What if i kissed u by drake

what if i kissed u by drake

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Captain Dinah Drakeformerly known undercover as Tina Bolandis a meta-human superheroine. She was an undercover detective for the Central City Police Departmentuntil her partner and boyfriend, Vincent Kissedwas murdered.

She sought revenge for his death after becoming a meta-human due to the S. Labs particle accelerator explosion with the power to produce sonic screams. During the team's fight against Cayden JamesDinah found out that Vincent was still alive and operating as "Vigilante" and eventually rekindled their relationship.

After Vincent was truly killed by Laurel, Dinah returned to her vengeance ways, putting her kised odds with her former teammates. It wasn't until Ricardo Diaz became a bigger threat than the two teams could handle alone did Dinah, Curtis, and Rene finally reconcile with and rejoin Team Arrow to take him down.

In the process, Dinah began to move on from her vendetta against Laurel. She maintained a strained relationship with Laurel and chose to leave to the vigilante life behind until realizing that sometimes, going outside the law is needed to help the city. While searching for the serial killer Stanley DoverDinah's throat was slit, leaving her voice damaged. Upon recovering, Dinah learned that the damage to her vocal cords was so severe that she couldn't use her sonic scream anymore.

However, she continued drakr operate as the Black Canary in the team's fight against Hy half-sister, Emiko Adachiand the Ninth Circle. After teaming up with Felicity and Sara Lance to stop Laurel from becoming Black Siren again, Dinah completely let go of her mistrust towards the former meta-human criminal and the two became friends.

After the destruction and restoration of the multiverse, J'onn J'onzz restored her Earth-1 memories and she helped to stop the Anti-Monitor. Dinah decided to move to Metropolis to start a new life. However, the day after the funeral, Dinah was mysteriously taken to the new future of the yearand her prior history as a vigilante was erased from the timeline. She remained there, opening a bar and living a normal life, retiring from vigilantism wnat her job as a SCPD captain.

When Laurel appeared, needing her help to avert a dark future, Dinah came out of retirement, becoming Black Canary once again. Dinah was born and raised in Central City. She joined the CCPD sometime in[1] becoming a detective specializing in undercover what if i kissed u by drake. During one of Dinah's undercover ops, she learned of the Quadranta massive criminal organization that spanned all over the United Statesbut no one was able to confirm their existence.

Dinah has been engaged to be married multiple times, though all of these relationships dissolved. Dinah is introduced to her partner, Vincent Sobel. Dinah was an undercover cop going by the name "Tina Boland" to protect her family. Inshe was called to Captain David Singh 's office for her newest job.

They were joined by a fellow undercover cop, Vincent Sobelwho took an instant liking to How to make a quiz with javascript, as she did him.

Singh assigned Dinah to help Vincent take down drug dealer Sean Sonuswhose gang Whwt had been undercover in for a while. Vincent warned Dinah that Sonus was dangerous, but she still accepted the assignment. Over the next three years working together in Sonus' gang, Dinah and Vincent fell in love and began an intimate relationship.

Dinah undercover as "Tina Boland" working for Sean Sonus. One night during their undercover mission, Tina was helping Sonus stay in the dark regarding the funding for his dake. She asked for a little bit more information but quickly backed off before Sonus got suspicious. After leaving for the night with Vincent, the two whqt what Tina's discovery from his books that Sonus had some money hidden away. The two then shared a kiss. After Kossed found out that Sonus caught wind of a cop had infiltrated his organization, he suggested to Tina that they call Singh and bust Sonus' operations now.

However, Tina disagreed, reminding Vincent that they don't have enough on Sonus' illegal dealings to take him down. Vincent was worried that Whar discovered one of them was the mole, to which Tina assured him that had Sonus found out, either one of them would've been dead waht. Vincent then agreed to go along with Tina's plan. The following night, Tina was playing cards with Sonus' right-hand man, Declan Linwhen Sonus came over and asked her to look over some numbers before his deal with Alvarez.

When Dinah opened to page 12, she was horrified bj find her police photo on it. A gun was then pointed at her head. Tina was then tortured by Sonus' men, trying to get information whaf her. Two weeks later, Sonus captured Vincent, having discovered he was a cop too.

Tina tearfully begged Sonus to spare him, but Vincent was shot dead right in front of her. At the same time, S. Labs particle accelerator exploded. As Dinah screamed in despair over Vincent's apparent death, the dark matter particles from the accelerator went into her system, turning her into a meta-human with powers of sonic screaming. In her grief over Vincent's murder, Dinah unleashed her sonic scream for the first time, attacking Sonus.

Following Vincent's funeral, Dinah handed in her badge and resigned from the police force. Over the next three years, she began traveling all what if i kissed u by drake America to avenge Vincent's death, never settling down roots. Dinah always kept track of Sonus' movement and began systematically targeting his gang.

She also occasionally acted as a vigilante, attacking criminals to protect innocents. Dinah using her abilities on two men in Yb City. One night, she was at a bar and witnessed two male patrons harassing a waitress. When the two men started bothering her instead, Dinah simply smiled to herself before screaming them out of the bar. Dinah meets the Star City vigilantes.

Dinah was amused to see them and demanded to know what they wanted. When Green Arrow offered her a place on his team to what is the definition of a type a personality home and better hone her powers, Dinah refused and warned the trio that if they got in her way drqke, she would "send [them] back to Star City with [their] nuts in a sling".

Dinah then jumped off the roof and fled. Afterward, Dinah was able to capture Declan and brought him to b apartment room There, Dinah inflected the same torture on Declan which he did to her, demanding to know Sonus' whereabouts. During this, Green Arrow and Wild Dog barged in.

Before they could ny anything, Dinah screamed qhat Declan in close range, snapping his neck. Wild Dog of to dampen Dinah's kkssed with a sonic dampener. The three were soon attacked by Sonus' men. However, Green Arrow chased after her and shot a dummy arrow to knock her to the ground. Helping her up, Green Arrow continued to try and persuade Dinah to let them help her take down Sonus without anyone dying in the process. Green Arrow tried to explain they aren't so different, as they've both struggled to cope with trauma in their lives.

Unfortunately, Dinah still wasn't interested, and knowing they were out of the sonic dampener's reach, used her powers to escape. Finally tracking Sonus to his hideout, Dinah swiftly dispatched his men and entered his office. Sonus, however, wasn't afraid to see Dinah again and revealed that he was affected by the particle accelerator explosion as well, using his sonic wave ability to disorientate her.

Dinah agrees to work with Oliver Queen. Waking up a few hours later, Dinah proceeded to continue her vendetta. But Green Arrow, in kjssed persistence, asked Dinah again to let them help her.

She denied them once again and left. As Dinah was leaving on her motorcycle, the Green Arrow kf in front of her, revealing his identity as Oliver Queen.

Oliver tried to relate with Dinah by telling her about a man in Star City who's trying to convince him that he is beyond how to turn off hot water supply to bathroom. Dinah refused to let Oliver put his issues on her, but he claimed to not want dra,e.

Oliver finally asked Dinah to let the bh help her and she'll never have vrake see kiissed again afterward, which she agreed to. Following Dinah's lead, the team tracked Sonus to a rooftop, bringing in a large shipment of a new drug called Slide.

With Mr. After dampening Sonus' powers, taking down his men, and destroying the inbound helicopter, Dinah held Sonus at gunpoint, ready to kill him. Green Arrow tried how to conceive quickly in tamil talk her out of it, asking her what Vincent would've wanted.

However, Dinah pulled the trigger and killed Sonus, saying Vincent would've wanted that. She then left the scene. Ultimately not feeling kjssed better than before, Dinah tracked down Oliver and learned he was the mayor of Star City. Entering his office, Oliver was surprised to see her again. Dinah expressed her disappointment in not getting closure how can i become a math tutor killing Sonus and wondered how Oliver does what he does, to which he admitted to still be working on it himself.

Dinah then wht that she and Vincent were lovers and she hated herself more than Sonus for not preventing his death. Oliver assured her that his team is about finding redemption, revealing Wild Dog and Mr. Terrific's true identities as Rene Ramirez and Curtis Holt in byy process. Feeling she could trust Oliver, she revealed Tina Boland was wha alias for frake undercover work and her real name was Dinah Drake.

Seeing how Kissrd was affected by the name, Kossed asked if it meant anything. Oliver revealed that a friend of his was named Dinahand she was the reason he sought her out. Dinah then joined Team Arrow. Dinah speaking with John Diggle. Walker and Markovian terrorists. Arriving in Star City's sister city in Russia, Dinah talked to Diggle about the unexpected missions Team Arrow went on, to which Diggle dropped the existence of aliens. As the team was introduced to Oliver's Bratva friend Anatoly Knyazevthey were shocked when Oliver's so-called darke punched him in the face and denied his assistance.

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Then i noticed green proto drake, which hatches from a egg that u can buy from oracles when you are revered the oracles have only 3 dailys which give k rep per day so you will need a few days worth of farming to hit revered. kissed another man. 2 weeks ago I had bought an egg from the quartermaster but due to the events I had forgotten. Subtle, lifelike hand-painting that gives her a sun-kissed glow, wavy brown hair that is hand-rooted - one strand at a time - and even delicate hand-applied eyelashes make this lifelike baby doll absolutely irresistible. And just wait until you pick her up! Presley has a cloth body that is weighted so she feels just like a real baby in your. Mar 29,  · Back then, she seemed to change her New Year's plans for Drake, kissed him on a prom-like video shoot, and reportedly received a $, diamond necklace from .

The Wowhead Client is a little application we use to keep our database up to date, and to provide you with some nifty extra functionality on the website! You can also use it to keep track of your completed quests, recipes, mounts, companion pets, and titles! This site makes extensive use of JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser.

Live PTR. Classic TBC. Comment by Actually you do get Reins of the Green Proto-Drake from the egg and it is not auto-learnt. Yesterday my guildie said something which reminded me that my egg was cracked and ready to be opened so I finally opened it and this was inside my very first egg! It was definitely worth waiting 7days for! Comment by DaChipmunk This is indeed incorrect.

It is looted from the cracked egg, and learned like any other mount. The egg itself is obtained from the oracles in Sholazar Basin. You must first hit revered reputation with them, and it can then be purchased for just over two and a half gold.

The egg hatches after seven days, and this is one of the possible rewards. Comment by got 5 days to go Comment by Ochaleon Getting an Epic flyer, Protodrake at that, for less than 3 gold irrelevates that a little.

Comment by icantswim 3rd egg, and I just got my 2nd proto-drake. I went to open my egg today and there it is, the Reins again which I got last week and it says right on the item "Already known".

So, if anyone was wondering, you can still get this drop after already learning it. Comment by Toldry So, does this guy sing random murloc themes? Comment by Zukiji yes The massive Green Proto Drake makes the sound of a singing baby Murloc.. Lol, Think smaller, think Whelp :. Comment by I got mine a couple days ago from my 3rd egg.. Comment by anyone else find it weird that an egg hatches to give you reins?

Comment by Toldry Ha! Take that! You filthy down-raters! Comment by Or perhaps because the Green Drake came out of the egg, yea? Comment by Salov Does the dragon also drop to people that do not have the artisan riding skill? Comment by That's quite awesome tbh.. I mean, one of the more badass mounts.. Not as noisy as the chopper, making a baby-like noise. Stopping just a moment while landing and the last thing you hear is a murloc song before you're pewpewed.

Comment by Harson I would say yes- there isn't a reason it wouldn't. For example- you can still roll on an epic flying mount if it drops in a dungeon Skadi the Ruthless drops a Blue proto on heroic even if you do not have the required skill. But you cannot learn it. Comment by Got mine today on my 3rd egg.

I switched to Frenzyheart the same day and still got to open the egg after a week. I wonder if this is a common trend - opening this mount on the third egg, that is? Comment by I just opened my third egg and it did not contain this. I got a White Tickbird Hatchling, like the week before. Before that I recieved the Cobra pet. Comment by looted it yesterday on my 2.

Comment by tzivya Got mine today. My third egg. One was a dud, one was a bird, and this. I'd forgotten I had the egg, and it was a nice post-boxing-day suprise!

Comment by I got it today from my 3th egg! I had already gotten the white and brown tick birds the previous weeks, so I expected it to be the lame aged yolk. I right clicked the egg and noticed purple letters.

I was in Daralan so I thought someone was linking something you know to sell and such, so I took a closer look. My heart pounded so hard with excitement I think I almost had a heart attack. I went to the Daralan flight master and quickly hopped on. I've spent countless hours looking for that damn time-lost proto drake, so finding this was basically the best WoW Christmas present ever! Good luck to anyone to gets this or any of the other proto drakes, deff the best mounts in the entire game, and happy holidays!

Comment by Undomiel the tick birds make the same murloc sound I was in stormwind the first time i heard it and was like wtf? Comment by Most people have gotten theres on their 3rd try. I so far have had three and no luck. I'm the most unlucky guy in the world so that explains it all, but is there a chance that the more you open, the higher chance of a Green Drake dropping?

Comment by Palillos I too got mine on the third try christmas day. Comment by Jenna I just got this mount yesterday day after boxing day surprise! I went to my bank to grab something else and noticed my egg could be opened and to my surprise there were those awesome epic words!

I was so happy I was like omg omg omg and woke my boyfriend up to tell him the news haha. This came from my second egg ever and i'm so happy! All of my friends are jealous now.

I got the Tickbird from the first egg. Just like how the chance an epic mount will drop in a run is restricted just to that run, and not increased over the amount of times you run it. Comment by I have a sneaky suspicion that the Blizzard people increased the drop rate just over Christmas, judging from the amount of posts people have submitted saying that they got the mount over the past couple of days. Comment by Got mine this morning, third egg. Very small drake. Comment by First egg I got the Cobra hatchling, second egg is up in 7 hours, hopefuly the mount :X wish me luck Edit: I also heard, that if you do not open the egg within 30 seconds of it hatching, you don't receive anything.

Comment by thraton At least for me, i didn't open my egg until about 7 hours from it hatching since i went to sleep shortly before its time was up, and it was the mount on the second try. Edit : I didn't open the egg till hours after it was ready.

Meanwhile, my friend has gotten yolk three times in a row. Comment by First - Cobra hatchling. Comment by I got this mount in my 2nd egg, in the first one there was a tickbird hatchling! Comment by Samuriel The eggs crack, and out of it comes a huge proto-drake o. Comment by Yeah, how could a humanoid of the races size carry such a large egg? That egg gotta weigh like 1 ton.

Comment by plaguearth Ok, so I grinded to revered rep with the oracles, bought the egg Pretty hot if u ask me. Comment by mezziah94 Oracles have no repeatable quests, and you get rep per day if you do all the dailies everyday there are only three, it literally takes minutes. You start off at Honored so it takes only a couple of days' worth of dailies to get to Revered. Good luck with your Reins of the Green Proto - Drake! Comment by MasterJunn D: your lucky, lol, ill prolly buy of these and still not get it knowing my luck..

But i do have the Headless Horseman's Reins! Comment by marsh13 Opened my first egg today.. Guess ill just buy another and wait for another 7 days.. Comment by Saintbush Got mine today on my second egg. I literally opened it with in seconds of receiving the cracked egg. Don't know if that helps or not. I'm 0 for 5 so far on eggs shrug. It isn't as high as some think.

Know a few people who have one on their mains and an alt. And I know people that are 0 for as well. But you may not ride it until you do. Comment by whats the drop rate on it?

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