What to do if you see a lion

what to do if you see a lion

What To Do If You See A Mountain Lion (Cougar) | All You Need To Know

Thats why most of the time, the wise thing to do when you spot a mountain lion nearby is to back away slowly and change your appearance so that the mountain lion wont think of you as its prey anymore. Try wearing contrast colors and appear larger or taller (wearing extra jackets for instance). Stand tall. Stare the lion in the eye. Open your coat. Grab your kids, without bending over. Dont run (mountain lions are faster). But dont just stand there, looking scared out of your mind, either; that suggests you are easy prey. (Which, lets be honest, you .

Lf into a mountain lion is definitely something one does not wish to happen when traveling outdoors. While it is totally understandable for campers and hikers to overlook the possibility of encountering mountain lions as it is pretty rare for such encounters to happen, it is still strongly recommended to prepare yourself just in case, because, it is always better safe than sorry. Loin are a couple of helpful tactics that can totally save you from yiu threat of running into a mountain lion.

Read on to find out what to do if you see a mountain lion. Before we venture into the tactics, it is seee to grasp some basic facts about mountain lions. The more you understand them, the more likely you ddo to escape and protect yourself from them. Mountain lions, like some other wild animals, fortunately, tend to avoid humans. Even a deer can be a danger to humans. Mountain lions normally spend their days taking covers, and they only go hunting when their preys are active.

So, to avoid having to deal with a mountain lion, be extra careful when you are hiking on your trail within these time frames. Avoid hiking alone during dawn or dusk if possible and stay aware of your surroundings. Supposing you are on the trail enjoying the nature and suddenly you spot a mountain lion nearby, what should you do?

To be honest, even the toughest adventurers can be caught off guard and freeze because of shock. How do you know what to do if a mountain lion is stalking you? While how to burn dvd with copyright sounds utterly scary and you are probably shaking with fear yoy terror, keep in mind yoou the only way to get out safely is to stay calm.

Do not freak out or make rapid movements or attempt to run away, because it will only worsen the situation and you will risk encouraging the mountain lion to chase you. In order to maximize your chance of survival, you will need to carefully assess the situation.

Remember, never bend down or crouch under any how to get pro combat uniforms in ncaa 13 ps3 as it whah make you look like the delicious prey to the mountain lion.

In order to evaluate the risk and know s to respond accordingly, you can watch for the distance between you and the mountain lion and the behaviors of the mountain lion to decipher its motive and the level of danger.

If the mountain lion lingers near you within yards and does not pay attention to you, avoid approaching the lion and try to back away slowly.

If the animal is moving closer to you within 50 yards and seems to be attentive so you, try to appear larger without turning swe back and look for potential weapons sticks or rocks. This will make the animal realize that you are not its prey while allowing you to be prepared for any possible attacks. Above are some tricks to help you have an idea of what to do if you see a mountain lion.

However, in some extremely rare cases, some campers or wuat accidentally upset the mountain lion, which poses a high risk for attacks. Backing away from the mountain lion how to update node js one thing and defending it from its attack is entirely a different story. How to organize a file cabinet at home are some tips to handle mountain lion attacks to how to select a roofing company your chance of survival:.

It can be a water bottle, rocks or sticks or monoculars or even your camera or anything else you have. This should discourage the animal from launching an attack on you. A pepper spray will come in handy in this situation and you can use it to fight back the mountain lion when yku comes near you.

Try not to fall to the ground as it will make you inferior to the animal. Try wearing contrast colors and appear larger or taller wearing extra jackets for instance. The bigger or taller you look, the more likely the animal will avoid confronting you. And most importantly, never ever bend down. Yelling firmly at the mountain lion is also effective.

On a side note, it is equally important too steer clear from potential preys of the mountain lion. Obviously, nobody likes to combat against such an animal as a mountain lion, so the best thing to do is to avoid them altogether. And if you travel with how much is it to rebuild a transmission pet or lots of belongings, be aware of your surroundings tp always keep your pets leashed nearby.

Some of the recommended methods to keep mountain lions away from your pets and property are installing some frightening devices such as a motion alarm or cold water spraying devices. These will work perfectly if you live near the area of the known presence of mountain lions. Traveling into the wilderness is inarguably one of the best ways to gain life experiences, but it can be risky in one way or another. We hope that this post has been helpful for you to prepare for what to do oyu you see a mountain lion.

For your own safety, always do a research on the area that you are traveling to while keeping track of your surrounding. Staying calm in all situations is the key lioh safe travel. Hiker Track. Share on Facebook. Mountain Lion Attacks. Find Out Here. Can You Drink Rain Water? All You Need To Know. Please enter your comment!

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When Are Mountain Lions Most Active?

Jun 04, Other tips for how to survive a mountain lion encounter are the following: Remain calm Always hold your ground and walk away slowly, never turning your back to the animal. Keep facing the Make yourself as big as possible Lift up your backpack and hiking poles, pick . Apr 03, Saturday, April 3, | 2 a.m. The worst thing you can do if you see a mountain lion wandering through your residential Las Vegas neighborhood is to . If a lion does charge you, then hold your ground, remain standing and do not bolt. Instead, clap your hands, wave your arms (no need to worry about sudden moves anymore, its defend yourself time) and make noise like shouting.

This what to do during a mountain lion encounter post contains affiliate links. Also known as cougars, catamounts, panthers or pumas, these huge cats thrive in virtually all environments in the Americas, from southern Argentina to the Yukon. They do occasionally occur, though. Similar to avoiding black bear encounters or grizzly bear encounters , a mountain lion encounter can usually be avoided by making your presence known. Never hike with earphones or headphones.

Talk loudly, sing, whistle or clap your hands regularly. Another great piece of advise is to not hike alone in mountain lion territory. A mountain lion will think twice about attacking two people, while one person might seem like an easy catch. Hiking in a group is even better.

Many cougar attacks occur in the morning or eveningdawn or duskwhen the animals are most active. However, mountain lion encounters in broad daylight are well-documented and do occur as well, especially around farms and by juvenile animals.

A mountain lion encounter in the wild is exceptional. These are wild predators, after all. You have to take the situation seriously. You might, therefore, not even see a mountain lion attack coming. As mentioned above, you can do that by making noise and hiking in groups. Other tips for how to survive a mountain lion encounter are the following:. Make sure you know you to use it properly, though.

Cougar attacks are split-second events and you should be able to use your spray on auto-pilot. In addition to bear spray, I also highly recommend taking a basic hiking first-aid kit with you! While rare in the north eastern parts of the U. They live in all sorts of landscapes , from forests and mountains to wetlands and grasslands. Because they stalk their prey, their preferred hunting grounds are open woodlands, edges of forests and grasslands with patches of trees.

The Santa Monica Mountains near Los Angeles , California are also well-known for their large mountain lion population. Some national parks where you may encounter a cougar are:.

There are a handful of wild cat species in America, including lynx, bobcats, jaguarundi and mountain lions. The latter are by far the most common and the easiest to distinguish. Mountain lions are the largest cats in North Americathe fourth-largest cat species in the worldand can grow up to 8 feet 2.

Instead, mountain lion sounds are pretty silent. They communicate via growls, purrs and hisses, much like domestic cats do. You can recognize a cougar by its round head and erect ears, as well as its unusually long tail. In terms of skin color, mountain lions typically have a neutral, sand-like colorkind of like actual lions, which is one of the theories explaining their name. Like all cats, and opposed to canines like wolves and coyotes, cougars have retractable claws, which makes it fairly easy to distinguish their paw prints.

A mountain lion paw print consists of one large center sole print and four toe prints without the nail. An adult paw print of a cougar is about 4 inches 10 centimeters long. You can find much more information about everything related to mountain lions, including mountain lion protection, biology and behavior, on the website of the Mountain Lion Foundation.

One had a cub and they both took to the nearest tree as I was passing through. I DO use bells to make noice and wear mothballs on my clothes, as silly as this sounds. So far, so safe! Thanks for sharing this story, Tamara. So jealous you got to see four mountain lions! What a privilege! I know mountain lions are elusive and almost always keep to themselves, but you do occasionally hear about an attack. Hence, this post. The more people are aware of what to do, the better!

I moved out west from new England 5 years ago. I have hiked and walked through cougar territory most of that time. I have seen cougars on several occasions. We usually go at night. The last cougar I saw was in a spot I hiked, on a regular basis, for about a year and a half. I knew they were there, but they avoided us.

I found scat and kills. The week I moved out of the area we went for a hike during the day. I had to leash the dog early on our walk to get him to go past a certain spot. This was a somewhat regular occurrence at this spot. To be clear when he smells them, but they are not real close, striking distance, I can get him past them.

If they are real close I cannot get him past them. One time he bit me to get the point home. This time was different. I never saw a crow in this area, but for a long part of the walk a crow was chirping. This area was hike out and then hike back the same way. Maybe 10 minutes into the walk back something caught my eye.

I told the dog not to go past me because I saw something. I had to pee. Just as I was finishing I think the dog caught his scent and he walked past me. I screamed at the dog. Before I finished yelling at the dog I saw the cougar run across the trail. The other cougar I saw while hiking was in a different spot. I knew he was there. I saw scat and got the signs from the dog. The best signal you can get from the dog is when they smell fresh urine.

They pick their head up look around, and than get you both out of there. The urine thing was way before I ever saw him. So one day in this spot. It was summer and at this time it got dark at 9pm. It was 8 pm and we were hiking down a hill. A little more than half way through the hike.

I saw something far away. I thought it was a crow. As we got closer I realized it was bigger than a crow. I figured it was an animal and before the dog saw or smelled it.

I shined my lumen flashlight on the strobe mode. The light reflected off his eyes. The dog noticed him at this point. It took him 10 or more seconds to realize what was going on. He ran looked the size of a house cat from where we were. I could see it was a cat when he was running.

He turned to run down a side trail. I saw the tail. He was a black mountain lion. I would guess pretty big and male. We had to walk past the spot where he was. I had the dog leashed and was shining my light in the woods just to be safe. I stopped hiking there after that for a while. Most of the info I have found on mountain lion safety tends to be generic. What I have learned is that they are most active at dusk. Not sure about dawn.

Not a morning person. But they like to hang out around the trails almost anytime.

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