What dance means to me essay

what dance means to me essay

Essays About Dance

Dancing is deeply personal and its an expression of something within us something that we can only share with the world through action. I dance because there is nothing that can engage me physically, emotionally and socially like dancing. Its a journey of growth that helps you understand the world from a different perspective. Dec 01, Dance is a gift that brings people together with creativity and music. To me, dance is joyous and brings unity with that happiness. Surely they are the most important gifts to remember at Christmas, and beyond. Kindness, acceptance and joy remembering how lucky we are to dance and holding onto that..

Dancing holds a special place in my life since I was a little girl, I have always loved dancing because it fills my heart with joy.

Dancing is a unique art that only requires passion. Dancing is my life and has changed my life in numerous ways. For me its one of the amazing ways of exercising. One of the most obvious reasons why I dance is that it keeps me fit.

It leaves you sweating, but in the end, you feel great and refreshed. Dancing has certain moral lessons; it teaches us not to give up, dancing is about practicing every day until you learn the right moves.

One thing I have learned as a dancer is perseverance. When you fall or make a mistake, you need courage to get up and try again. Dancing is about hope, hope enable one to perfect his moves and perform better next time to impress the judges.

It encourages us to work hard and never give up, with frequent practice it will pay off. I love dancing for several reasons; dancing makes me feel free, I can express myself through danceat times I dance just to forget my problems.

I sometimes dance to have fun and enjoy the moment. Dancing is the best stress reliever, if I feel upset and angry I dance away the pain to make me feel better. Anger makes me dance better. When I dance I feel free what time is the euromillions draw happy again, especially after having a bad day. Through dancing, I have met some amazing friends, the best part of being a dancer you will always meet people and share your experience.

Throughout my dancing career, I have met the best dancers in the world who have greatly inspired me. Dancing is the best medium which people show the world their true colors, showing who they can be. Through dancing, we understand our emotions and know ourselves better by understanding our talents in such a way that we did not know until we danced.

When we dance, we connect with music that affects our body, our thoughts, and the mind. Dancing has taught how to clean out air conditioner condensate line a lot in life, I have learned to respond to the changing circumstances in life creatively have learned to be confident, and I have learned to listen to my emotions and understand my feelings.

Dancing is deeply personal and its an expression of something within us something that we can only share with what month was francisco pizarro born world through action.

I dance because there is nothing that can engage me physically, emotionally and socially like dancing. Dancing is the best way to spend my free time. Compared to other leisure activities, dancing helps me achieve more; it gives me hope, freedom, confidence and shapes me into a person in many ways. I would not be who I am today without my passion for dancing. If you try it, you will feel the same. I dance because I have been doing it since I was young and it has become part of who I am today, dancing gives me an indescribable feeling that I cannot get anywhere else.

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Dance Essay. Page 1 of 50 - About essays. Dance Is An Art?: Is Dance A Sport? Words | 5 Pages. Is dance an art? Is dance a sport? According to Google, dance is not considered an official sport, but it does have many sport like qualities and competitions. Many people would disagree with Googles definition, however just as many would. Apr 24, please read my essay and tell me what you think!!! What Dance Means to me! Dancing has been an important part of my life for sixteen years, When I was two my mother enrolled me in dance. . The dance is an expression of emotion, grace, sense of rhythm and beauty, but also of cultural traditions all these make it an interesting exploration. Topics in this category deal with the types of dance and their underlying philosophy, the cultural heritage represented by various types of dance, the history of specific types of dance, outfit for various dances, differences in hip hop, jazz, electronic, .

Dance has always been there for me. Ever since I was 3 years old I have been putting on my tights and leotard and heading over to the studio. It was always something to look forward to during my school day. No matter what went on in my life, dance was always there to make the bad days better. Dance takes dedication and countless hours of work.

Bloody feet, sweaty skin, many tears, and lots of rejection. Us dancers put up with that. When you love something so much the good days surpass the bad. When you land that one part you were dying to get it makes up for the five you lost. That is why I love dance. Even when I feel like I am not good enough, dance reminds me that no one is perfect.

Practice makes you a better dancer and that is all. You can always improve; perfection is just a myth. Dance means so much more to me than it does to other people. Some just see it as a hobby, but I see it as my whole life. Each time I step into a studio, whether it is in my home town or in college, I know I am where I belong. The way I feel when the music comes on and my body takes over is amazing. Nothing beats how satisfying it is when you nail those hard turns or jumping sequence.

Or when you finish performing your first solo. The rush you get reminds you why dance is so important. Dance creates unbreakable bonds. That is something that cannot be repaid. I am beyond grateful for the amazing people I have met through my years in dance. I have seen so many girls younger than me grow up.

Memories from competitions, conventions, and recitals will stay with me forever. I thank dance for everything. Dance is one of the most rewarding art forms. Not only do dancers learn how to move their bodies in abnormal ways, but they learn to do it so gracefully it seems easy.

Flexibility does not usually come naturally, but us dancers work for it despite the pain. Performing multiple shows a day puts a toll on our bodies, but the moment we hit the stage you would think it was our first time.

The key to success is pure passion. Constantly introducing young children to the magical works of nature will further increase the willingness to engage in playful activities as well as broaden their interactions with their peers. According to a new research study published in Frontiers in Psychology , being connected to nature and physically touching animals and flowers enable children to be happier and altruistic in nature. Not only does nature exert a bountiful force on adults, but it also serves as a therapeutic antidote to children, especially during their developmental years.

Allan and Kristen Rogers highlight, "The researchers found children who felt connected to nature-feeling pleasure when seeing wildflowers and animals, hearing sounds of nature-engaged in altruism, or actions that helped other people.

When I was in elementary school, I remember how thrilled I would be whenever we had class field trips! Those field trips were always exhilarating and a whole new learning experience because we would learn how to work as a team and then begin to realize how teamwork will eventually lead to our success in the task performed.

Taking the time to carefully and analytically observe the sublime beauty of nature opens up brand new ways to take care of our planet in the efforts to further maintain the vitality of the biotic factors which govern our lives in a way.

We get to become more eco-friendly and kids are exposed to that relationship early on making it easier for them to always strive to make our world a better place! In fact, nature has been known to be the "natural healer" of many neurological diseases in both adults and children. For instance, medical journals have shed light on the fact that nature is a great cure for children suffering from autism, epilepsy, and stress-related disorders.

Hence, kids should definitely be exposed to nature during the early stages of their life as they will become more inclined to appreciate the vitality and importance of it. If there's one thing I'm absolutely terrible at, it's giving myself grace. I'm easily my own worst critic in almost everything that I do.

I'm a raging perfectionist, and I have unrealistic expectations for myself at times. I can remember simple errors I made years ago, and I still hold on to them. The biggest thing I'm trying to work on is giving myself grace. I've realized that when I don't give myself grace, I miss out on being human. Even more so, I've realized that in order to give grace to others, I need to learn how to give grace to myself, too.

So often, we let perfection dominate our lives without even realizing it. I've decided to change that in my own life, and I hope you'll consider doing that, too. Grace begins with a simple awareness of who we are and who we're becoming.

As you read through these five affirmations and ways to give yourself grace, I hope you'll take them in. Read them. Write them down. Think about them. Most of all, I hope you'll use them to encourage yourself and realize that you are never alone and you always have the power to change your story.

Realize that being burnt out doesn't mean that you're not good at what you do. This is an affirmation that has become a little more real for me as I get busier. So often, I want to do my best in everything that I do, and I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing.

The trouble starts when we overwork ourselves and work so hard that we forget why we do the things we're doing. It's the point in the semester where students start to feel burnt out, and I've started to feel it, too. I've realized that some days, I need a little bit more rest or a few more breaks than usual.

That's OK. Taking a break or being exhausted doesn't mean that you're not good at what you do. Instead, I like to think about it as a simple nudge to re-direct.

Yes, I hope you do big things. I hope you put your all into everything that you do, but I also hope you know that it's OK to step away. I also hope you know that it's normal to feel burnt out or discouraged or exhausted at times.

However, I hope you have the discernment to realize when being burnt out becomes a regular routine and commit to change.

I hope you have the courage to realize that the people who care the most often feel like they aren't caring enough. I hope you realize that you are good even when your performance isn't. Most of all, I hope you prioritize your mental health, and yes, that might mean taking a break or walking away.

You can love what you do and realize that it's time to move on in a new direction, or perhaps, you can circle back to why you started. When you do that, I hope it all makes sense, but until then, take care of yourself. Be gentle with yourself, even when you aren't quite sure of your next steps.

This is a huge thing for me, and it's something that I have to remind myself of more than I would like to admit. I am a raging perfectionist in everything that I do. I am easily my worst critic, and I realize that some of the expectations I hold for myself are unrealistic.

Yes, by all means, I hope you set goals for yourself. I hope you strive for excellence, but I hope you realize that no one is asking for you to be perfect. We're all messy humans with strengths and weaknesses, but more importantly, we're all humans with a story.

Embrace yours, even when it isn't perfect. I've found that the things we consider our greatest weaknesses are often the things that make us the most relatable. Understand that people are learning from you in ways that you may never know. Other people need you to be human to the fullest. More importantly, you need yourself to be human to the fullest. When you make mistakes, take responsibility and learn from them. When you make mistakes, remember that this isn't the first or the last mistake that you've made.

Give in to grace. Each mistake is a step in your life, and without them, we wouldn't have growth. There are a whole lot better things to be than perfect.

I hope you choose to be kind. I hope you choose to be empathetic. I hope you choose to be good. It's much better than being perfect, anyway. Our world puts a huge emphasis on making it seem like we have our lives together. The reality is, if we're being human to the fullest, we probably won't have it all together all the time. That's completely OK.

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