What is the difference between a dvd and blu ray

what is the difference between a dvd and blu ray

What is The Difference Between DVD and Blu-ray Disc?

Feb 20,  · What’s more, a Blu-ray disc has the capability to store p HD videos. You should know that, the standard DVD can only store p videos. So there is no doubt that, Blu-ray can give you more depth, a wide range of color shades, and more details while elvalladolid.comted Reading Time: 8 mins. Difference Between Blu-ray and DVD Blu-ray and DVD are the types of optical memory where blu-ray provides larger space for storing HD videos while DVD offers less space. Blu-ray is earlier technology and the primary motive to devise it is to provide a more efficient and superior technology that is compatible with newer tech.

But all these come at a high cost. Most of our entertainment has been in the form of recording discs since a long time ago. First it was the gramophone disc, then the video recording cassettes and audio cassettes and then we switched to CDs which were then replaced by DVDs and the latest in that line is Blu-ray discs.

Portable DVD players are also now available that have mini screens attached to them to get video entertainment on the go. DVDs are available in 4. Wha are enough to hold hours and hours of video footage. The latter is expensive than the former though both formats are easily available. Blu- ray is the latest advancement in the world of snd discs. Here blue laser beams are used for reading data. This format is a notch high above the DVDs because of its better quality and more storage capacity.

Blu- ray Disc capacity is five to ten times more than a DVD. One of the reasons for this higher capacity is due to the blue laser instead of the red laser beam used to read data in DVD and CD.

Also the use of improved lens to focus smaller beams enable a higher density pits on the disc. Data layer on a Blu- ray Disc is placed much closer to the laser lens than in DVD; this also allows improved precision and higher density storage.

Blu- ray discs allow for recording and rewriting much like the two types of DVDs available, but all this is done in high definition video. Blue-ray Discs are more expensive than DVDs because not only do they allow for high resolution playback, they also hold storage capacity of as minimum as 25GB that goes up to 50 GB.

The major difference as pointed out before is the additional capacity that a Blu Ray disc holds compared to a DVD. A Blu ray discs holds 5 to 10 times the memory than a DVD can. About 23 hours of standard-definition SD video and over 9 hours of high-definition HD video can be stored on a 50GB disc. Another important distinction is in the playing format. Where Ahd use a red laser to read the optical disc, the Blu ray disc uses a blue laser that has a shorter wavelength than a red light and therefore has the ability to store a larger amount of data.

The results from these latest forms of entertainment wwhat not only better but also clearer. Though this has resulted in investing in more how to set up monitor speakers gadgets, it is perhaps okay to say that these investments x worth the money.

Blu- Ray Discs Blu- ray is the latest advancement in the world of how to change your password on yahoo discs.

Conclusion The results from these latest forms of entertainment are not only better but also clearer. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Part 1: Blu-ray vs DVD - 10 Main Differences Between Blu-ray and DVD

Aug 28,  · The largest DVDs available can store up to GB of data on a single layer disc, or GB with a double layer. By comparison, a Blu-ray can store 25GB of data on a single layer disc, or 50GB on a dual layer disc. That’s five times the storage capacity on a disc that takes up exactly the same amount of elvalladolid.com: Ian Stokes. Although Blu-ray discs look exactly the same as DVDs physically, there are many differences between the media, including storage capacity, laser technology, image resolution and player compatibility. Single layer Blu-ray discs store approximately 25 GB of data, while single layer DVD discs can store about GB. Feb 05,  · elvalladolid.com DVD and Blu-ray discs provide the ability to view visual and audio files. elvalladolid.com information on a DVD is read using a red laser and the data on a Blu-ray is read by a blue laser. elvalladolid.come capacity on a DVD is less than that of a Blu-ray disc. elvalladolid.com-ray discs provide a higher resolution of picture quality/5(5).

Blu-ray is earlier technology and the primary motive to devise it is to provide a more efficient and superior technology that is compatible with newer tech. So, blu-ray served as the disk format for high-quality digital videos. SD videos can be stored easily. Blu-ray is a high definition optical disk which can hold a greater storage space as compared to other optical storage devices.

It was mainly devised to store high definition videos, and this was not possible in the previous DVD technology. Due to the shorter wavelength, the data pits in the high definition optical disk are tiny.

Blu-ray can store the enormous amount of data as compared to other disk formats, and the reason behind this is the less gap between the data layer on the disk and the laser. It generates tighter focus, less distortion and smaller pits and tracks as an outcome of placing the laser closer to the disk. The maximum storage space of Blu-ray is 25 GB on a single side. DVD Digital Versatile Disk is a technology generating a digitized compressed representation of video information and other digital data.

It provides a better picture quality than VHS and CD, where a massive amount of data can be loaded onto the disk. A red laser is used in DVD, which has a longer wavelength and larger area to focus thus less amount of data is fetched relative to the blue laser.

However, it was better than using a red colour laser than the infrared laser. The data pits are also larger in a DVD. DVD also introduced a negative dispersion effect known as birefringence , which causes the refraction of the laser light by substrate layer into two distinct beams. If the beam is split too broadly, the reading of the disc can be ceased additionally, if the DVD surface is not entirely flat hence not perpendicular to the beam which can result in disc tilt and distorted laser beam.

The discrepancy usually occurs in the manufacturing process. The Blu-ray can hold up to 50 GB of data in a dual layer which is 6. So, it is clear from the fact that blu-ray provide high storage space, data rate, security, compatibility as compared to DVD. Your email address will not be published. In DVD the red laser is used to fetch data whose wavelength is nm while blu-ray uses a blue-violet laser in which wavelength is nm.

DVD can store 4. As against, blu-ray has maximum space of 25 GB in a single layer while 50 GB in a dual layer. Blu-ray provides a higher data rate that is up to 36 Mbps whereas the DVD rate of data transfer is Blu-ray is more secure and protected.

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