What shoes to wear with pirate costume

what shoes to wear with pirate costume

Pirate Costumes

Nov 05, Wear old shoes or boots. Holes are perfectly fine provided you're not jumping puddles or snow. Add a buckle to improve the look of an old pair of boots, especially if you're a pirate captain The more worn, the better. Hit up your local thrift shops for shoes you will probably never wear again -- or at least not until next year. Your everyday sneakers probably just aren't up to the task, but a pair of our costume boots or shoes can handle the job. Whether you're a man, woman, child or alien with human-like limbs, you can find a pair of shoes, boots or other form of footwear to match the occasion.

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Famous Pirates in History

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To create this article, 29 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 1,, times. Learn more To make a pirate costume, put on a blouse with a ruffled collar, or opt for a tattered T-shirt if you want your pirate costume to look like you've been at sea for a while.

If you'd like, you can also wear a captain's coat or a long vest. Add trousers or a long skirt and a pair of boots, and top your costume with a hat decorated with a skull and bones. You can even add an eye patch, if you'd like! Read on for more ideas on how you can dress like a pirate, like adding accessories!

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Part 1 of Decide if you want to be a man or a woman. You'll probably want to be a female pirate if you are a female and vice versa, but it's up to you. Many female pirate depictions are quite inappropriate -- if you're not looking for that, consider just girling up a male pirate's outfit. Find a pirate image. This can help to guide your pirate costume crafting, but it's certainly not essential. It's likely to be useful where there is something unusual or fascinating about the costume of a particular pirate that you'd like to emulate.

Part 2 of Select a large white t-shirt that you're willing to change. For pirate crew, your top doesn't need to be as fancy as that which would be worn by the pirate captain or long-term senior pirate crew. A t-shirt will serve adequately. A larger shirt is best to give the idea of rugged sloppiness, which all good pirates attempt to get across.

Start sculpting. You've been at sea for months. Though you don't want to pretend you have scurvy, make it seem you're a little worse for the wear. Cut areas of the t-shirt to give an impression of ruggedness: Cut off the ends of the sleeves in a jagged fashion.

Cut the bottom of the t-shirt off. Pirates don't need hems. Cut off the neckline of the t-shirt. Paint blue stripes across the shirt using fabric paint.

Also paint lines around the sleeves. These don't need to be perfectthe more homemade they look, the better. Allow the paint to dry, then flip the t-shirt over and paint the back the same way.

Part 3 of Find a suitable shirt. If you'd rather wear a shirt than a t-shirt, that's fine too, especially if you're trying to be a pirate captain. A big, billowy white shirt is ideal. Try to locate one which has flowing sleeves rather than tight ones.

For women, choose a man's shirt as it will be bigger and more likely to billow. For men, avoid anything that's too tight or too short. Lose the stiff collar. Pirates don't wear stiff business collars. Away with it give it the plank!

If you hate sewing, you can probably get away with using fabric glue to attach a ruffle but ensure that the area that has been cut won't fray.

If possible, just try tucking in your ruffle to your neckline. The volume of the ruffle will cover up any self-improvements you've made to your shirt. Embellish a little. Since you're wearing a decent shirt, it's more about upgrading than turning it to tatters.

Consider some of the following embellishments: Fancy buttons for both the middle and cuffs A golden or silver chain toggle for the collar area Ruffles! Ay, matey. Ruffles can be added almost anywhere on the shirt around the cuffs, around the collar, down the button line, etc. Part 4 of Choose dark colored pants for a conservative or simple look. Let the rest of the costume do the talking. In days of yore, no pirate was donning floral-printed pants, so don't worry about your pants making a statement.

If preferred, you can wear a long skirt with petticoats underneath. It's best if it billows out, to allow freedom of movement. This is something female pirates might like to wear in place of trousers.

Fix up an ordinary pair of pants. You could paint stripes on a plain pair of pants to give them more of a pirate vibe. Use fabric paint to paint on vertical stripes. The color can be matched to the pants or any other part of your pirate outfit.

Perhaps you're part of a pirate gang? Another alternative is to wear pants but to wear a coat tailored to hug around the front with tails in the back like a full skirt. This would probably be something you need to sew yourself or have tailored, but it can be a nice combination of pants and dress.

Consider wearing a vest that opens at the front. Keep it plain and dark in color; if it fits the vibe of your pirate, leave it unbuttoned so that your shirt or t-shirt can be seen underneath. Classier pirates may want to be proper and stay buttoned-up.

For a colder night, wear a very long, free flowing overcoat. It can have seen better days, provided it's not a tight fit. Search in thrift stores for such a coat. Again, it's best kept a darker color but can be colorful or patterned if you're a flamboyant pirate. Part 5 of Measure your head. Use this measurement to get the size of the pirate hat accurate. This is the part that tends to make the pirate costume. Fortunately, it's very easy to make a pirate's hat. Draw a pirate's hat shape on a piece of paper.

Use this as the template. If you're not confident in this, one can be found online. Place the template over lightweight card and trace around it.

Do this twice, as you need two sides to the hat. Cut out the hat shape. Stick or glue the hat together. Run glue or tape around the edges of the hat, leaving the base of the hat where your head goes in untouched.

Let dry if using glue.

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