What inspires you to dance

what inspires you to dance

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Jan 11, What inspires you to Dance? This video is part of a larger video called "Dance & Inspiration" You can see the full 30 minute higher resolution video at. Hrisi also said, that what inspires her to dance is everyones strong attitude, the effort that each girl from the group shows, the satisfaction, that each one of them gets, etc. Her favorite moment with Hope is every single moment. She feels that way, because she .

Today the BBC is airing an interview with choreographer extraordinaire Wayne McGregor, who talks about how John Travolta's smooth moves first got him interested in dance. And you know what? Weird as Travolta initially sounds as an idol for the guy who's now resident choreographer at the Royal Ballet, I totally see it.

McGregor's dances today have the same noodly fluidity that Travolta shows off on Saturday Night Fever 's technicolor disco floor. Check it outhere's Travolta circa Anyway, McGregor's interview got me thinking about what first inspired me to dance. Beyond a general love of tutus and all things pinkwhich, let's be honest, was definitely a part of ballet's allure for 3-year-old meit was Gelsey Kirkland's performance in Mikhail Baryshnikov's Nutcracker that really got me hooked.

Kirkland's Clara is so impossibly light and delicate, the epitome of feminine elegance. And that sparkly dress she wears in the second actheavennn! I how to care for a betta fish in a bowl pretty hard for her, and for ballet. I never even came close to her ideal in my own dancing, but it also never left the back of my mind.

First dance lovesjust like first real-life loves, they make pretty strong impressions on us. Last year, anti-Asian hate crimes increased by percent in many of America's largest cities. And last month, a mass shooting in the Atlanta area took the lives of eight people, six of them Asian women. We asked six to share their thoughts about anti-Asian racism and how it appears in the dance world. Here's what they had to say. A post shared by Alex Wong alexdwong.

Dance Spirit : How would you describe your Asian-American identity? Alex Wong: I'm Chinese. My parents are from Hong Kong, and they moved to Canada for their final year of high school or first year of college. I grew up in Canada. Cantonese was technically my first language, but now it's quite rusty, though I can still speak conversationally. I'd say I grew up with Chinese values in Western culture. I have a good understanding of both. DS : You recently posted a video about a group that threw rocks at your head while you were biking in New York City.

What motivated you to speak up about your experience? AW: When it happened, I was not physically hurt and not really emotionally hurt. I was just annoyed at the situation, so I made a video diary and then let it go. The shooting in Atlanta made me think about it again. I couldn't say for sure if it was a targeted Asian crime against me, but I felt like, subconsciously, it had to be.

They probably threw rocks because of the way I looked. They knew I wouldn't fight back or make a stink about it. It's very ingrained within us Asian Americans to not make a big deal. I'm used to keeping my head low, but here, I thought I should speak up. Even if it didn't hurt me, I could possibly prevent this from happening to someone else. What if it had been my mom or my grandma, or an what is peoplesoft software used for person?

Or even someone less physically capable who would've lost balance on their bike? I wanted to use my platform to let people know that these things are happening and it's not OK. DS : How does the dance world what is a usb drive into conversations about anti-Asian racism? AW: When I was about 15, I was at a crossroads in my career: I could pursue the commercial side of danceTV, film, Broadway and things like thator I could pursue ballet.

Even though my parents would have supported that, the idea of stability was still important. The commercial route just wasn't realistic. I pursued ballet for seven years.

I've seen improvement what inspires you to dance my career. It's gone from "You can't have more than one" to recently: I've been on shoots where there are so many Asians in the cast. I did a Mastercard commercial last year, and I think there were four of us in a very early shot. We were all like "Go Asians! It's nice when there are more, but it's still rare enough that I notice it when it happens. AW: Use your own platform to spread good, happiness, joythings like that.

Being yourself is enough. A post shared by Christine Flores christinefl0res. Christine Flores: I'm actually Asian-Canadian. I'm half Chinese, half Filipino, and Trini. My mom was born in Trinidad, and, growing up, that was a huge part of our culture. Growing up in Canada, we were taught to embrace everyone's culture. It's not that we didn't see ethnicity, but we didn't try to divide people into white, Black or Asian.

For example, I didn't use the term "white," but would say they're Italian or What is the irs pin number. I'm very grateful for having been taught to celebrate people's differences.

DS : What would you like people to know about the rise in anti-Asian violence and racism? It feels really unsafe in places where I would usually feel at home. The attacks are happening in places that are busy, areas that I'm in all the time.

I usually wear my headphones walking or on the subway, but now I won't. I don't want to travel alone. I try not to draw attention to myself, which also sucks. In a time when women are trying to be empowered, I feel suppressed. I don't want to be seen because something could happen to me.

CF: I'm usually one of the few Asians in a company, and I feel torn. There's the idea of tokenism, which what to do in pokhara it hard to tell why you're being chosen. In some companies, I feel like I'm filling a diversity quota. In others, I feel like I'm hired because of my talent. It's hard to know if people are being authentic.

In the hip-hop community, I see a lot of diversity. But not as much in the contemporary scene, where there's some elitism that doesn't always highlight Asians, or if they are highlighted, they are light-skinned or look white.

Not everyone may agree with this, but it does make me question if these companies are being truly inclusiveit's just a question. I also have a positive experience, though. She said it was so great to see an Asian woman up there in a lead role, because we're always the supporting role. I realized that was true, and it touched my heart.

I thought, "Wow, I'm standing up for Asian women. CF: As artists, it's our place to make people feel uncomfortable. We need to keep having these uncomfortable conversations. Even just making an effort to learn, to read, to listen is a big if you love what you do. Look inside and question why you feel a certain way or why something makes you uncomfortable.

Even check in with your friends and ask them if something you said was wrong or insensitive. It's hard, but being brave enough to ask the question and then being responsible for the outcome is a huge step. A what is active and passive immunity shared by Ellen Kim Creative Director ellenkimchee.

Ellen Kim: I am Korean-American. Part of my culture is to respect your elders. We don't speak loudly to our elders, and we honor the hierarchy of our family. One thing about Korean culture that I love is nunchiwhich means the ability to read the room, people's energy, their feelings. It's the awareness of self and others. Another big thing is food. I believe our love language is to feed other people.

I'm from San Francisco, which is very diverse, but I did grow up seeing Asians hating on Asians, others hating on Asians, and vice versa. I'm so thankful I've been able to travel the world teaching dance, but I've also seen the world's view of me.

In Europe, I was called racial slurs, and when I corrected them, they said being American is worse. Even in Korea, since I don't know the language very well, I always get looked down on. We need to stop hate in our community and around what it is sophia fresh lyrics world. EK: Right now, it's a blessing to see Minari get recognized by the Oscars and to see so many Asian Americans on television.

But years ago, when I was acting as well as dancing, I encountered so many casting directors asking for an Asian accent.

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Sep 06, To the people who inspired me, "Dance is a way to find yourself and lose yourself all at the same time" -Unkown Dance was a big part of my life growing up and is one of the main reasons I am who I am today. From the time I was one until I graduated high school, I took dance, and it has taught me so much throughout the 18 years. Jun 14, Am I nuts? Or do you see the similarities too? Anyway, McGregor's interview got me thinking about what first inspired me to dance. Beyond a general love of tutus and all things pinkwhich, let's be honest, was definitely a part of ballet's allure for 3-year-old meit was Gelsey Kirkland's performance in Mikhail Baryshnikov's Nutcracker that really got me elvalladolid.com: Dance Spirit. Mar 10, Dance is my diary it allows me to tell a story of my elvalladolid.comr sad,happy or mad..I dance to relieve stress and get out my emotions and pain through movement and the music. When im .

The weather was gorgeous here today 50 degrees and sunny! She just thought that it would be a fun thing for a little girl to do at that age, not knowing what it would turn into. There was a really awesomely talented group at that time that became my brothers and sisters. Many dancers have similar stories about being enrolled in ballet at a young age.

Ashley Bouder, another Principal Dancer at the New York City Ballet , shared that when she was 7, she decided she was going to dance professionally. I was able to ask Shahd questions about her dance experience, starting with what she likes most about the sport:.

That, and balance. So she put me in, and it was funny because me and my friend would always talk in class together and we would drive our teacher crazy. Most of them had experience and they just quit when they were young and they regretted it.

I kind of regret as a kid not continuing. I feel like I wish I had done it my whole life instead of just quitting after 6 years. Otherwise, I love it. For sure. I really want to learn how to do a pirouette more than once. Not just one turn, but two turns, that would be nice. A big thank you to Shahd for sitting down with me today! I hope you enjoyed reading her story. Please share your own story below, I would love to read about how you became inspired to dance.

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