What to see and do in taipei

what to see and do in taipei

15 Awesome Things to Do in Taipei, Taiwan (2021 Guide)

Things to Do in Taipei, Taiwan: See Tripadvisor's , traveler reviews and photos of Taipei tourist attractions. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in April. We have reviews of the best places to see in Taipei. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. Oct 15, †Ј Things to do in Taipei #9 Ц Take a (half) day trip to ??. Things to do in Taipei #10 Ц Track down and enjoy a ???. Things to do in Taipei #11 Ц Spend the afternoon/evening in Tamsui. Things to do in Taipei #12 Ц Take the Maokong Gondola. Things to do in Taipei #13 Ц Feast on ??? at Din Tai Fung.

Located in the north of the island of Taiwan, the capital of the country, Taipei, is one of the most modern cities in Asia. When the Portuguese first sailed what is a good dandruff shampoo for women Taiwan in the s, they called it Ilha Formosa, which means the beautiful island.

With its mountainous national parks and incredible scenery, this name still rings true today. The country's beauty along with its amazing culture and food makes Taiwan a must for any avid traveler. Taipei is a popular tourist destination for solo travelers. If you are looking for delicious street food, amazing nightlife, beautiful temples and old cities with rich culture, Taipei is the best destination for you. AND the people from there are insanely friendly and generous.

AND, since the island is small, you can get to other cities and sites really easily by taking the train. How could you resist? Definitely a place to visit if you're traveling solo. The night markets have become the main attraction of tourists visiting Taiwan. Taiwan is full of incredible five-star international restaurants that offer a variety of delicious food.

However, to truly experience Taiwan's culture through their food and get a little adventure in head to one of their night markets. There are over 30 night markets in Taipei, New Taipei, and Keelung and over 70 night markets across Taiwan.

If you're not sure which one to choose, here is a compiled list of the best night markets in Taiwan. Visiting one of these how to read android bug report is a must when in Taiwan as they make you feel as though you've been transported into another world with all the hustle and bustle andamazing smells. They give tourists a chance to step outside their comfort how to dance to bluegrass music and have a more authentic and local experience.

Most night markets serve similar dishes, so no matter which market you visit, here are a few things you should try.

Xiao long bao soup dumplings are a favorite of the Taiwanese people. They are made out of a thin pastry folded into a type of bag that is then stuffed full with a meat-and-vegetable mixture. A small amount of soup is also added and the dish is then garnished with raw ginger and soy sauce. Xiao long bao is an explosion of flavors.

There's really no reason not to try how to write song titles in essays These night markets offer an incredible array of food and promise to keep your belly full while your wallet remains relatively unscathed. Shilin night market is the largest of its kind and also the most visited by students to buy clothes and food at affordable prices in the city of Taipei. As Taiwan is home to over mountains, it is one of the best places in the world to hike.

At meters, this hike offers surreal panoramic views of the Taipei Basin, and even glimpses of the north coast. Moreover, this trail is a part of the Yangmingshan National Park, so there is plenty more than just the trail to experience.

For instance, the trail passes the Xiaoyoukeng, which is a massive crater that continually lets off steam and sulfur. Moreover, because Taiwan's thick how to keep red onions fresh cover over two-thirds of the country, the views and vegetation on this trail are surreal. If you can, try to visit in late spring because, after the plum rain, the Qi Xing Shan trail is covered with flowers and butterflies, making it the ideal time to visit.

Luckily, this trail is marked suitable for beginners so anyone can enjoy its unique natural landmarks and incredible heights. However, there is no shade for the majority of this hike as most of the actual trail is covered by grasses, so hikers should still come prepared and with plenty of fluids.

Yangmingshan National Park is located north of Taipei, in the central area of Datun volcanic areas. Shopping is also popular in Taipei. Ximending is fomous for its shopping malls. It is often called as the Shibuya of Taiwan. This is a perfect activity for those curious about the culture of Taiwan as the Tianhou temple holds much of Taiwan's history.

The temple is also known as the Ximending Mazu Temple after the in-house deity Mazu, the goddess of the sea. SinceTianhou has been one of three major temples in Taiwan from the Qing period. The impact of this period is still evident today as once you step through the entrance, this beautiful Taoist temple is filled with mythological, god-like creatures, smoky incense, and even lucky goldfish.

This surreal experience is amplified by the fact that the Taiwanese people still cherish this temple today and visitors often witness and people paying respect to the gods inside.

Moreover, this unique oasis actually sits in one of the busiest areas of Taipei. In fact, people often miss the entrance because it does blend in with its surroundings at first glance. However, the experience of going from the noise of a city to the stillness inside the temple is truly transformative and something every tourist should make a point of experiencing. Considered one of the five most famous museums in the world, National Palace Museum houses more thanworks of art from almost all periods of China's year history.

The museum building is built in the style of the palaces of Beijing. It has unique works of the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, of painting, calligraphy, and all kinds of artistic objects that show the richness and beauty of eastern Asian culture and art. It is a sanctuary of art that has become a must for anyone traveling to Taipei. There are places of rest and coffee shops, as well as two old-style Zhishan and Zhide gardens that make the visitor appreciate even more the spirit of Chinese art while travelling in Taipei.

You can also visit Taipeithe tallest building in the world. The Taipei skyscraper, until recently was the tallest building in the world.

The observatory in the 85th floor offers an unparalleled panoramic view of Taipei and its surroundings. Despite its height, it gives the impression of great flexibility, and it is a harmonious blend of traditional eastern Asian architecture with typical elements of Taiwan.

The skyscraper shopping center houses several banks, shops of the main international brands, bookstores, several Asian and Western restaurants, as well as small coffee shops and tapas and refreshment stands. It is located in the center of the commercial area of Xinyi, and being surrounded by the World Exhibition Center, the International Congress Center, financial centers, five-star hotels, department stores, cinemas, nightclubs.

All tourist attractions can be reached via train, with no entrance fees. National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial building is a majestic construction built in memory of the late former president.

The Confucius temple honors the most famous master of China. The Jianguo Flower and Jade Market, located under the overpass of section 3 of Xinyi Avenue and Jinan Avenue, remains open only on weekends and holidays. Famous for its thermal springs, Beitou is an area north of the city of Taipei, surrounded by green hills and close to the Shamao Mountain. If you want to experience the vibe of old Taiwan, visit Shifen and Jiufen.

It is also a popular tourist destination in Taiwan. Light a lantern in Shifen for good luck and visit the old city of Jiufen! The journey is 1 hour and 30 minutes. Jiufen is a small town in the mountains of northeastern Taiwan, known as the little Hong Kong. Its charm is its mountainous landscape with views of the Pacific, traditional buildings, and the hundreds of lanterns that are scattered throughout the town. Walk and eat on Jishan Street, go to one of their teahouses, and admire the landscape from a high point.

It has unique surprises of this city, such as peanut ice cream wrapped in dorayaki or a kind of pancake. One of the most unforgettable activities any visitor can take part in is the Pingxi Lantern Festival.

This festival involves releasing hundreds of paper lanterns into the sky. This is typically done in celebration, for example, it is common for newlyweds to include this meaningful tradition as a part of their wedding. It is such a powerful yet peaceful image to watch all the lanterns rise into the night's sky together.

Pedestrians often stop for a moment and take it all how to get muscles like vin diesel when they encounter one of these celebrations. However, if crowds are not for you, you can easily purchase a lantern and light one on any of Taiwan's beautiful beaches. It is important to note that Taiwan is very environmentally friendly, so make sure you go with the eco-friendly paper lantern options that disintegrate, leaving no residue, and don't cause fires.

The company My Taiwan Tour also currently offers biodegradable paper lantern tours in Shifen. Taipei Below are the best sites and activities what to see and do in taipei Taipei: 1.

Visit the Tianhou Temple Shopping is also popular in Taipei. Appreciate the spirit of art in National Palace Museum Considered one of the five most famous museums in the world, National Palace Museum houses more thanworks of art from almost all periods of China's year history.

View the surroundings from Taipei Observatory You can also visit Taipeithe tallest building in the world. Visit Confucius temple The Confucius temple honors the most famous master of China. Visit thermal springs in Beitou Famous for its thermal springs, Beitou is an area north of the city of Taipei, surrounded by green hills and close to the Shamao Mountain.

Experience the vibe of Shifen If you want to experience the vibe of old Taiwan, visit Shifen and Jiufen. Kalyan Panja. Next Ђ Prev Post. Previous Next Post ї.

2. Hike the Qi Xing Shan Trail in Yangmingshan National Park

Top things to do in Taipei Elephant Mountain. The best way to see the Taipei City and the iconic Taipei skyscraper in all its glory is to climb the steep steps up Elephant Mountain. Be advised it can be a bit of a free for all at the very first viewing platform (where . Mar 29, †Ј The two best spots to see cherry blossoms in Taipei are Yangminshan (see #27 below) and Tian Yuan Temple in Danshui (see #41). Check out this ultimate (I donТt like this word, but this article really is the ultimate) guide to cherry blossoms in Taiwan for more information about the best times for each location. May 31, †Ј Taipei (like Taiwan as a whole) is a hugely underrated destination and I canТt urge you enough to visit. It combines culture, nature, wonderful people, and affordability. I donТt understand why more people donТt visit but make their loss, your gain! To help you plan your trip, here are my top 13 things to do while in Taipei: 1.

Looking for things to do in Taipei? The Standard Tour of Taipei includes visiting Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, National Palace Museum, Taipei , visiting night markets and eating your heart out from trying various Taiwanese classics like stinky tofu, braised minced pork rice, oyster omelet. If you are into history, museums, or a traveler who likes to tick things off the list seeing the most popular sights, these are worth a visit.

But if you want to be more local, skip some of the big sights and long lineups, and got a little more time Ч here are 7 things I would recommend:. It is a short hike and easily accessible by MRT. The trails are mostly stairs and well-paved but they are steep. If you are fit, it takes about 30 minutes until you are rewarded with a stunning view of the city.

You can go further on the trail which takes about an hour. Instead of waiting in line to go up Taipei , you get a fantastic view of the building and the city hiking up Elephant Mountain.

If you are feeling outdoorsy, you can check out the other three small mountains surrounding Taipei and its hiking trails. They are Tiger, Leopard, and Lion Mountain. Together they are known as the Four Beasts Mountains. We all know Taiwan is known for its night market but morning markets have their own charm.

Here you will find locals shopping for fresh produce, meat and fish doing their grocery runs. Venture into the smaller streets and alleyways and you will find food stalls along with people selling souvenirs, daily household items, and clothes for half the price from what you will find at popular places like Ximenting or Shilin Night Markets.

Pick up some daytime street snacks here. This is the oldest street in Taipei and in the past, it was an important area for commerce. There are a mix of traditional shops that sell Chinese herbal medicine, fabric, teas, New Year and religious offering supplies alongside modern trendy local artisan studios and independent cafes and tea shops. This is where the Chinese Cupid resides.

If you are a foodie, try and navigate your way to find one of my favorite street side snack called O-dei A fried patty stuffed with cabbage and oyster. You can get one for 45NT. They also host various temple festivities and ceremonies. One of the most popular events is the Bao-Sheng Cultural Festival which happens on the 15th day of third lunar month April or June for about a month. It is celebrated with remarkable lion dances, fire walking rituals, parades and Taiwanese opera. For more information click here.

While you are there why not pick up some incense sticks, partake in praying and sending well wishes to your friend and family back home. This is the perfect place for bookworms and insomniacs, where you can stay and read for as long as you want without having to purchase anything. Huashan Creative Park is a nice open space that once was a winery and sake producing factory during the Japanese colonial era.

This is where they showcase their indie creations from arts and crafts to fashion to photography. Many of the old red brick courtyard houses and cement warehouse buildings are covered with vines and mural arts intermixed with green spaces. To know what events are going on check their website. One of my favorite things to do in Taipei is getting my hair washed xi tou fa and a scalp massage tou bu an mou. This is a ritual many Taiwanese women love. Often times, when I get the itch and spot a salon, I walk in to check the price and see if they have time.

The pampering begins with the stylist giving you a massage on your neck, back and scalp for about minutes. During the whole process, expect the scalp massage to continue on your head. The fancier places will apply peppermint oil on the nape of your neck that will get you feelingЕ oh so relaxed! For a professional hair salon, try La Belleza Hair salon Ч No. As a tourist, I always like to incorporate some touristy must-see places with insider tips from locals on where they go to eat and hang.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hi Steve, hope you are enjoying Taipei! If you have any questions on Taipei feel free to reach out!

What timing! A real serendipity. I, we , did what you have done, almost, only 30 years ago. We quit our jobs and traveled around the world for four years. The other half I take off with my backpack and visit somewhere else in the world. I agree with you Ajay. I hope you get to visit it one day and perhaps even attend some of the IT trade fairs! ITs a nice country to start any new electronic business sourcing.

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