What is a clean game in bowling

what is a clean game in bowling

In bowling what is the definition of a CLEAN GAME?

Jan 22,  · A clean game is a game with no open frames. It doesn't matter how many strikes and/or spare you get. As for the 10th frame, if you get a strike or a . You only have to get one spare or strike in the 10th frame to keep the game clean. The "Bowler's Guide" defines a Clean Game as follows: A game with spares or strikes in every frame. Sincerely, John Budnik, Rules Counselor mph, rpm,PAP 5 1/2 x 3/8up, HighGame x 3, High Series Book Average ,PBA Xperience ave

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On one hand you didn't miss any spare shots, but on the other hand you left pins standing at the end. Not a clean game if you left pins standing. To me and USBC a clean game means you had a mark in every frame. Your example is a clean game regardless of how one thinks because your open was the fill ball which is NEVER a consideration. If it was "X 8 -" some might have an argument. Originally Posted by PBizme. Right handed Stroker, high track ,about 13 degree axis tilt. Speed ave.

High GameHigh series "Talent without training is nothing. Wonder if pot games would have issue with 7 as fill ball. I don't think there should be a requirement to get a strike on fill ball seeing as you only get one shot at it. I had a clean game the other day at a tournament after switching pairs Thanks guys.

Sounds like it does count as my first clean gamethen. I have never looked at the fill ball as the determining factor of a clean game, strikes in and then a count on the fill is a clean game to me. If you spare and then have fill count, that is how does mentoring help youth clean game. As mentioned above by NewToBowling, if dark souls 2 how to get to undead crypt struck in 10 to start and then don't close it out with a mark, I wouldn't take that as a clean game personally.

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Feb 14,  · You only have to get one spare or strike in the 10th frame to keep the game clean. The "Bowler's Guide" defines a Clean Game as follows: A game with spares or strikes in every frame. Sincerely, John Budnik, Rules Counselor. Bowling Lingo. You’ve just stepped into the bowling center and there’s a completely different language in the air. “Look at the 'action' on that ball. Clean Game - A game without any. The most traditional form of a "Clean game" is one in which there are no opens of any kind, meaning that every leave has been made or wasn't there to begin with. So, for example, if you had a strike in the tenth frame as your first ball, you would need to either complete the .

There will be no changes to other Yahoo properties or services, or your Yahoo account. You can find more information about the Yahoo Answers shutdown and how to download your data on this help page. I am on a 'for fun' bowling team and during our last match I bowled what might have been a clean game. I had a mark in every frame including the 10th but failed to pick up a spare after marking the 10th. I got a strike in the 10th then didn't pick up the spare after rolling a 7. For the game to be considered a clean game does one need to mark at least twice in the 10th?

Any help would be great! In order for it to be Clean, you'd have to have every single frame filled, including the 10ths. Of course, if you're in a Clean Game tournament, the rules would specify their definition of a clean game, so technically, it's debatable. You bowled a "clean" game, which only requires one mark in the 10th.

You do not need to "fill" the 10th, a strike and then a split that you didn't cover does not disqualify the clean game. If you had only gotten a spare on the first two shots, you would have only one more ball to throw with no chance of making the spare. Why would you be penalized in a sense for getting a strike instead of a spare? A clean game is one mark in every frame, what you do on the fill balls for the 10th does matter.

Same thing as she said but for the 10th frame. If you get a strike or a 7 and spare thats still considered a clean game regardless of the final roll in the 10th frame. Sorry Ryan, you are incorrect regarding the 10th fame. A clean game is a game with no open frames. As for the 10th frame, if you get a strike or a spare on the first ball s , you have gotten your 10th mark and anything else you do is just gravy and it cannot ruin a "clean game".

If you get a strike or a spare, by definition, the frame isn't an open frame. Even if you go strike, 7, 2, and leave a pin standing, or spare, 8, the 10th frame is not an open frame since you got a mark and this would not ruin a clean game. You need a mark in every frame, so no open frames.

An open frame is where you have neither a strike nor a spare. It gets dicey in the tenth frame because you need a mark for your last ball.

For instance, last night I had all marks to the 10th, I got a spare, but I didn't get the last strike so it's not considered a clean game. So just remember that rule for the 10th frame, the last ball must be a mark.

You were SO close yes you do have to have at least two marks in the tenth frame for it to be officaly consdired a clean game. A clean game needs you to make marks for all the chances you get to do so.

Intresting enough you can get 2 strikes in the tenth frame and and not strike again and it will be considered a clean game. I am sorry that you came so close and not getting one but bowling is often annoying like that.

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