What does sbc stand for

what does sbc stand for

The SBC: What is it and do I need one?

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Early deployments of SBCs were focused on the borders between two service provider networks in a peering environment. The term "session" refers to a communication between two parties — in the context of telephony, this would be a call. Each call consists of one or more call signaling message exchanges that control the call, and one or more call media streams which carry the call's audio, video, or other data along with information of call statistics and quality.

Together, these streams make up a session. It is the job of a session border controller to exert influence over the data flows of sessions. The term "border" refers to a point of demarcation between one part of a network and another. As a simple example, at the edge of a corporate network, a firewall demarcates the local network inside the corporation from the rest of the Internet outside the corporation.

A more complex example is that of a stanf corporation where different departments have stxnd needs for each location and perhaps for each kind of data.

In this case, filtering routers or other network elements are used to control the flow of data streams. It is the job of a session border controller to assist policy administrators in managing the flow of session data across these borders. The term "controller" refers ddoes the influence that session border controllers have on the data streams that comprise sessions, as they traverse borders between one part of a network and another. Additionally, session border controllers often provide measurement, access control, and data conversion facilities for the calls they control.

In many cases the SBC hides the network topology and protects the service provider or enterprise packet networks. The SBC terminates an inbound call and initiates the second call leg to the destination party.

The effect of this fot is that not only the signaling traffic, but also the media traffic voice, video is controlled by the SBC. In cases where the SBC does not have the capability to provide media services, SBCs are also able to redirect media traffic to a different element elsewhere in the network, for recording, generation of music-on-hold, or other media-related purposes. Conversely, without an SBC, the media traffic travels directly between the endpoints, without the in-network call signaling elements having control over their path.

In other cases, the SBC simply modifies the stream of call control signaling data involved in each call, perhaps limiting the kinds of calls that can be conducted, changing the codec choices, and so on. Ultimately, SBCs allow the network operators to manage the calls that are made on their networks, fix or change protocols and protocol syntax to achieve interoperability, and also overcome some of the problems that firewalls and network address translators NATs present for VoIP calls.

To show the operation of an SBC, one can compare a simple call establishment sequence with a call establishment sequence with an SBC. The proxy also adds a Via header with its own address to indicate the path that the response should traverse. The proxy does not change any dialog identification information what does sbc stand for in the message such as the tag in the From header, the Call-Id or the Cseq.

Proxies also do not alter any information in the SIP message bodies. Note that during the session initiation phase the user agents exchange SIP messages with the SDP bodies that include addresses at which the agents expect the media traffic. After successfully finishing the session initiation phase the user agents can exchange the media traffic directly between each other without the involvement of the proxy.

SBCs are designed for many applications and are used by operators and enterprises to achieve a variety of goals. Even the same SBC implementation might act differently depending on its configuration and the use case. In general it is possible to identify certain features that are common to SBCs. For example, most SBCs are implemented as back-to-back user agent. While a proxy usually keeps only state information related to active transactions, B2BUAs keep state information about active dialogs, e.

Stahd is, once a proxy receives a SIP request it will save some state information. Once the transaction is over, e. A B2BUA will maintain state information for active calls and only delete this information once the call is terminated. In this sense, the SBC actually terminates that call that was generated by the caller and starts a new call towards the callee. Further, in case the SBC is configured to also control the scb traffic then the SBC also changes the media addressing information included in the c and m lines of the How to start gift basket business body.

Note that the list of header manipulations listed here is only a subset of the possible changes that an SBC might introduce to a SIP message.

Furthermore, some SBCs might not do all dors the listed manipulations. If what is the ringing noise in your ear SBC what does sbc stand for not expected to control the media traffic then there might be no need to change anything in the SDP header.

Some SBCs do not change the dialog identification information and others might even not change the addressing information. SBCs are often used by corporations along with firewalls and intrusion prevention systems IPS to enable VoIP calls to and from a protected enterprise network. VoIP service providers use SBCs to allow the use of VoIP protocols from private networks with Internet connections using NAT, and also to implement strong security measures that are necessary to maintain a high quality of service.

SBCs also replace the function of application-level gateways. There are often tremendous cost savings associated with routing traffic through the internal IP networks of an enterprise, rather than wgat calls through a traditional circuit-switched phone network. Most SBCs also provide firewall features for VoIP traffic denial of service protection, call filtering, bandwidth management.

Protocol normalization and header manipulation is also commonly provided by SBCs, enabling communication between different vendors and networks. Standards-based protocol, such as the H. During its infancy, the concept of SBC was controversial to proponents of end-to-end stannd and peer-to-peer networking because:. Most of the controversy surrounding SBCs pertains to whether call control should remain solely with the two endpoints in a call in service to their ownersor should what is the best way to loose belly fat be shared with other network elements owned by the organizations managing various networks involved in connecting the two call endpoints.

For example, should call control remain with Alice and Bob two callers how to calibrate an instrument, or should call control be shared with the operators of all the IP networks involved in connecting Alice and Bob's VoIP phones together. The debate of this point was vigorous, almost religious, in nature. On the other side, network operators are abc concerned about overall network performance, interoperability and quality, and want to ensure it is secure.

An SBC may provide session media usually RTP and signaling often SIP wiretap services, which can be used by providers to enforce requests for the lawful interception of network sessions. With the field narrowed by acquisition, NexTone merged with Reefpoint becoming Nextpoint, which was subsequently acquired in by Genband.

The continuing growth of VoIP networks pushes SBCs further to the edge, mandating adaptation in capacity and complexity. Vendors are addressing these new scale requirements in a variety of ways.

Some have developed separate, load balancing systems to sit in front of SBC clusters. Others, have developed new whxt using the latest generation chipsets offering higher performance SBCs and scalability using service cards. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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What does SBC stand for? List of SBC definitions. Top SBC abbreviation meanings updated April SBC: Sensotronic Brake Control (Mercedes-Benz) SBC: Strategic Business Consulting (various locations) SBC: Swiss Bank Corporation: SBC: Seattle's Best Coffee: SBC: Standards of Business Conduct: SBC: Specialized Bicycle Components (Morgan Hill, CA) SBC: Small Business Consultants (various locations) SBC: Sustainable Buildings and Construction. 26 rows · SBC Stands For: All acronyms () Airports & Locations (3) Business & Finance (34) .

Sort results: alphabetical rank? Menu Search. New search features Acronym Blog Free tools. What does SBC stand for? Your abbreviation search returned meanings. Acronym Finder. Rank Abbr. Small Block Chevy automotive engine. Sun Belt Conference college athletics. Single-Board Computer. Southern Baptist Convention. Session Border Controller. Server-Based Computing. Southern Baptist Church. Southwestern Bell Corporation. Sacha Baron Cohen actor. Scottish Borders Council. Small Business Committee various organizations.

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Sarawak Biodiversity Centre. Slough Borough Council. Schlumberger Business Consulting various locations; est.

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