back in Drake - 'Marvin's Room' Back in Drake released a song so personal it actually got.

Skip to Content. Find your favourite from our ranking of the Toronto star's greatest hits. The numbers speak for themselves — five studio albums, four Grammy Awards, songs on the Billboard Hot chart the most of any solo artist and billions of streams worldwide.

One day the world woke up, checked the internet and life was never the same. A perfect, neon-pink slab of wistful nostalgia, tinged with lingering regrets and warm memories. This is the story of all of us. Every single human being loves, loses touch and wonders. People that used to be crucial in our lives, discovering what life is like after us. Drake never needed much more than his voice to be vulnerable.

Drake pines harder than he's ever pined, wrapping in actual clipped-out sections of a messy voicemail left by the former betrothed. This is Drake at his Drakiest, which stopped being an insult a long time ago. Sad, sweet, a little bit funny, a leap of faith that launched Drake straight to the top.

Is he serious? The video is pretty self-aware. What we do know is that despite peaking at a paltry 89 on the Billboard , it tears the house down every time it gets played. Bounce, the ass-shaking New Orleans genre of dance music, heavily influenced Scorpion, and nowhere is it more successfully applied on the TrapMoneyBenny and BlaqNmilD-produced song. Just be careful about doing the accompanying dance challenge out of moving cars. Rightfully so: It's a beautiful, emotional, soothing song.

Jorja Smith and Black Coffee. VIEWS was an abrasive, unapologetically solipsistic record. Drake was angry, in his own head and he punished his listeners with a pitch-black, minute enemies list. Producer 40 agrees, cueing up loungey, red-velvet piano to dance around his trademark subterranean roar. Drake is known for saying too much, but this time he saves himself for a single smirking kiss-off. Even on his weaker albums, Drake manages to create at least one perfect song, usually located smack dab in the middle of an overlong sprawl.

Do you think Drake tries to go viral? There are the college flares on Thank Me Later, the endless groupies on Take Care, the faded hometown memories on Nothing Was The Same, and … whatever the hell is going on with him and Rihanna. Rick Ross. His longtime collaborator 40 is a master of small strokes, and personally responsible for the open space on Take Care and Nothing Was The Same.

But sometimes you need to blow the doors down, sometimes you need to recruit Just Blaze. Choirs, reprises, more choirs, some angelic strings and a concrete drumbeat that somehow penetrates the cacophony. Meanwhile, Drake prattles on about gold, cars, women, etc. But the real star is Rick Ross, who was on another freaking planet in Picking a favourite part of this chart-topping Scorpion hit is impossible.

The cameo from New Orleans bounce trailblazer Big Freedia? The music video which stars pretty much every working Hollywood actress and director? Whatever it was, it made Drake the first artist to have a number one debut replace a former number one debut "God's Plan" at the top of the Hot A sad sack club banger over soft-lit piano chords, some danceable drums and a ton of narcissistic tears-in-Hennessy musings. Cole would write. It might come off a little try-hard now; picking the most auspicious beat he could possibly find and dressing like Michael Jackson in that already-slightly-embarrassing video, but no other origin story could be more perfect for Drake.

Four chords that inspire the same warm feeling in all organic matter, a lovely piano stroke and a cast-off vocal melody. The beat is great, a seasick two-step of mahogany operatic? His verse becomes one of the most resonate things to ever appear on a Drake song. There are plenty of reasons to hate Big Sean, but here's at least one reason to love him. Nicki Minaj. The 14 best hip-hop songs of the decade.

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