What is the eu package travel regulations

what is the eu package travel regulations

EU begins legal cases against countries over travel refunds for cancelled holidays

Mar 01, †Ј About the directive. The EU rules cover pre-arranged package holidays, but also self-customised packages, where the traveller chooses different elements from a single point of sale online or offline. Furthermore, these rules provide certain protection for linked travel arrangements, which is when for example the traveller books a flight on a website and is then invited to book a hotel . The Package Travel Directive (//EU) (link is external) protects European travellersТ rights when booking package holidays, for example in terms of cancellation, liability, repatriation and refunds. It applies to both European and foreign traders selling travel packages to European travellers, be it directly or via a retailer. This means that even if you donТt sell your travel products directly to .

We use cookies to allow us and selected partners to improve your experience and our advertising. By continuing to browse you consent to our use of cookies. You can understand more and change your cookies preferences here. You can cancel anytime. The regulations set out your rights if the organiser states that it needs to make changes to your package holiday before departure, for example changing your hotel or the date of departure.

Where the holiday is provided badly. Legal Advice. Search Which? Toggle navigation. Our service Why Which? Package Travel Regulations Overview. Package Travel Regulations The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations These regulations provide consumers with; financial protection for package holidays in the event of the organiser of the package going out of business rights for consumers if changes are made to their package holiday before they leave or there are problems with it while they are away.

What is a package holiday? Some what does the secretary of the army do to price are allowed within parameters set by the regulations. Depending on the circumstances, you may also be entitled to compensation. Where the holiday is provided badly, In both situations, where appropriate you should get compensation.

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What is a "package" holiday?

EU Member State changes to Package Travel Regulations. 24 April The European Commission has already acknowledged the scale of the challenge facing the European travel industry in light of the COVID pandemic, and has issued guidance intended to provide some flexibility around the implementation of the Package Travel Directive and Passenger Rights legislation. The Commission has also issued an information note on the Package Travel Directive in connection with the coronavirus. Under EU rules, passengers and travellers have the right to choose between vouchers or cash reimbursement for cancelled transport tickets (plane, train, bus/coach and ferries) or package travel. If your business sells two or more different types of travel services such as transport combined with accommodation, rental of motor vehicles or, under specific conditions other tourist services, you have certain obligations under the EU rules on package travel. These rules apply to package travel and linked travel arrangements (LTAs).

The travel market has evolved dramatically in recent years. The internet has allowed consumers to have access to every corner of the globe. Online travel agencies, niche tour operators, alternative suppliers, comparative rates websites, and online travel agencies have boomed through website sales and enhanced visibility to consumers. During this seismic shift in the travel sector, the Package Travel Directive has been developed and revised to bring trading standards and consumer protection up to speed to match the changing market.

No-one knows the exact changes to UK law until the government issues a draft bill at the end of The clearest effect of this in the UK is that any existing Flight Plus holidays will now be package holidays. We are confident the changes will be implemented in Here is a link to our consumer protection page for further details Ч Consumer Protection in Travel.

Do call us on or email ask protectedtrustservices. We always attempt to call within 3 working hours but if you want to pick up the phone in the meantime then give us a call on The laws for consumer protection are far clearer and the above savings have been based on the anticipated effects of the following changes: The organiser of a package will be made completely liable for any errors or mistakes.

They cannot deflect blame onto third party suppliers. The consumer will now always be able to refer to their primary booking point. Stronger Cancellation Rights Ч Consumers will be able to maintain the right to cancel any trip irrespective of the cause by paying a reasonable cancellation fee.

Consumers will also have the right to transfer the package to an alternative traveller. Free cancellation before departure will also be allowed in the case of natural disasters, war or other serious situations at the booked destination. Booking information has to be clear. Consumers have a right to understand what they have booked and a clear explanation of the benefits of the protection offered under package holiday rules. Predictable prices will be enforced. If there are any further price increases the consumer has the right to cancel the trip.

The organiser will now be required to support their clients in difficulty. Consumers cannot simply be directed to travel insurance solutions. The organiser must support clients in the case of health assistance and such like. In all EU Member States the organiser of the package must rectify any issues.

Also, the retailer, often the travel agent will be considered to be fully liable. If a package organiser goes bankrupt a money back guarantee or repatriation must be guaranteed and this will also be applicable to Linked Travel Arrangements in some situations.

The New Package Travel Directive creates new legal protections for consumers beyond those purchasing traditional packages.

These will affect: Linked Travel Arrangements Ч Online travel websites are extremely popular now. If two or more travel arrangements are booked within 24 hours of each other, through links, the new Package Travel Directive is now applicable. All LTA websites must also make package regulations extremely clear to consumers on their websites. Pre- Arranged Packages Ч Any holiday pre arranged by a tour operator that includes two or more elements will be included under the new PTR.

For example, a hotel plus car rental or a hotel plus transport. Customised Packages Ч when a consumer chooses separate components of their holiday from one business, either online or offline they will now be covered by the new PTR. Obviously, we have also had a further seismic shift in the UK Ч Brexit. Here is a link to our consumer protection page for further details Ч Consumer Protection in Travel Many travel companies and tour operators have questions and queries about the New Package Travel Directive Ч The PTS Team are able to help you.

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