What to do on janmashtami

what to do on janmashtami

Janmashtami 2020: What You Can Offer To Lord Krishna According To Your Zodiac Signs

Aug 08,  · Snacks recipes for Janmashtami fasting 1. Sabudana vada – crisp fried patties made with tapioca pearls, peanuts and mashed potatoes. Slightly sweet and spiced to taste. Aug 06,  · Janmashtmi Recipes: Janmashtami marks the birth of Lord Krishna, who was born at midnight on the eighth day or 'Ashtami' of the holy month, Shravana. This pious day is celebrated with much fervour and enthusiasm amongst the Krishna devotees as Krishna Janmashtami. This year, Janmashtami is being celebrated on 11th August, Author: Sushmita Sengupta.

Lord Krishna is one of the adorable gods of Hindu Mythology and the most endearing chocolaty son has his what is hiv and aids and what causes it coming on the oon. The world is preparing pn a big festivity on Krishna Janmashtami to make the celebration a special occasion. It is not only celebrated in India but also a great splendour observance world-wide. People witness the majestic grandeur in a joyful and exuberant way all around the corners during this festival.

You must know: Must know facts about Janmashtami. It is a time to know a lot more about the rituals and the traditional ceremonies for Krishna Janmashtami. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Aug 05,  · What To Do on Janmashtami ? On the day of Janmashtami, there is a set course of activities followed by most of the people. It includes all the things mentioned in the scripts. Morning Duties; It is said that waking up during the ‘Brahma-mahurat’ is important. ‘Brahma-Mahurat’ is about an hour before sunrise. Aug 08,  · Krishna Janmashtami is a very important day in Hindu mythology. It is reverenced with chanting mantras, arti, slokas, and traditional pujas with religious set of rituals among the devotees. Krishna followers also keep themselves awake till midnight to pray Lord Krishna with intense lively religious worship and cheerfulness. Aug 10,  · People belonging to the Libra zodiac sign should offer white coloured clothes and other things to Lord Krishna on Janmashtami. For example, you can offer white sweets, curd and ghee. These will help you in pleasing Lord Krishna and seek his blessings. Scorpio (October 23 - .

Janamashtami also known as Gokulashtami, Krishnashtami is a Hindu festival celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna. All communities celebrate it with loud cheer and vigor. All kinds of sweets and dishes are made as offerings to the Lord. Especially milk-based delicacies as it is said that Krishna liked them the most. And at midnight, when he was born, the offerings are made and fasts opened.

It is said that the Protector of the Universe, Lord Vishnu takes human forms in every yuga for the redemption of mankind. In treta-yuga, the almighty came to earth in the garb of Shri Krishna. Janam means birth whereas Ashtami means the eighth day. Lord Krishna was born on the eighth day of the Bhadon month as per the Hindu calendar.

In the year , Janamashtami is being celebrated on the 11th of August. It is said to be the th birth anniversary of Lord Krishna. The ardent followers always make a not of the exact auspicious timings in order to see blessings of God. We often see that Krishna Janamashtmi is listed on two consecutive days.

Well, the first one is for Smarta Sampradaya and the other one is for Vaishnava Sampradaya. The Vaishnava Sampradaya date comes after the Smarta Sampradaya. When Janamashtmi falls on a single date, it means that both Sampradayas communities have observed Janamashtmi on the same date.

Usually, a person is a follower of either of these communities, Vaishnavism or Smartism. Dharmasindhu and Nirnaysindhu are the two Hindu religious texts that define the rules to fix Janmashtami Day. On the day of Janmashtami, there is a set course of activities followed by most of the people. It includes all the things mentioned in the scripts. One should wake up and bathe properly. After bathing, one should chant the name of the Lord and meditate while reciting the Krishna maha-mantra as many times as possible.

It is believed to calm the soul. It is up to each individual the mode of fasting they choose. Also, if you are not well it is recommended to let go of fasting.

Health is above all. This is when Lord Krishna idols are bathed and dressed. They are bathed in a defined manner using certain things. The idols are cleansed nicely.

Sringaar is decorating the idols with new dresses and fresh-flowered garlands. They are presented with milk and other delicacies as an offering, Bhoga. Last but not least aarti is performed. Bhajans are sung about the glorious feats of Lord Krishna throughout His lifetime. Then again at midnight, the aarti is performed welcoming him to the world. This is when the fasts are opened. The fasting ritual is almost the same as any other. But different people observe fast differently.

Some do not even touch a drop of water while others refuse to consume any grains. Some just eat fruits and milk. The Nirjala Fast is the one where the devotee does not consume anything the whole day. They do not even drink water. They completely devote themselves to the feet of the Lord. Also, they prefer to cook the bhoga themselves. Most of the people observe the Phalahaar kind of fast.

In this kind, they only eat raw fruits and drink milk. Even the milk is plain and boiled without sugar. This way they get energy all day and do not break their devotion too.

Elderly and the sick prefer this way. One should not consume grains during Janamashtmi fasting until the fast is broken on the next day after sunrise. Parana means breaking the fast. Sometimes it happens that neither Ashtami Tithi nor Rohini Nakshatra is over before Sunset or even Hindu midnight, then one should wait to get them over before breaking the fast.

Devotees who are not able to follow two days fasting should break their fasting the next day after sunrise. Tea and coffee are not considered to be sajal fast. It is recommended that you drink plain milk instead. Wednesday is said to be the of Lord Krishna. He is offered Tulsi leaves and green is the preferred color if the day.

Janamashtami is a day dedicated to celebrating the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna. It is celebrated with loud excitement and cheerful festivities across the country. If this article acted as a one-stop point for your hunt, then spread the love.

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A typical millennial with an old touch. Confused on what to eat and what not to eat on Janmashtami fast? We are here to help you out! Contents hide. Which day of the week is dedicated to Lord Krishna? Is it allowed to eat salt for Janmashtami fast?

No, it is not allowed to eat salt when fasting for Janmashtami. Aayushi Gupta. Recent Posts. We use cookies in order to give you the best possible experience on our website. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our use of cookies.

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