What will the weather be like on may 3 2013

what will the weather be like on may 3 2013

Long-Range Weather Forecast for 2021

May began warm and very dry after a cool and wet April. Despite being a warm month, there was a large contrast in temperatures. There was also a lack of severe weather throughout the month, but a series of thunderstorm complexes over the last three days of the month brought damaging winds and flash flooding to portions of the area. High & Low Weather Summary for May Temperature. Humidity. Pressure. High. 90 °F (May 30, pm) 97% (May 8, am).

Our long range forecasts can be used to make more informed decisions about future plans that depend on the weather, from vacations and weddings to sporting events and outdoor activities.

The averages from to are the latest available data; these numbers are updated every 10 years. We predict future weather trends mqy events by comparing solar patterns and historical weather conditions with current solar activity. Learn more wilo How We Predict the Weather. In other words, this does not mean that temperatures will aeather mild, but rather that temperatures will not be as cold as average based on the to averages.

Not bad for more than years of predicting, we think! Weather tends to evolve in patterns that last 5 to 7 days. As what country is rory mcilroy from get closer to the date of your plans, check out our 7-Day Forecasts. Skip to main content. Click on a Region on this Map of the Canada. Our Long Range Weather Forecasts are based on three scientific disciplines: solar science the study of sunspots and other solar activity climatology the study of prevailing weather patterns meteorology the study of the atmosphere We predict future weather trends and events by comparing solar patterns and historical weather conditions with current solar activity.

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New York Temperature Yesterday

MAY FEATURED ABOVE NORMAL TEMPERATURES AND ABOVE NORMAL PRECIPITATION IN MOST AREAS OF NORTHERN AND EASTERN MAINE. TEMPERATURES RANGED FROM 1 TO DEGREES ABOVE NORMAL ACROSS NORTHERN MAINE AND WERE NEAR NORMAL TO ONE DEGREE BELOW NORMAL DOWNEAST. PRECIPITATION RANGED FROM PERCENT . May 13,  · Amazingly the temperature reached 76°F on May 1st. On Friday May 3rd their high temperature was 39°F, the coldest maximum daily high on . Find historical weather by searching for a city, zip code, or airport code. Include a date for which you would like to see weather history. You can select a range of dates in the results on the.

Extreme Weather Snow cold Achilles. Get The Latest: Category 6. See the latest from Dr. Jeff Masters and Bob Henson here. The Phenomenal May Snowstorm of May , Big May snowstorms are not unusual for the Rocky Mountains and northwestern Plains, but they are unusual for the Midwest and unprecedented in the case of the event that has occurred over the past 3 days May from Arkansas to Minnesota.

Here is a summary of the snow and cold that this region has just endured. NWS snow reports for the 72 hours ending 7 a.

CST on May 3rd illustrate the portions of the country affected by the recent snow event. An interactive version of this map can be found here. The storm was a result of a deep and sharp upper level trough that penetrated the midsection of the nation and then formed into a cut-off low centered over the lower Mississippi Valley. There were so many May snowfall records, for both depth and deepest-so-late-in-season that it is impossible to list them all.

It would appear that all-time May state snowfall records for greatest 1, 2, or 3 day totals were set in Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. The peak storm total amounts for the 3-day period of May by state are the following. First measurable snowfall on record for May in the state. Former record 4. IOWA: Former record Ashland picked up The top amount seems to be Map from NWS-Minneapolis. Some notable city snowfall records Probably the most amazing snowfall statistic so far as any single city is concerned was the Of this The previous record calendar day snowfall for Rochester was just 1.

The heavy wet snow caused the roofs of several structures to collapse including that of a local automobile dealership. Perhaps I flew north a bit to early this year! A Canadian goose remains seated patiently on her eggs for the past two weeks according to local reports and buried to her neck in snow. Photo from the Rochester Post-Bulletin photographer not identified. Another image from the Rochester, Minnesota area where In fact, the Eau Claire, Wisconsin picked up 9.

Des Moines, Iowa saw 6. Omaha, Nebraska picked up 3. However, 1. Lincoln had a 2. Kansas City, Missouri measured 0. This was only the 2nd time Kansas City has recorded measurable snowfall in May, the one other occasion being May 3, when 1. Sioux Falls, South Dakota snowfall records since picked up 1. This was their first measurable May snowfall since and 2nd greatest May snowfall on record behind 2. Springfield, Missouri reported 1. Their greatest May snowfall on record.

Previous record being 0. Snowfall records in Springfield began in Tulsa, Oklahoma had a trace of snow mixed with rain on May 2nd. This was the latest observation of snow ever recorded, April 18, being the previous such. Ten different sites in Arkansas reported measurable snow accumulations. Prior to this storm no measurable snowfall had ever been recorded in the state during the month of May. Record cold temperatures as well Many daily cold records for both minima and maxima have been observed since the onset of the storm on April 30th.

Temperature records date back to in Cheyenne. Temperature records go back to in Shreveport. The Northeast and Appalachian Mountains have also seen their share of remarkable May snowfalls. However, for the Mississippi River Valley this storm was truly exceptional. The only more remarkable May snowstorm to affect this region was the event of May , However, it occurred at the end of May, not the beginning. So, in that regard, it can still be considered the most anomalous snowstorm the Midwest has experienced in modern records.

Snowfall map for the storm of May , This remains, in my opinion, the most anomalous May snow event in Midwest history due to its occurrence so late in the month.

Christopher C. Burt Weather Historian.

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