What powers does superman have

what powers does superman have

Superman's 7 Greatest Superpowers

May 13,  · Superman's 7 Greatest Superpowers #7 - X-Ray Vision. One of the Superman's most iconic but underrated powers is his x-ray vision. It's the power to see #6 - Super-Breath. That's his ability to suck in or blow huge amounts of air. He basically can become a human vacuum or #5 - . Here's the list of powers: God level strength, speed, stamina Invulnerable to almost everything, with the exception of magic, red sunlight and kryptonite Highly enhanced senses to the point the.

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As far as I know, Superman has super powers because of Sun in our solar system. I don't know if this happened before. I am not suggesting that Superman need a direct sun rays on his skin, but just to be "near" our Sun, i.

To answer your question properly, we would have to know what Superman you are talking about. See As ofhow many different canon versions of the Superman character exist? Anyway, I'm going to give you a few possibilities as to why Superman does keep his powers outside of our solar system. First possibilities that come to my mind : Superman's powers come from a yellow star. Not particularly our sun, just a yellow one. And the range of a star is pretty good The more bright is the star, the further its range would be.

So even outside our solar system, either it is the Sun or another yellow star that gives him his power, Superman does keep them. Second possibility : Superman's skin allow him to store energy. His skin stores the Sun's energy when it is exposed to its beams, and this energy can be used later.

When there is no more what did anne frank like to do as a child, Superman loses his power.

This is one of the answers to How did Doomsday killed Superman? Superman gets his powers from a "yellow sun" not necessarily our sun Sol. He absorbs the solar radiation to power his abilities, and stores it for later use.

So as long as he's either near a "yellow sun" or doesn't expend his solar reserves he will be able to access his abilities. This is how he retains his abilities indoors, or at night time. The only thing I would add to all the above, is that in some earlier stories, he either wasn't near a suitable sun or our sun became red and he used his Supermobile which provided him with all the power he needed.

Superman doesn't go out of super powers at night, it means that he doesn't need continuous solar radiation like Nuclear Man to have his super powers. Superman can consume yellow what is single premium whole life insurance generated by anything which includes yellow stars other than Sun and even artificial objects.

In that situation, he got his super powers back from an artificial energy generator which was similar to Sun. Such thing has been happened many times in the canon. Krypton is theorized to be between 33 totimes heavier in gravity than earth. As such, a kryptonian on any planet not similar in size and density could be anywhere from 33 totimes stronger, faster, and more durable than a human on earth, and any corresponding earth-like planet or environment. As such, a Kryptonian [Post-Crisis, and thus almost totally solar powered] without the yellow sun could, foreseeable, still be hundreds of thousands of years more evolved than humans that allows them to use subtler "enhanced human" abilities A chart for simplification follows here:.

This basically relates to how much energy the star puts out. And Superman has been shown, in canon, to be empowered by those up to an Orange star, if only half as powerful as a yellow star makes him.

Blue Stars have been shown to actually increase his powers, as shown here So it is not inconceivable that yes, he would have some form of abilities depending on where the environment is, but its most likely once there isn't a Red Star or or significantly heavier gravity present.

Most of the action takes place in deep space without the benefit of direct sunlight and Superman's power fades the longer he stays away from the sun.

Eventually he is so weakened that aliens are able to impregnate him with a chest-burster of his own. This was a cross-over series with Dark Horse Comics so it's probably not canon but it at least suggests that Superman stores power like a rechargeable battery and will slowly run down without solar energy.

Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Stack Overflow for Teams — Collaborate and share knowledge with a private group. Create a free Team What is Teams? Learn more. Does Superman have super powers outside of our solar system?

Ask Question. Asked 7 years, 11 months ago. Active 1 year, 11 months ago. Viewed how to repair cracked slab foundation times. So, if he gets power from our Sun, how was he able to go outside of solar system?

Improve this question. Andrija Andrija 1 1 gold badge 1 1 silver badge 6 6 bronze badges. It could be that kryptonians are able to store the radiation that gives them powers for a while, but red sun removes them instantly. Add a comment. Active Oldest Votes. The short answer : Yes he does To answer your question properly, we would have to know what Superman you are talking about. Improve this answer. Kalissar Kalissar Note that even "red suns" emit yellow radiation, just relatively little of it.

Monty Monty Pet peeve: our sun is "The Sun". How canon is that supermobile? I'll try to find a citation later It's quite canon. I remember reading the comic as a kid. It was not a imaginary tale and the Supermobile had a few appearances after that. Yes, it was a goofy story and an even goofier design why not build a robot type exoskeleton Wakanda Forever Wakanda Forever k gold badges silver badges bronze badges.

I concur with most posted answers above. Kalissar especially did a good job. The only thing I would add is this: 1] If we are dealing with pre-crisis, not all of Superman's powers are solar related; some come from the difference in gravity between Earth and Krypton. A chart for simplification follows here: This basically relates to how much energy the star puts out. Russhiro Russhiro What are the sources of those two images? The comic panels come from Action Comics — The Star chart came from a Slideplayer online presentation on Astronomy and Star Characteristics, modified by Britney Phillips, circa Mgmills Mgmills 2, 4 4 silver badges 13 13 bronze badges.

Nu'Daq Nu'Daq Not really his what is gaza conflict all about so much as his cosmology; Superman's birth world was hundreds, if not thousands of times heavier than ours, closer it its Red Star, which increased its gravitational conditions, and gave off less light and heat. As such, the organisms of this world had to grow up in a much harsher environment.

Much like we don't need to eat to still have energy in our cells, Superman's body can retain solar energy on some meager levels without constant feeding. I'm guessing most Kryptonian life had some kind of solar energy capacity, as it would be hard for plants to grow.

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Superman is as strong and fast as someone with a power level of ,, but he can't create a blast with enough power to obliterate a mountain. Something someone with a powerlevel of 1, can. Superman gets his powers from a "yellow sun" not necessarily our sun (Sol). He absorbs the solar radiation to power his abilities, and stores it for later use. So as long as he's either near a "yellow sun" or doesn't expend his solar reserves he will be able to access his abilities. This is how he retains his abilities indoors, or at night time. Feb 24,  · Fortunately for fans, Superman & Lois wastes no time in revealing if the Kent boys do or do not have their father's powers in Tuesday night's extended series premiere. Warning: spoilers for the Author: Nicole Drum.

Superman is one of the most powerful superheroes ever, because he has a lot of superpowers, but which of them are the greatest? Most superheroes have one or two powers, tops. Superman has more powers than all the original X-Men combined. But of all his many abilities, seven rise above the others. Let's run down the ones that make him the mightiest superhero ever, in order of good to great. One of the Superman's most iconic but underrated powers is his x-ray vision. It's the power to see through most objects.

His x-ray vision is an invaluable tool for fighting crime. He can scan everything around him for criminals, people to rescue, and anything else, with just a turn of his head. But, of course, he's too much of a gentleman to look through women's clothes.

For a long time, lead was the only thing he couldn't see through. But in more modern stories, Superman can see through that, too. In early stories, Superman's eyes would shoot actual x-rays. That changed, and rightfully so, otherwise he'd be flooding people and objects with tons of radiation, causing cancer everywhere he went.

A newer explanation is that his x-ray vision comes from being able to see cosmic radiation coming off of objects. Or something. Another power that comes in handy is Superman's "super-breath. He basically can become a human vacuum or create hurricane-force winds at will.

The power is usually explained by his super-strong lungs. You wouldn't think something like that would come in handy that much, but it does. He often uses it to knock over people and heavy objects, including cars.

But inhaling comes in handy, too. Superman can hold enough air that he can travel underwater or even outer space for hours. In one story, he even sucked up a tornado and blew it into outer space. But one side effect of his super-breath allows him to blow air through his pursed lips, which causes the air to come out ice cold.

That's what's known as the Joule—Thomson effect , kids. With his "freeze breath," Superman can freeze almost anything. One of Superman's most destructive powers is definitely his heat vision. Superman has the power to shoot extremely hot beams of energy from his eyes. This is usually explained by Superman channeling the solar energy in his body out of his eyeballs.

He can control the width and intensity of the beams, so they can be wide enough to incinerate a whole group of super-villains standing close together or narrow enough to perform microscopic surgery. Superman can also fire the beams across hundreds of feet. The beams can be hot enough to melt metal and even rock. He's even used it to shave off his super-strong facial hair. His slogan is "faster than a speeding bullet," and he's even faster than that.

Superman has superhuman speed, which lets him run, move, and even fly at hundreds of miles an hour. In some versions, Superman has been able to move at the speed of light and beyond. Along with his speed comes accelerated reflexes and thought, so he can perceive the world in slow-motion and out-think his opponents.

His speed has been compared to the Flash, and the times the two have raced have ended in ties. Now we're getting into one of Superman's most well-known and often imitated powers. In the early comics, Superman could only jump, like in his slogan "able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. But in late , Superman's jumping turned into legitimate flying with hovering and changing direction. The reasons behind his flying have varied from Superman having telekinetic powers to having his own gravitational field he can change at will.

Regardless of how he does it, what matters is Superman is synonymous with flying. He can fly at incredible speeds, even capable of exceeding the speed of light. He can also pick up and move enormous objects while flying. Another one of Superman's core powers is his incredible strength.

His strength was originally explained by the stronger gravity of Krypton giving him more powerful muscles. Later, it was explained by his ability to absorb the power of the yellow sun , and turn it into energy. Like his slogan says, Superman is "more powerful than a locomotive.

In the early comics, Superman had almost no limit to his strength. He could pick up cars, rip steel, and escalated to lifting mountains and even moving whole planets. In the modern comics, he can't do that anymore. But he's still really strong. Whenever people complain about Superman, their number one complaint is that Superman is too powerful. He can't be hurt, they say, so that makes him boring.

But that doesn't make him boring. It makes him awesome. In the beginning, Superman could withstand anything less than "an exploding shell. Superman's body can take on extreme impacts, high temperatures, and even explosions without even a scratch.

Like all his powers, that explanation changed. At one point, it was suggested Superman can generate an impenetrable force field around himself. However it works, it makes him one of the greatest superheroes who ever lived. By Nigel Mitchell. A Profile of Superman, the Man of Steel. Flash Races of All-Time. Superman" Trailer. Jack Kirby's Greatest Superman Covers. LiveAbout uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

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